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Alright new bombcast lets do it.

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Yay! Finally.

Ahh 3 of you, as i suspected. Techno Brad!

I'm saving this one for tonight as a good present.

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not on itunes yet, damn

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Sweet! Gonna listen right about nyah.

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looegy lmao

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abot sonic the hedgehog, i dont dig it, i dont like sonic games, i agree with you jeff on some of the things you said, i dont want more of them, but i have a friend named jace who loved unleashed, and he looked past the crappy werehog levels and enjoyed it, and the ds games and old ones. hes a hardcore fan.

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I was just listening to the an old Hotspot where he mentioned this. It was Ryan McDonalds mum who wouldn't let him.

Sorry Jeff.

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Thanks for the Christmas present Bombcast crew (minus Brad).

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Ryan said:

Vinny: Science fiction does not constitute as supernatural.
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Cool. I didn't think this would be up due to the holidays.

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Dude. Another video with the age of booty dudes. Yes.

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The Keyboard needs to be in EVERY BOMBCAST!!!!! It's so awesome. I can't wait for some sweet-ass Game Of The Year Music.

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Two minutes in, Ryan Davis drops a *BOOSH*

This is the best Christmas ever.

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Kamasama, just so you know, my misuse of "irregardless" is deliberate.

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No! Don't cut the Game of the Year debate down at all, give us the whole thing, the Full English, as it were, so we can imagine four men in a dark room holding their heads and smoking cigarettes becoming very angry with one another until the podcast cuts out and when it abruptly starts again, Brad is no longer part of the discussion for "undisclosed reasons" as Vinny's voice becomes increasingly troubled and panicked as he asks what they are going to do with "the sack" until the podcast cuts out again and Jeff is the only one who comes back, panting, and announcing MK vs DC as the Game of the Year.

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Do Zombine count?

Combine is kinda cyborgy, right?

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In Fallout 3 if you fast travel when someones following you they will fast travel with you.
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I figured as much, Ryan, but thanks for the clarification.

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Love the Run-D.M.C picture by the way.

Dude, Ryan, i felt the exact same way about the last part of Gears of War 2, i was waiting to see where it was to the point where i thought it wasn't in the damn game, and then was surprised, and i too loved the hammerburst!

Also, i would go on record in saying, that the keyboard is better than the bubble machine and the smoke machine combined

Damn you Bob Sharp, i was gunna remind them!

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Hi guys, nice podcast, hope you eventually end up reading this.
First of i tried to listen this podcast before but it seemed little to much fanboyish for my taste, so i ended up not listening to it for months. Until i heard you guys  on 1Up yours(my favorite podcast) and i liked what Jeff had to say about a lot of stuff, like VGA and what not, it was overall very funny show so i decided to come here again and give it a shot, again. Listened to whole podcast episode prior to this one, it was good, again some stuff that bothered me, but ok i could live with that. So i decided to check it again next Tuesday(for this week) so i just finished with episode 23-12-08 and i have to say, again i am little bit disappointed.
Before i continue, let me say that i am  PS3 owner, i am not a fanboy, but i could afford only one system and i went with PS3(love it). Listening through this last episode sometimes i wondered if i was listening to xbox podcast. Don't know how many times you guys just mention/talk about  360 and xbl. Don't get me wrong i understand that it is your console of choice(most likely) but still to me as PS3 only owner that is annoying and BORING when most of the time you speak about 360 and xbl completely ignoring PS3, and since i don't see anywhere sign "360 bombacts" i have to throw this complain out there.
I don't have problems with  you guys making fun of HOME(that part was funny and if something is bad, it is bad), btw i have not even tried HOME that's how much i "care" about it, but part where Ryan was somehow trying to spin story how PS3 was "loud" and was "about to explode" (therm which PS3 fans use to make fan of 360) was ridiculous and i had feeling i was listening to some 360 fanboy! Also when ever you say something negative about 360 (scratching discs) or RROD you somehow end up bringing up PS2 and how it was basically same on PS2, which is so not true at all!
It just seems to me that there is little to much "MS defense force" and "ignoring or bashing" PS3 which is so 2006.
I will give it a shot for at least 2-3 more episodes since i LIKE you guys, even since your days on GameSpot but if this continues, well xbox 360 owners can continue listening to you and i am sure they will enjoy it since most of the time it is spoken about their console, but i for sure won't if that scenario continues.
Sorry for not the best English.

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Thanks for another Podcast although it's more fun with Brad and his southernisms.

I don't know what the f**k was posted above me. 
It seems long and indulgent : (

Merry Xmas or whatever you are individually down with...

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Totally agree with you guys and Jeff on the Bob's game thing, one of his "friends" needs to get him the hell out of there and get that dude some help. Get that dude a vacation.

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Just wanetd to wish you guys a merry christmas, the last two bombcasts have been my companians whist doing the christmas shopping.  Normally im not in a good mood whilst doing this but the podcasts have kept me smiling even when being squashed into walls by over zealous mums!  Have a great christmas!

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What in the world is a Hot Sando?

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I am always using the term hot sando from now on. I will probably lose friends in the process, BUT IT IS WORTH IT. Sabata, if you really don't know, it's a sandwich :P

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Dude i hope Bob is ok

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Holy shit, they read my question. Sweet

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You guys are awesome. Proud to have been here so early.

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"All I Want For Christmas Is You"

Mariah Carey
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Just back from Internetless land, if I'd known this was up on Christmas Eve (or Shopping Day as I call it) I wouldn't have bothered shopping & listened then. Ho ho ho!

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Bombcast tomorrow??/today

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to Karmann: yes, Ryan said on the 12-23 Bombcast there will be a Bombcast for 12-30-08, and it will be super long because it will be the end of the year awards and discussing that. I myself am looking forward to a long Bombcast 12-30-08 at night...it might take a while to record, so it might be posted later than normal

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So, are we saying Afroman's "Jobe Bells" is not an album chock full of relevant Christmas music?

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alright, here's to a Bombcast up earlier than usual!! what game does everyone think will win Game of the Year (2008)? I think GTAIV or MGS4 or because they have been talking about it so much, maybe Burnout or Nuts and Bolts

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I just want to give Giant B|omb a standing ovation. *CLAP CLAP*

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Fuck year, Alex the Kidd. They should totaly make some new games from that franchise.

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I just got to listen to the podcast yesterday and i have to say: this was the best podcast so far. :)

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Everytime i go back and listen to this...Vinny sounds either drunk or high.

SouljaVinny haha, nah that is uncalled for.
Thats also a very bad joke.

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Recently I totally did what Vinny suggested and made a collage of all my old GameInformer covers, and saved some of my favorite ads. Totally worth it, and now I have a lot more free space.

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They Popped Vinny's Cherry! HA!

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Oh, Jeff. When you criticise early 90's games, you're also criticising Mortal Kombat. Think about it...

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Hording magazines? I threw one away when the next one came in the mail.