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Yes finnally

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Mothertouchers is a brilliant term Ryan

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Greatest AD/intro ever

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3 hours, you spoil me!

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Good morning, Good afternoon, Good evening, and Good night to people around the world. Can't wait to give it a listen.
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Wow Ryan, newfound respect for you. Working super hard this E3!

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Good stuff.

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SVU portrait on my Bombcast? I'll take it!

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2min short of 3 hours... like Nintendo would say this year, that's EPIC. Nice job on Ryan on the super fast editing and uploading!

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Definitely one for the record books. Loved all 3 hours.

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Iz thiz bombecast un prequèl?

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Damn I've got an exam in a couple of hours, I guess I'll have to listen to this after.

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81.7 MB holy shiiiiiiit

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holy shit, horsey... funniest thing ever

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I LOLed so hard at Jeff's 'french' accent. :)

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Adam boyes and Johnny V at their topform? Man I love these guys great podcast! 
Too bad Jeff had to hate on Goldeneye for the n64 tho.

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Johnny V continues to prove he's the best bombcast guest ever

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3 hours! YAY

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@zudthespud said:

" holy shit, horsey... funniest thing ever "

47:00 for anyone who wants to hear it again.
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Thanks to the people who made this happen. You guys make the best podcasts without a doubt!

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Vinny's comment on the Porn industry deciding tech _was_ true up until the Blu-Ray v HD DVD war in which they backed the latter.

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Three hours? Oh, fuck yes.

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Oh god, you guys made me spit up water all over myself. I hope you're happy dammit.
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Worries over Castlevania taking another games play style will take away from the Castlevania feel and no one brings up Metroid? 

And the horsey stuff was awesome. 

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I could listen to Johnny V spit game all day!!

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@Kajaah117: Fuck yeah! This bombshell made my entire E3 '10. I love YDKJ so fucking much. ♥
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Drinking Sierra Nevada's - Holla from Chico!!!!

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This is great. really funny..

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You guys are the best!
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Crazy bombcast yo! Rykaz!

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Daaaaaamn, 3 hours? 
Love it, thanks!  You guys rock like...something that rocks!  A boat?  I dunno, you figure it out.   WHY DO I HAVE TO DO EVERYTHING!?

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Jeff Bridges Evolution - the game

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The Def Jam Rapstar bit was phat!

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Dude. 3 hours!? GB Killin' it.

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Johnny V makes any day better. Thanks GB.

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Christ, it's gotten hard for me to keep up with these Bombcasts. I was already slipping in the week or two before E3. Now I'm listening as much as I can, though to little avail. By the time I've listened to a third of one Bombcast, another 3 hour Bombcast has already come out.

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jeff emm-effin' bridges?!

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Best intro ever and an awesome show, watched/listened to it live last night. 
Why is Johnny V so apologetic? He is hilarious, and a great addition to the Bombcast crew.

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Best fucking Bombcast ever, had a blast listening to this one.

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Hilarious bombcast is hilarious.