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fuck yeah! 

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Four hours!!!!!!

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Greatest Bombcast of all time.
Posted by DrDarkStryfe

By far, the greatest Bombcast delivered. Things pick up when Dave Jaffe joins the conversation.

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4 HOURS? god damn. normally i travel that long to the university and back. but i hate listening to the bombcast on the train. all the people look at me when i'm giggling for no reason. (oh i have a reason!)

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Can't wait to listen. Pimp Gallup checking in! YES!

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I need this...

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Working late sucks...unless a four hour Bombcast drops on the same day.

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@RE_Player92 said:
Greatest Bombcast of all time.
Fucking A!
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We need more of this in the games industry.

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This is going to be something special

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This, ladies and gentleman, is the type of content that I contribute my $50/yr for. Thanks GB!

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One 'cast to rule them all. Fantastic job gentlemen, dropping this special bomb on us. I'll just be over here giving you a standing ovation.

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So glad I can hear the rest. I made it to the second break and needed sleep. Brad Muir is awesome, so glad he's appearing on a bunch of GB stuff recently.
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MK time!

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I watched this last night, but I still want the mp3 as this is a watershed moment for games journalism. No joke.

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Quite possibly the greatest piece of content to ever come out of Giant Bomb. Will definitely give this a second listen.

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Absolutely loved this one!

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Featuring host master Rich Gallup? Awesome!

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4:20, eh? Yes, I'm a child sometimes.

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@Tesla: @Tesla said:

Working late sucks...unless a four hour Bombcast drops on the same day.

This is the truth!

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Amazing work gents!

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aww yeah. Bombcast!

My day is complete now.

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This was an amazing Podcast. the conversations between Jaffe and Jeff were mind blowing. No PR rep no Scripts just a few dudes from different parts of the same industry shooting the shit. Bravo Giant Bomb Bravo.

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Did anything get cut?  Someone said the stream was over 5 hours - or was it just downtime removed?  cheers

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Best Bombcast I've ever listened to. Fantastic job, guys.

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This podcast popped my cherry.

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4 hours? Wasn't the livestream like 5?

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I think I became a lifetime buyer of every one of those guys games in there.

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 Blowin' up right naw! HOT 97!
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David Jaffe is an amazing dev

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This is the most sleep deprived week I've ever had. But God damnit if this wasn't the coolest podcast I've ever heard!

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@alternate said:
Did anything get cut?  Someone said the stream was over 5 hours - or was it just downtime removed?  cheers
breaks were loooooong, i was watching/listening at work last night and when ryan says "ok we reached 3 hours time to say goodbye to the guests" i looked at the clock and said to myself "dude its been 4 hours"
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@yoshimitz707: Remember there were multiple breaks over the livestream, each consisting of many minutes per break.
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The livestream was over five hours, but they took pretty long breaks during it. Taking the breaks out must have dropped it to the four hour and some change mark.

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One man here is not pleased.
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Oh man, it's the whole thing! When I saw they were still going strong almost 5 hours in last night, I wondered if we'd get it all, but cut out the breaks, and this seems like pretty much everything!

I hope there was a bit of cleanup on the mic levels though. Some really rough moments with that last night. Ryan needs to come up with a protocol for guests like "when I give you this hand signal, it means you need to talk into the mic more".

But even so, this was still awesome, and I can't wait to hear the stuff I missed!

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The part about the programmer v. designer stuff was really interesting, as well as the journalism talk. Well done, guys.

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Jaffe is still one of my favorite person in the game business :) Can't wait to rock this podcast.

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carrie gouskos is on tonight's live stream/ bombcast by the way, should be good, shes always a great guest

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One of the best bombcasts of all time. Awesome work guys. Jaffe especially was a fucking triumph on this.
Didn't like the start with the Mega 64 guys - just find them obnoxious and annoying personally.. - thought they should of let Cowboy talk more.
@ninjalegend said:
I watched this last night, but I still want the mp3 as this is a watershed moment for games journalism. No joke.
Some comments are a little over the top.... There has been plenty of other stuff done along these lines.
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Yeah, the longcast is up. Now I can waste over 4 hours of my life listening to dudes talking about video games.

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This...thing, is an incredible thing of beauty. Hours and hours of fantastic 'cast.

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One of the best bombcast ever.

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Let me just say...This is another gratifying example of my subscription dollars hard at work, and I will be gladly paying for another year to support this caliber of content.