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First? Dat reverb

Posted by t3hgam3r

Cool, dude.

Posted by Joemotycki

I'm sure they predicted that Sony's press conference would blow Microsoft out of the water.... Totally...

Posted by dr_mantas

I wonder how wrong they were...

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Nice, I've been waiting for this.

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Posted by Buttmonk3y

Sweet! Whos gonna be the MOST wrong???

Posted by hpfama


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I'd say they nail most of the Sony Indie stuff what with being so chummy with Adam Boyes.

And oh, listening to it, they're in the E3 studio space for this prior to 'the event', balls of sadness :(

Posted by Darkhollow

Can't wait to hear your prediction guys!

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Nice gonna save this for my commute tomorrow

Posted by KittyVonDoom

You know you're jaded to hell when you can be dismissive about Batman Arkham City.


Posted by DrDarkStryfe

Iiiittsss Tuuuuuuesday!!!!!

So happy that this wasn't a casualty of yesterday's shenanigans. Nothing stops the Bombcast, not even a felony!

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No multiple new icons eh?

Posted by DevourerOfTime

"We just finished setting up the cameras and microphones..."

Oh god why ;_;

Posted by WooDooUK

Shogo McDougall is my hero!

Posted by brendanwins

I feel anal/ocd for saying this, but I can't stop hearing the breathing. Someone had a mic too close to their nose.

That aside, just glad to hear some coverage from my favorite crew (even pre-coverage) considering the theft.

Posted by MeatSim

I am a man from the future! I know the answers to their predictions.

Posted by Oddballs

I AM DEAD: Soul Suspect

Starring: Shogo McDougle

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Woo for an hour and a half of Ryan Davis breathing heavily into a microphone!

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Ghosts can't die

Posted by Nephrahim

Man... are they talking about THE equipment at the beginning?


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Hopefully as good as last years, can't wait to listen to it on my run later

Posted by DR34DN0UGHT

Boom cast !

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Woo for an hour and a half of Ryan Davis breathing heavily into a microphone!

I think that might be Brad in this case

Posted by JJBSterling


Posted by Spitznock
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WOW they predicted a Dive Kick console?? These guys are crazy!

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Ronan O'Connor is an Irish name. Where the fuck is Danny when you need him !!!

Posted by punkxblaze



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Givin' it a listen now! Hooray!

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"Hey just gonna set this gear up and leave it here! What sort of crazy stuff will happen at E3!" :(

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The lads know Ronan is an Irish name right? I have a cousin named Ronan, there's an Irish pop singer with the name. It's not some made up video game name

Posted by xxNBxx

Ryan saying "how can you top last years" (meaning yesterdays) live show was was weird after what happen last night.

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I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

I emailed Ryan a couple weeks back saying "Day 0 is super busy! And Day 1 is super early! Instead of starting way too late, why not set up the equipment and then record a little something on Day -1 so you can just get in and broadcast after the Sony/MS events!"

Then I deleted the section of the email about hiring a security guard for Day Zero, since I thought it would be presumptuous.

Again, I'm so sorry.

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Posted by PoisonJam7

Aww, too bad it's pre-E3.

Posted by biggiedubs

I thought I saw on Ryan's twitter account that the only file was on the laptop that was stolen....?

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@biggiedubs: That is the exact opposite of what he said. Which would explain why this is here to listen to now.

@taswell "No! I had the dumb luck of packing up my laptop. Tomorrow at noon “@twofacedmonster: @taswell Is the sealed envelope podcast gone as well?”"

He had the laptop packed with him. So not in the building to be burgled.

Posted by Balki_Bartokomous

Giant Bomb: Now with 70% more nose whistling!!!

Posted by thatdutchguy

Always love the sealed envelope podcast.

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"We are going to come and eat your lunch money." Quote of E3 2013.

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Man when they were talking about C:LOS2 I lost my shit when Zobek was spoken about as the savior of all mankind...


Posted by somekindarobot

anyone else having problems playing or downloading this, It won't even download in itunes

Posted by Libb

@somekindarobot: It acts weird, I listened to part of it on the site then tried to fast forward to that point in Instacast and the same timestamp was way earlier in the actual conversation, so I think the file metadata is slightly borked.

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Another look into Jeff's highly organized life. :P


Ryan, Psygnosis is dead. :(

Posted by Y2Ken

Very interesting hearing this. Sealed envelope predictions are great fun.

Hope everything gets as sorted out as possible real soon guys. We all wish you the best, this is obviously a massive bummer for you guys and we can only hope for the best.

Posted by amlabella

Note to future bullies: EAT their lunch money.

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