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YES!! been waiting all night!

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I'm vigorously hoping that Mr. Barnett is the guest from Mythic.

I'm just gonna say it without even listening.
Good work, Guys.
Thanks for more entertainment.
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Awesome. Let's have a fresh start with the Bombcast.

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Bombcast. Can you dig it?

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It's 12:44 AM and I am pumped for the Giant Bombcast! Hopefully it won't be the Giant Rantcast like it was yesterday.

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After the other 3, i consider 1:44 a reasonable time for this to be posted.
No Vinny again :/

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so it comes to an end.....................................

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*waits nervously for download*

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@ArbitraryWater: Let's just forget it whether we want to or not and start over with a fresh new podcast from our four favorite guys. How about it?
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Happy Birthday, Ryan!!

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Bombcast is here! (Beyond!)

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oh crap i just finished listening to yesterdays, i'll listen to this while i play some more Killzone 2 and then fall asleep!!

Just want to say, You guys covered E3 great! The podcasts were great and Snide- you're awesome!

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w00t!  Starbursts and the Bombcast go hand and hand.

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You guys have spoiled me with these podcasts. Going back to just one a week after this is going to take some major adjustment.

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Happy birthday, Ryan

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dammit that whole 'first' thing is stupid.


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sweet bombcast though.

LOVE the E3 coverage as a whole guys. Felt so much more personal than any other sites.
....Whats with that dude from gamespot yelling at everybody and waving his arms about......

Anyway - love this site!

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Brad @ ~ 02:15

Now THAT'S called proper podcast etiquette.

P.S. Happy Burday Ryan.

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oh shit, another female. are you guys gonna go fucking apeshit and start bashing her as well??!?!!!

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@Blair said:
" Brad @ ~ 02:15Now THAT'S called proper podcast etiquette.P.S. Happy Burday Ryan. "
My exact thought Blair.

I am 10 minutes into the podcast and think this might be the most gentile one you guys have put out yet.

You guys are GREAT.

I said it on Twitter already, but I will say it again, happy birthday Ryan.

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Cant stand Leigh really. She wrote some rather nice stuff for Kotaku, but wtf, shuuut uuuuup.

Dont ever let her near a mic again. Please

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Yes!  Thanks for the extra speedy delivery, Ryan! 

Really looking forward to this one, for some reason. 

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Carrie!  You were one of my favorites from... well... that old place you all used to be.

Good to hear you.

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@TwoOneFive said:
" oh shit, another female. are you guys gonna go fucking apeshit and start bashing her as well??!?!!! "

Carrie?  Hell no - I've enjoyed Carrie's journalism years ago since she started at Gamespot.  She's great in the industry.
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@TwoOneFive said:
" oh shit, another female. are you guys gonna go fucking apeshit and start bashing her as well??!?!!! "
I doubt it cause Carrie hasn' been anything but a postitve addition to whatever podcast she's been in.
Much like several other women like Jennifer Tsao or Kathleen Sanders.
So STFU with your sad attempt at White Knighting.
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This podcast is amazingly funny so far... I'm at the 28 minute mark... The BMW charity story... the actor story... good stuff!

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<3 Carrie!

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Yeah, this bombcast totally makes up for yesterday.  Well done, guys.

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wow that Leigh - annoying as all hell - just terrible listening to her.  It was like an auditory seizure

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Can we please stop talking about yesterday and show some love for the speedy delivery of this one.


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Leigh: way to read too deeply into Metal Gear Solid 4. Natch.

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You guys need Paul Barnett on more. He's been on twice now I think and done great both times. Please get him on again soon. Maybe at TGS?

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Oh dip, Paul Barnett is breaking out the booze.
This is gonna get legendary!
That man could get me hyped about anything. Hell, I bet he could get me excited for a colonoscopy

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a) Ryan, I guess it's your birthday? Have a good one.

b) I think everybody's being pretty harsh on Leigh. Yeah, she kind of dominated the conversation at times, but so what? She definitely had some interesting views on MGS4 that I hadn't really thought too much into prior, and overall I think she made a good addition. I mean, even if you didn't like her, there's no reason to be so harsh. She was on as a guest, once.

c) So happy the podcast is up. Got a little worried that I wouldn't have anything to listen to on the way to work tomorrow.

d) If those comments are right and Carrie MFing Gouskos is on, I am going to be stoked. Seeing Greg Kasavin and Alex Navarro on randomly during some of those videos was great. You guys need to track down Rich Gallup. Watched Rich's final On The Spot episode again the other day. He was so awesome. Anyway, enough nostalgia.

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@razzx: Couldn't have said it better, mate.
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E3 is over. =(

Well, see you next year, E3! =)

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Paul Barnett is a man god. These e3 podcasts were awesome.

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Thanks again for the podcast guys!

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Damn, what is with Leigh Alexander! 30 mins straight of rambling. Was she drunk?

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Weeeeeeeeee! Bombcast!

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I am confused, why are people commenting about yesterday's podcast on today's?

Anyway, some awesome stories on this one. Paul and Carrie are both hilarious.

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This show was HILARIOUS. I have not laughed like this for a LONG time.

Paul Barnett FTW!

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CARRIE!!!!!!! Nice change of pace, my ears are still bleeding from yesterday dumb rants

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Much better Bombcast with stuff i care about, TY GIANT BOMB

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Wonderful Bombcast!  Keep up the great work!