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Sorry dude, just logged on and there it was... ;-)

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EDIT:  fuck!

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I had got up just an hour before i could have seen this live...NEXT TIME!

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Im curious on how they feel about the name and redesign.
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Wow! Echo!

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@Ryan said:
EDIT:  fuck!
Mmmm so good. 
I watched the live stream, but I will download this anyways! Need to stay up a little more so I can wake up right before Microsoft's conference.
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I only caught the very end of this live. I'm ecstatic that it is up so early.

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@Ryan said:
EDIT:  fuck!
Now you feel our pain.  Also, Ryan, how did you manage to miss being first on your own post?  The mysteries of the internet, I suppose.
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Such a great way to wake up.

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This should be good, hopefully the video stream recording will work sometime soon. 

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let me guess they loved Kineticskbsk or what ever the name is?

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x box slim ?
this can not be D:

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Sounds like this is being filmed!? where can i watch the video version!

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Glad I caught this live. Seeing Jeff wearing a white poncho with glowing shoulders while podcasting from a wheelchair was a pretty unique sight.
Also I like how you guys are trying to post first on your articles to screw people out of the quest, very funny.

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missed it live, hopefully the ustream has the replay up soon.

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live? ERGH 
Fuck living in the uk!

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I love how  " Bam, there it is" - is the official term for avatars movin' jankily in Kinect  :D

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@Ryan said:
EDIT:  fuck!

Oh god, you don't know how much I laughed at this, I can just imagine you saying it out loud as well,  
funny as all hell.
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A Bombcast everyday for most of this week everytime I get up? I think I just came

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that old intro music enough for me to be STOKED!
the echo is gorgeous!

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might aswell have called this the ryan davis show

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the giant xbox logo thing is in this report from the bbc. 
yep looks effing stupid.

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Ryan was on the fucking ball in this one. Oh, my god, he was savage at the FFVII question.

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@grossblood said:
" might aswell have called this the ryan davis show "
More like might Taswell, amirite!? 
 ..... yeah, that was a stretch.
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hearing people (in this case the guys) saying Kinect is making it sound fine now, getting used to it fast

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The UStream replay is up but it wont play back, so having to listen to the podcast instead which is still great but would have loved to see the vid.  
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I actually really like the opening tune, I kind of wish they'd use it as the default theme for the bombcast 

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I really wish I could watch the ustream but this'll do.

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@ryanrulez: All of their live streams are archived on Ustream so you can watch them.
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@natetodamax said:
" @ryanrulez: All of their live streams are archived on Ustream so you can watch them. "
Too bad Ustream is being a big douche and you can't watch the video.
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is there a video of this microsoft thingy??

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Fuck I want to watch the video, fuck being at work...money ain't that important... 
(please IT people, don't take that verbatim, i love work... truly i really do...)

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Do you think there would be some absolute champ who recorded the live stream? and if they did do you think they would be champion people and up-load it to youtube?  
You would be a legend of a person,  
Or, Do you think the Staff could load it up to Giant Bomb?  

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Good god, I felt like I was tripping on acid when Rayn and Vinny were discribing that Cirque du Soleil show.

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Intro sounds like it was made by Trent Reznor I like it.

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Fix the effing Ustream video damn it, I wanna see you guys, not just hear you

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uh.....lose that shitty new music.

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Thank you for sacrificing yourself to that stupid MTV/Microsoft event so that you could bring us the hot news guys.
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@Norusdog said:
" uh.....lose that shitty new music. "
You mean keep that radical old music.
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Yay! Bombcast!!!!!

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Nice warbly reverb.

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