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Oh, and someone needs to pull a Half Life for Dreamcast and 'leak' TT Ep2 into the tubes!

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I think all these anti-swearing people fall into one of two camps.
1) Children who don't drink and don't understand that when the grownups drink, things become a lot more... casual (as is the point of alcohol).
2) You understand that, but you're still a fucking prude for some reason

This was a fun little extra from the folks at GB and our old friends from GS, not your official Tuesday round-up. It was a one-off thing, so get over it!

Posted by distiller

worst podcast ever!

btw I prefer seeing pale people smoking than seeing fat guys eating!

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Until this episode I've never really notice the GBers swearing.  Really not until Rich started being prude have I ever thought this to be an issue.  As a gamer nearing his thirties GB represents the community I am in.  I hang out, drink, and shoot the shit the same way with my friends, so any swearing on GB just feels natural.  The stereotype that gamers are all teenagers and kids really bugs me, and when sites dumb down a bit it to keep it clean for the kids it kindof rubs that in.  I'm glad Giant Bomb is out there to help shun that notion.

I've been a fan of Rich's work on gamespot in the past.  He did awesome things for that site when it came to live content.  But seriously his critiques of the Bombcast were not professional to say on the air, and kindof spoiled what I was hoping a welcome return of some voices I hadn't heard in a while.  So really what should have actually been censored?

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Excellent Bomb Cast. Stoked to here from Alex, Matt and Rich........for christ sakes you made my week.
Im with Rich on the swearing issue. You have a potentially younger people listening and dont need to draw any unwanted attention by doing something that is not required.  The drama is already high enough without needing to add swear words.
I know the 1up crew swear alot but as my mum once said a long time ago "its not big and its not clever".

May you your reflexes stay sharp and your hand & eye remain coordinated

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Best part ever!!!!!

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good to hear from the old gang.
shame about the sound quality, infact just about every pax related podcast ive heard in the last few days has been pretty shocking in terms of audio quality, ESPECIALLY 1up... but oh well..

it was a worthy podcast, but i just hope GB pick it back up.. other than their video content (which is ALWAYS excellent) and the bombcast, i dont come here for anything else. and tbh.. the bombcast is slipping down the order of my fav podcasts..

1Up Yours - Coverage on just about everything, very opinionated guys
IGN GameScoop - Reminds me of classic Hotspot.. but with more laughing
Bombcast - Love these guys, but drinks? points? Jeff and loud noises? lets see some more of them..
Hotspot - This is where i get my REAL gaming news + Tor's insanity

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rich is back !

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I was so exited before downloading the bombcast, but i come into a disappointment at the end...it was an okay show, tough i expected more from it. 3 stars :)

keep up giantbomb, i enjoy every shows from you guys..
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Kilts?  Leave them dudes alone :P


Cool that the PAX spirit is still alive.

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That was the greatest podcast ever, its great to hear Rich, Alex and Matt Rorie on a podcast again.

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Kevin Smith Film Quotes FTW!!!!

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Ah, that introduction was just pure nostalgia. Just brilliant.

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yeah, the booze kinda ruined the show. I bet you guys had a good time and had it real funny, but it just felt awkward listening to it, Gallup just felt like he was friggin depressed half time of the show, all negative attitude against cursing and saying all "it's fun to meet up.. but the magic isn't really there" when he said it just struck me, it exactly what i felt while listening... the bombcast from pax was just messy and should have been made a little more serious. Don't want to be that guy to complain, cause you guys are always funny to listen to and it was great and nostalgic to hear navarro, rorie and gallup,

 but it really says much about the show, when comments like gallup said is actually being said out loud. You guys are actually more funnier without the booze and all the old fellas would've shine a little brighter if you would put a little more into the mind of actually doing a podcast and not just talk in mics

Also i felt like you guys should've done a video cast instead, it would've been so much more.

Also while i'm on the trail i can say i'd hoped you guys would do some more coverage of the actual show with videos and live feeds. Cause that's what you guys do best, your personalities are funny watching and hearing and it would give me, who wasn't there, a better view how fun and cool PAX is.

