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Posted by Sunjammer

Gah why do i get the constant feel that Leigh Alexander never listens to anyone and only wants to talk? Like i personally find it very difficult to keep talking and finish a long sentence while 3 others are trying to talk to me at the same time, but she manages just fine!

Lots of cool discussion though. High fivecast!

Posted by Jimbo

OK I'm about an hour in... does this Home argument stop soon?  Do the GB guys come back in?

Posted by Arabes

Does that girl ever stop talking ? I don't mean that figuratively, I mean literally. I'm pretty sure she talking as she was breathing in. No mean feat. Maybe she missed out on her true calling.

Posted by Agent_Lost

There no Vinny and they did not says anything about there Altus appointment or is was just Vinny that went to Altus.

Posted by pwr905

Her Rock, Paper, Shotgun podcast was pretty good, despite her being inebriated as well.

Posted by DudeSupreme

There was a passing comment about arcades and someone said Chicago still has arcades. Please tell me where if you know.

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As sensitive and smart as y'all want to be about it, it's pretty much said and done that the Nazis won the fashion war. Hugo Boss designer uniforms. Compared to allies, they looked hella badass rolling into town.
That they were evil motherfuckers who were flat out BAD is besides the point.

i actually quite like Leigh Alexander. She just has some domineering tactics in a discussion that are super uncool once she feels threatened. She's one of the smarter people commenting, and the loudest of any female commentators i can think of, so go her. But she practically stalled this whole podcast. Comes in, yells, then leaves. It was a very bad show.

Posted by Dany

THis was a nice bombcast, it got off topic abit and early but it was entertaining as they speak deaply on some issues in videogames. I think people need to relax with the statement the lady made because they were talking casually andjust having fun and most likely drunk.

Posted by FLStyle

Based on the opinions of this bombcast which is apparently a shitfest I'm going to give it a miss, sorry guys.

Posted by septim

When I read these comments I was thinking they were exaggerating how bad she was. Holy shit I was wrong.

She constantly screeches over everyone in her obnoxious naggy voice. It must be humiliating for her to listen to this.

Whats really weird is that she seems really smart but she must not be self-aware at all.

Posted by CoverlessTech
Posted by vex

This girl -  for the first time ever - made me skip over parts of the bombcast ...

Posted by MutieLover

While Leigh was way too..talkative, I think in general when Bombcast has guests it generally doesn't work well. There is barely enough room for the four regulars without talking over and with extra people talking you get more stepping over each other.

Because there is no true host to differ to things can tend to get chaotic.

BUT, she did make some good points. I think that the people accusing her of being a Sony fanboy based on her preference of Sony's wands over 360's cameras are just being retarded. Wether or not you agree with her, she gave a reasonable answer (she liked the fact that you have a controller in hand with buttons). And being an objective journalist does't mean you don't have likes or dislikes; it means you try to be balanced in the facts you give. You don't live in some auto-pilot mode where you have no passion over things.

Posted by musdy

I just can't stand the episodes with numerous guests instead of former Gamespot guyys.

Posted by Braqoon

This woman is crazy. 

Posted by Dethfish

I agree she might be annoying and she might even give anime fans a bad name but talking shit about her and calling her names behind her back seems rude and uncalled for.

Edited by Dudacles

Awesome podcast.

Posted by RollHard86

*sigh* drunk people

*reaches for another beer*

Posted by Subject2Change

Pretty sure Leigh wasn't drinking...pretty sure Coke was involved...

Posted by FLStyle
@CoverlessTech: So this is the same bombcast but with the bad parts edited out?
Posted by hakunin

The people posting here need to chill the fuck out.

Posted by Dany
@hakunin said:
" The people posting here need to chill the fuck out. "
Posted by MisterWaingro
@hakunin: NEVER.
Posted by soul101

The problem is that she was preaching "objectivity" and being completely  bias. Lets not mention she was BASHING Capcom products on the Giantbomb's podcast directly to Kraig Kujaw, the  Director of Design at Capcom US, thats just bad form.  The bitch was being totally rude.  Having people pull that shit on your podcast is not good for Giantbomb. 

Posted by Kung_Fu_Viking

Huh? I really liked this Bombcast. Raised some interesting questions and it was nice to hear the Giant Bomb guys being grilled by the Capcom (I think) guy.

Posted by SmokePants
@TheHBK said:
" Why are you guys being so hard on Leigh?  She seemed to fit in the podcast so well.  She had good points and funny opinions.  I liked that she was on the BombCast. "
1) The Giant Bomb crew is funny. This girl is snarky. There's a difference.

2) Her "good points" were largely unsolicited. It comes off really badly when you pontificate with 10-cent words on subjects that no one asked you about. Like her thoughts are so scary insightful that she just has to share them with everyone so they too can know how scary insightful she is. Honestly, I wasn't impressed.


What I find amusing about these comments is that some people are trying to make it out like the "True GB Community" are the ones who enjoyed this podcast. What a load of crap. If you couldn't see how much she disrupted the podcast, then perhaps you all aren't as plugged in with the GB vibe as you think.
Posted by necrophite

Good to know that Itagaki is still in the industry though that made my day..

Posted by Kung_Fu_Viking
" Good to know that Itagaki is still in the industry though that made my day.. "
Yeah! Tokyo Vikings? Awesome xD
Posted by TwoLines

Say what you want, think what you want- but here's a fact: this has an AMAZING number of comments.

Posted by baldus

she talks alot. only 20 minutes in. will listen to the rest tomorrow. 

kind of annoying. i'll get over it.

Posted by soul101
@baldus said:
" she talks alot. only 20 minutes in. will listen to the rest tomorrow.  kind of annoying. i'll get over it. "
Guess again brotha.