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Just kidding, looking forward to listening to the utter chaos of like 8 (make that 18) different voices from the looks of things.

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Podcast is live! My apologies for crazy inconsistent volume levels. It's tough to manage that many dudes in that small a space!

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I will listen to this...... in the morning

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Mythic Entertainment's Paul Barnett? What, was Carrie not at the show?

Damn it. There's someone I want on a podcast again.
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"It's tough to manage that many dudes in that small a space!"

hahahahaha, thats what she said!

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holy..... that's a LOT of dudes podcasting.

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Sweet, listening to it now. 

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Coolness, should be fun

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Awesome work getting this up.  Thanks.

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And holy shit I didn't realize how much that sound damping stuff helped until I heard the podcast again without it.  Good lord, the echo.

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Thanks for the late/early posting of this! It is appreciated.

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all units!

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I remember like 13 years ago, when I first got the internet at home, I went to videogames.com and it brought to a little site that become known as Gamespot. I once wrote in to someone asking about a gameshark code for FF 7 and Lauren Fielder wrote back to me. I was like 11 years old at the time so I just said thanks and asked her some questions as my mom typed out the e-mail for me. But I asked her if she was married (as a young kid asking, nothing serious) and she said "Yes, his name is Joe and he works at the site. " So whenever I hear/ see a "Fielder" name I think back to the simpler days of my youth.

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great podcast!

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Greg! =]

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Ah i was right! great!

Wow Joe Fielder.

Oh man, Jeff gives a new rendition of his PAX08 "everyone has their own channel" speech. Couldn't agree more with Clint Hocking, i love Far Cry 2 for that very reason, and screwing up in that game is awesome, and extremely rewarding!

Couldn't agree more with Paul either.

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By far the best Bombcast i've ever listened to.   WHY?  Because they talked about the things I love most, things like the industry and where its going and where its gone, and the whole "Everyone has a Golden age, which forms their opinion" is by far one of the most meaningful quotes about video games to date.    I hope the Giantbomb crew sticks to more of those philosophical topics, people love it and its the ongoing discussions you see daily on forum sites.

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Random GDC Bombcast on my sick day??  Hellz yes.

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Hell yeah!
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Awright.  Will llisten between classes. Or during.

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Oh my god, Greg curses so much in this podcast. My world is at an end. When I was a frequent Gamespot reader I thought he was so calm and here ... different man :D

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Don't know who he was but he who talked about retro games and held a presentation, man he is really spot on. This is definitely the most interesting podcast yet.

It made me wonder a little. Even after almost 17 years of gaming, I don't think I've found my golden age yet.

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I'm listening to this episode with jaw agape.
It's AMAZING to hear these developers come together, hearing their shared passion.
I'm a little choked up.

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Man, what a sweet suprise. This is the greatest site ever. I love the Bombcast!

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lacke, you are totally right. He said some things that can make you think about you're age. "It's not retro, it's a stylistic choice" can also be used as a lousy excuse for lack of graphical concept. I guess it depends on the developer.

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Man that podcast was absolutely epic. So many points of view, interesting opinions. Joe Fielder! I remember that guys review of Silent Hill 2 I couldn't agree with more. Just yeah... amazing podcast. Hope to hear more like this over GDC!

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maybe not the best podcast ever, but this was possibly the most enlightening podcast I've heard.

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Great podcast!

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Looking forward to listening to this podcast. I heard some excerpts of Clint's speech from Edge but I've got a feeling they don't fully represent what he was saying. I'd be very interested in listening to the full version.

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Loved it, I think it's great that so many like-minded people can get together and talk about what they do best.

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Great podcast guys. Nice to hear so many perspectives on the game industry all in the same room.

I really liked what Paul had to say, and couldn't agree more about the "Golden Age" sort of thing and new experiences for gamers. The passion he has for games and for what he does is just awesome. Talked the perfect amount. ;)

Keep up the great work, can't wait for today's episode!

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@ Kinarion

They were also in a large hotel room, as opposed to the small podcasting room they usually record in.

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I love hearing Paul.B speak, he's got this great thought process and you can tell he's really considered everything he's trying to say before he lets loose.

Unless he's just crazy and it's a coincidence that anything actually makes sense, nevermind all of it.

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Rock, paper, scissors is the ultimate game.

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Great discussion

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Haha. Oh man did i ever miss greg good to hear his voice again.

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Talking about going back to RE4, I actually just bought it finally.  I played through it on the GC when it first came out, but  I rented it.  I just started playing it on the PS2 yesterday and it was a bit weird to go back since it is a prime example of how much games have changed even since 2004!  But even then that game is still superb and I am ejnoying it just as much as I did back in '04.

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Nice podcast ;p just want to add on~ i just quit Warhammer lol

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Lets a' go listen to the podcast!

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Wow you must've stayed up all night editing this, thanks guys.

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Woaahhh. funky new intro song. sweet lol.