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Just done listening to day 1 , and here comes day two, awesome.

edit: 4:37:02 long... SWEEET

Posted by boxoflawls

sweet! bombcast!

Posted by Swifdemon

So long the file can't be found!

Posted by DrDust

ya trouble downloading

Posted by Zolfe

oh man, not found, this must be HUGE

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Yea!  Thank you:)   

Ahh man...

Posted by melting_window

File can't be found. FIND THE FILE, VINNY, PRETTY PLEASE......

Posted by Sammo21

By Jove....file not found...

Posted by Pop

Justin and Drake is awesome in this watched the archive, laughed so hard.

Posted by Simulacrum

Can't download it. =(

Posted by Marino

Even with the breaks cut out, it's probably about 5 hours.

Posted by DeeGee

Huzzah, broken podcast ;(

Posted by sofakingcool

Patrick is drunk as fuck at the end of this podcast!

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Alright I've been waiting for this to pop up! 
Hopefully it will be fixed soon.

Posted by TheHBK

I'm a wizard and that podcast looks fucked up.

Posted by Seraphim84

@sofakingcool: I mean how much alcohol would it take to inebriate that fella? We saw him take at least two.

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<Message>Access Denied</Message>




Posted by Hadoken101

Man, that's a shit ton of podcasting in one week duders! It's going to take a while to get through all of this, and it reminds me why I love this site.

Posted by HubrisRanger

Clearly someone needs to Sherlock Holmes that shit.

Posted by The_Drizzle

"authorization needed to access" :(

Posted by Vinny

@DeeGee said:

Huzzah, broken podcast ;(

I did that. I did that. That's my fault.

Fixing now, hopefully will be working shortly...this audio only stuff is weird.

Posted by RNiemeijer

Works for me, http://media.giantbomb.com/podcast/giantbombcast-060811.mp3

Posted by CoruptAI125

Cool It seems to be working. Downloading now!

Posted by Swifdemon
Success! Thank you, Vinny
Posted by TromboneTony

God damn, I'm only an hour into day 1's bombcast, and now another 4 and a half hours? Is there going to be another one tonight?

Posted by pLa

Yay works just fine. graaaaaazie.

Posted by HubrisRanger

Fixed and downloading on iTunes! Thanks Ryan and Vinny!

Posted by DeeGee

@Vinny: Top notch, downloading smoothly now =)

Posted by CosmicQueso

Oh man I already listened to 4 and a half hours at work... now ANOTHER 4 and a half. Good gravy. Well, no one can EVER accuse you guys of not working your asses of! Good job fellas!

Posted by umdesch4
Posted by Winternet

By jove, indeed!

Posted by NYHorn36

Good stuff!

Posted by Zeemod

I thought last one was special but this was THE best podcast ever!

Posted by RedSox8933

These podcasts keep getting longer and longer. We're going to 4 AM tonight!!

Posted by magimix

Damn, you guys are troopers!

Posted by Kyreo

Jeez. ANOTHER another 4 hours of bombcast. This is like christmas!

Posted by Chris2KLee

127MB? God damn, gonna have to listen to this in sessions!

Posted by Yummylee

Christ, I'm not even done with Day 1 yet!

Posted by umdesch4

I watched about 1/2 of this live last night, and I can vouch for the quality of it. Good times, great discussions.

Posted by JayCee

Wow, 9 hours of Bombcast in the last 2 days. I guess I don't need to worry about what I'll listen to while running. For the next week. 

Posted by PillClinton

@RedSox8933 said:

These podcasts keep getting longer and longer. We're going to 4 AM tonight!!

Is there going to be a day 3 livestream tonight?

Posted by buckybit
ugly guy

I lost one of my nine lives during the very first part of this podcast /stream: I died laughing. Harmonix guys are just too funny. Another keeper for the podcast history books.

Posted by Dryker

Is there a live bombcast Thursday night? There isn't one listed where the others were listed. Only I Love Mondays is listed now.

Posted by MattyFTM

Another 4 and a half hour long bombcast. I think I've died and gone to heaven.

Posted by Tesla

Daaaamn you Vinny!

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@100_Hertz: Actually I'm not sure.

Ryan tweeted this today, so I guess there is one?

Posted by Branwulf

My friend ODed on Bombcast and died, too much victory in too short a time.

Posted by Red12b
@Vinny said:

@DeeGee said:

Huzzah, broken podcast ;(

I did that. I did that. That's my fault.

Fixing now, hopefully will be working shortly...this audio only stuff is weird.

Video production guy meet audio, audio meet video production guy
Posted by Sarumarine

Warning. Trying to dilute this bombcast to avoid overdose is not scientifically possible. Use in short doses or risk a serious long term change in the standards you hold podcasts to.

Posted by Tricky69

Keep 'em coming guys. These podcats have been mindblowing so far and I'm enjoying my mind being blown. That sounded kinda weird...