I hope atleast you guys taped the panel!

Still love your work tho and hope for the best Alex Navarro, Matt Rorie and Rich Gallup.

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I really think there was a bit to much swearing in this one, it doesn't sound good... but it was still nice to hear from Rich, Alex and Rory. Looking forward to tuesdays PodCast !

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holy crap. I just found your website. I use to be a huge fan of the hotspot until Jeff left. I'll be tuning in weekly. LOVE IT

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Listening to a bunch of drunk dudes say, "Fuck, man...." over and over again is supposed to be adult oriented?  No, it's just dumb.
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One of the most relaxed Bombcasts yet. It was interesting that someone mentioned how the online community doesn't have a real life counterpart. Maybe I'll try to make the next PAX just to see what this RL is that everyone keeps talking about.

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Best intro ever, epic bombcast

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What the hell is up with Rich? He was such a downer! He used to be so perky and playfull. Did he find God or something? And as for the organization of this episode, Rich, you should be on one of the normal tuesday Bombcasts, they are much more buisness like. BTW I realy like the informality of this podcast, it was a look into the lives of the crew that we havn't realy had. For example the phone call from Ryan's girlfriend and the copious swearing!

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 Well that show came to a quiet muted end after Rich came out with his comment near the end. I was gutted when Rich left Gamespot as I was a massive fan, but there was no need to say that on air.

 He wanted to be the mature voice of reason regarding swearing and wanting to sound professional. Then acted completely unprofessional by dissing his friends for listeners to hear. Bad form.

 I think this podcast felt more like hanging out with the guys, than it just being them informing us of news etc. Much more enjoyable for it IMO.

Posted by makedonii

best frikin' podcast EVER! you guys are sick!!! i love it whan the podcasts are half serious and you just joke around, that is the reasen the podcast is worth listening to and keeps it exciding so i wont get bored :) (not that i ever do).

so please keep the humor and the fulling around in the podcasts in the future!

also great to have the Rich Gallup, Alex Navarro, and Matt Rorie on the show!!

Posted by Deltico

Ryan said it best: "way to ruin the magic Brad!"

Posted by President_Evil

Kept me entertained on my drive to school.  Good to hear the 'ol crew together again.  Try not to be so drunk next reunion ;-]

Posted by DarthimusPrime

Okay. Everyone who is complaining about the amount of swearing needs a reality check. There are plenty of 'clean' podcasts about games you can gladly defect back to. This is an adult cast for adults. They are proving that games aren't just for kids. Stop complaining and go watch Barney or something.

Posted by sandy

Count me on the side of those who think you  guys are far more clever when sober. Rich probably could have made the same point with a bit more subtlety and humor, but I kinda give him credit for throwing himself out there like that.

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You guys are nice and toasted in your latest show haha!

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The was pretty much the best impromtu sarcastic slow clap ever caught on megabytes.

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Hey guys. My humble opinion, be different than other podcasts and don't swear. I don't mind cussing here and there (like in the video thing, that was awesome), but I really prefer that you don't do it all the time. That's one of the things that make you stand out from the crowd.

This is not a rant, just my 2 cents. I love your site.

Posted by Cubez

Hearing Rich Gallup starting the show like old times and Jef busting out his famous last words at the end of every GS podcast was just great. You guys need to put something like that at the end of each bombcast or just some funny shit.

Also it was nice to hear alex..too bad Greg wasn't there that would just make that podcast Overkill or if they had Too Hot.

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Jeff, loved the Sifl and Olly Show reference

Posted by milkman4591

Wow, can't believe how much I missed everyone on the PAX bombcast.

Posted by screwed

anybody have a YouTube link for that video Jeff was talking about?
The one that "summed up Leipzig" with Hector from MK.

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 "Rich Gallup, Alex Navarro, and Matt Rorie" hmmmmmmmmmm

Posted by Anwar

the show to meet the community of GB, hasn't changed much, PAX and GB just gotten bigger