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Edited by Darksaw

I missed this live. Glad it was posted so quickly.

Posted by Koshka

Can't wait for this to actually be up for download haha! E3 has been.... interesting so far this year

Posted by jper415


Posted by familyphotoshoot

@Darksaw: You can always go watch the video on justin.tv. The audio is pretty choppy, though. They were having bandwidth issues.

Posted by pickassoreborn


Posted by TheYear20XX

I want to punch the icon SO BAD.

Posted by Winternet

Wait, so the part when it went down is not here?

Posted by evilalfie


Posted by d0m3l

Tobuscus was sooo bad :(

Posted by Undeadpool

@Winternet said:

Wait, so the part when it went down is not here?

I missed the video, what went down?

Posted by JacDG

@Winternet said:

Wait, so the part when it went down is not here?

It should be, remember the twitch stuff has a lot of dead air on it.

Posted by Tokyo_Jesus

@Undeadpool: The video went down I'm assuming

Posted by StefanTheMongol


Posted by TheSquarePear

@Winternet said:

Wait, so the part when it went down is not here?

It's there between 1:37-1:48

When an analyst is craving for new IP you know that things have been stale for a while.

Yeah Brad stop dicking around on forums during the bombcast :P

Posted by Undeadpool

@Tokyo_Jesus said:

@Undeadpool: The video went down I'm assuming

Ah! In that context, I took it to mean "It's going down" IE: something is occurring.

Posted by KingHippp0

it's Tuueessdaayy!!

Posted by YoungBuck

Start earlier.

Posted by TheHBK

God, Alex, just gahhhhH!!!!!!!

Posted by GioVANNI

Could have sworn this was way longer live. I must have been just shit tired.

Posted by ZombieSpace


Posted by Javes

What's the fascination with NeoGaf among Giant Bomb folks? From my time spent there it feels like it's only populated by spergy 15 year old fanboys.

Edited by Nert

@Javes: You probably don't spend much time reading NeoGAF, then. At least among video game discussion boards, it's a pretty reasonable place (with strict moderation helping to clear up the worst of it).

Edit: Beyond the quality of posts on NeoGAF (which I suppose is subjective, but I spend a lot of time there), the website is brought up a lot because it's highly trafficked, many news stories break there, and many members of the games industry have accounts there.

Posted by vince_kupo

An other Pachter prediction... we will see if he is capable of being right.

Posted by WVUEers

It's really odd how in audio this comes across really well, but watching it live it kind of seems awkward, at time cringe worthy, and sometimes a cluster fuck. Weeeeiiiiiirrrrrd.

Posted by depecheload

Love how Pachter injects some subtle sexism into his commentary. Hey dude, young men who aren't into games, dads and grandpas bought the Wii too yknow.

Posted by ludorverr

sucks they didn't talk about shootmania. with brad basically saying "let's not talk about shootmania".

even if the game is no good I'd still like to hear some words on it.

Posted by Terranova

based on the Nintendo press conference today Pachter was right about them.

Edited by falling_fast

I still say the treyarch ones are shit


Posted by Milkman

Pachter haters can eat a bag of dicks.

Posted by leebmx

Anyone else able to find this on Itunes yet?

Posted by DukesT3

Whats a Tobuscus?

Posted by Fungiefips

God, could Pachter whine more about internet trolls? Was he drunk?

Posted by triviaman09

Pachter needs to stop reading NeoGAF. Hell everybody needs to stop reading NeoGAF.

Posted by Dallas_Raines



Posted by CrossTheAtlantic

I had never heard Pachter speak before. Huh. Does he always sound so tired?

Edited by Phished0ne


Also: shoutouts to Jeff Green's Grateful Dead tape collection.

Posted by mnzy
@ludorverr said:

sucks they didn't talk about shootmania. with brad basically saying "let's not talk about shootmania".

even if the game is no good I'd still like to hear some words on it.

I actaully think it looked good. A modern spin on the old PC shooters. That whole eSport part wasn't good. But that game is ahrd to show off.
Posted by Chop

Gonna be honest, I found this one to be kinda boring. Everyone seemed completely beat and less than enthused to be there (sans Muir, of course).

Posted by Daiphyer

Pachter says alot of bullshit but he is a very humble dude. I like him a lot.

In conclusion: Fuck NeoGAF.

Posted by MeatSim

Pachter, Jeff green, and Brad Muir is gonna be a tough guest lineup to top.

Posted by WVUEers

Pachter is so right. If you disregard Asia the market for MMO's isn't extremely large, certainly not large enough to bank off of monthly subscription fee's. You have these games competing over a market that it's in all likelihood a one game a person market. With ordinary games the market is deep because consumers return for more, I just don't see many gamers willing to have multiple subscriptions, they'll likely choose "their game" and be done with it. That's such a shallow market. Not to mention this whole MMO bubble is essentially built on a bubble one game built. We're not entirely sure WoW wasn't just a phenomenon that hit in a special time and place, MMO's as a whole may be a genre that was limited to a certain time and a certain market that has since passed.

Posted by ez123

Man, Pachter is obsessed. It was really funny when Alex said "You have GOT to stop doing that" after Pachter mentioned neogaf for the 100th time.

Muir is the best, he could just be one of the crew. Jeff Green was great as well.

Posted by DarkShaper

Feels weird listening to this while playing SWTOR

Posted by falling_fast


Posted by Snigs

Alexander Sliwinsky... I'm pretty sure it's spelled "Alexander Sliwinski"

Posted by kidman

@Snigs said:

Alexander Sliwinsky... I'm pretty sure it's spelled "Alexander Sliwinski"

Absolutely. Typical Polish last name.

Posted by masterpaperlink

haha, sometimes i imagine pacther as a senile old man

Edited by GunslingerPanda

Alex Navarro and Brad Muir?


I fucking take that back, Muir's being awesome today.

Posted by Sarumarine

Boats are the helicopters of Assassin's Creed.

Posted by seanconnery13

Pachter was getting annoying there. His whole thing on Watch Dogs was quite pretentious and then he was talking about the implausability of the smart phone. ITS A GAME, it could happen in a game. I've seen far more insane premises then that.

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