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I didn't see this coming!

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DLing through iTunes right F'n now!!!

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w00t. BonusCast for the win

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Kramer invented Capcom

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This is madness. wasn't expecting this

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So many specials these days, the archive is startin to look a little messy and jumbled.

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didnt expect this but so happy its a capcom cast if only you had ben judd on it would have been chaos

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Oh damn, didn't see this.  Time to listen!!

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maybe i too much of a capcom fan but this was one of the better special gbcasts in a while

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Hot shit

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Well this Bombcast was a surprise but any Bombcast is a good bombcast

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Adam Boyes' voice really reminds me of Jeff Garlin for some reason.

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Hey Chris, Adam, when are you guys gonna get Capcom to put the SFIII charactera in SFIV?

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Capcom is one of my favorite developers. GO you!

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Hell yes!

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Fucking eh! This is a great day.

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What is it with Capcom and the Captain?

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Probably not the place to be pointing this out, but that old podcast list on the left is getting awfully long. Maybe reduce the number of episodes displayed or something?

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Oh man, I LOVE Fox Hunt.

I'm not joking.

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Today is a good day.

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yeh reduce the size and put a scroll bar so people can scroll down for the older casts you know kinda like what you guys had back at the la-le-lu-lei-lo

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Pretty epic PodCast. Glad to see that Capcom is taking a large interest in their core fanbase instead of the lip service companies like EA and UbiSoft throw our way.

It's a huge step forward for the gaming industry as a whole. Kudos to you Chris and Adam.

Thanks to the GB Boys for bringin' this sweet 'cast our way.

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I had Fox Hunt back in the day when I didn't know how to determine what was a good game, so I based it off the graphic.... boy did that make for some bad choises.... I bought Fox Hunt cause Mad Dog in the arcades was sweet. Fox Hunt was to hard and I couldn't get past the escape scene very early on. this was my first adventure game, and i was 12 or so... but it was pretty cool while it lasted... all 10 minutes of that game that took me 3 hours to go through over and over  untill giving up... this game is still in my parents basement. I think I choose this game because I got it after playing Metal Gear Solid, and GreyFox was similar to FoxHunt.

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Keep it guys, Capcom is doing great things right now.

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Boooooty Bay!

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It's Capcom all the time for me at the moment. They keep releasing awesome, quality games right now.

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Boring episode, could have used more Swedish flavour.

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Favorite : "Here's a new sonic game that will make you sad"

Also, everybody knows that Capcom needs to revive the Yo Noid! franchise. I am not kidding, i actually purchased that game last week at a used game shop.

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I like how people say the same things as me. but like i said, it is getting jumbled...i say put a sperate tab in that archive just for these ones...but don't put ones like E3 and TGS in there! don't ever do that! :o they are gems.

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great bombcast, one thing: not to be "that guy" but how're these dudes gonna make fun of comic books, then bitch about a lack of respect video games get in the mainstream media?

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the bombcast is the shit keep up the good work guys

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I'll be the first to say it: A new "Blank" vs. Capcom will be announced.

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This podcast plus this have just convinced me to spend 30+ hours with Monster Hunter.

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You guys realize this has been up for like a week...?

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Will post soon me thinks.

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Why, duplicitous podcast tab, why?  What joy is there in fooling me into believing that there really is a new Bombcast?

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i got fox hunt on pc and psx still i love it

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Man, Dark Void, huh? Adam Boyes is a good man, but I didn't liked that game one bit.