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Awesome stuff guys. Been looking forward to this since I saw the twitter feed a few days ago!

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Sounds good! Can't wait to listen.

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Oh,sweet ! :D Been looking foward to this.

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The Doctors! Two of my favourite game developers, should be awesome.

(Canada represent!)

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man i love bioware!

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Nice to see GiantBomb finally dipping into Canadain Waters! I AM CANADIAN !

GJ Guys.

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The last two were terrible so this one should redeem those episodes.

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Awesome.  Time to listen!

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For me the best part of the interview was near the end when they talked about how they started in the gaming world.

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BIOWARE... WARE.... ware ....
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Who else heard the sirens in the background lol

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Good podcast.

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Bombcast!! (echo echo echo....)

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Lol @ keyhunter who thought he was first. What a scrub.

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Sounds great!

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Did anyone notice the fire truck near the end?

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I am excited for Dragon Age and ME2. Old Republic? Not so much.

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Somebody had their mobile phone on, naughty!

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I don't understand why it's a bad thing that a Bioware RPG is always compared back to Baldur's Gate. The Baldur's Gate saga remains as (in my, and many others opinions) the best RPG game series ever, and my favorite game ever next to Half-Life. If you had a formula that worked, all you would need to do after that would be to iterate and polish. Make the games better, little by little.

As much as I love Bioware, and have enjoyed every one of their games post BG2, I feel that none of them were quite up to snuff with said game. I could even pinpoint the basic reason why that is in every situation.  I think the transition from PC to consoles is a major contributor to the problem. In the case of Neverwinter Nights, the single player portion suffered from the game being made with multiplayer and user created content in mind.

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Two of my favorite developers on my favorite podcast, HELL YEA!!

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Anyone else like the opening for this podcast more than the normal one? I would much prefer this one to the regular one.

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Dragon Age!!!

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Funny how this goes up the day I tried so very hard to get Baldur's Gate to run (and not crash) on my PC.

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The Doctors are in the house!

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More of these kind of extra podcasts please. I wanted to hear more about the game itself though.

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Thanks guys, these extra GDC bombcasts have been awesome. It's been fascinating to hear from the developers, and I thought you all got into some good discussions and brought some insight to the process of making video games. Hope they come back next year!

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Whew.  You guys asked good questions, but their answers made me feel dirty.  It sounded like I was at an investor's conference.

And yet, I still derive pleasure from abuse of the use of the word "literally".  This time:  "Literally a luminary."

So the dude is actually the sun and the moon.  Wow.

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I'm still trying to get around to playing the NWN 2 expansions (I finished NWN 2).
I wonder why they would want to do Dragon Age instead of NWN 3?

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Great podcast! I've been a huge fan of Bioware since BG1 (I think I've beat every game since then...) and can't wait for the upcoming titles. I also hold working for them as my dream job, so hearing this interview was great!

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New Bombcast NOW please :]

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Really good stuff and great job guys!
You missed one controversy question:
- Mass Effect 2 will hit PS3?
I would love to know....

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Very interesting, Bioware is a solid company that actually thinks and tries making game plot intresting.

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Maybe I should drop out of med school and form a game company...

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I need to listen to this one tomorrow, the other two podcasts from GDC are great.

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Doctors transitioning into gaming, amazing story