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Finally! Woot! Any time there is an extra Bombcast, everybody wins!

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momma mia

Posted by ZAPBoston

Great podcast, guys. I mirror your mixed reactions to Spore. I enjoyed the experience but was somewhat disappointed by some of the simplicity and superficiality of the game mechanics.  I look forward to more special podcasts dedicated to some of the big releases this holiday season. Go bomb! 

Posted by EleFlameMax

I love you, and you're very smart. All of you. :)

Posted by Daveyo520

Yes extra super edition cast of the bomb type.

Posted by Milkman

Great discussion guys. I just started playing Spore and I'm halfway through the creature phase. And I have been having some mixed feelings. But the way you guys described the other phases, I'm definitely going to stick with it.

Posted by CleverLoginName

I never payed much attention to Spore but hearing you guys explain it in depth makes it seem really interesting, unique if nothing else, and I could probably look past some of your criticisms. I may pick it up some time.

Posted by Berkie

Great job!

Posted by Vlademir

"I want more legs..." "NOW HE'S FASTER!"

Rofl Jeff!

Posted by geosync

I really love the idea Giant Bomb doing one episode of a podcast dedicated to a single title. Its a really uniuiqe thing you guys do, and although games dont come around to often that deserve it, I would love to seen it a little more.

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Great podcsat - great game too. My purpods have just got into space at the beginning of stage 5. I've enjoyed it so far, tho it sounds like the space stage is the main focus for the game.

The game book says "beware the Grox - they don't understand relationships". has anyone met any Grox yet?

Posted by Kohe321

Awesome podcast as always.

Posted by chandlerr_360

The one stage in Spore I really didn't like was the Civilization stage...pretty lame.

Posted by DualReaver

1st post hoes.
Excellent podcast, informative and fun to listen to. :D

Posted by thefjk

Here's the thing they should have done with Spore:

Start out with making the Stage 4 creature, the one that you want your species to later on evolve to... then you are chucked into the first Stage were you have to play and make decisions and eventually evolve into that creature you initially set out to be. But the decisions you make could result into a different creature and the game shows you were you went wrong kinda. Then you can decide to continue to space or restart to reach your goal.

You don't get to modify your creature in between Stages, the game does it from your decisions but the editor is used to construct the things around you and shape your creatures culture... kinda confusing but much more re-playability I think... meh!

I haven't played the game thoug, I thought it was coming out on consoles.
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"You encountered Man. You're dead."   Awesome.

I think a lot of people 'evolved' their creatures bit by bit every time they mated, instead of doing incredible changes at once.  Furthermore, I've been thinking a lot about possible expansions to Spore.  Will Maxis offer a more evolution-based 'hardcore' option, later?  

Seems as though a lot of people want a Hardcore Spore.
Posted by AndrewB

So I actually have an online shopping cart set up with Spore in it. My decision to buy rests upon my feelings about the game after this Bombcast.

Posted by ez123

Your regular shows need as much anti religion as this one had. Awesome job!

Posted by dozerking

great podcast, wow, now that's how you discuss a game people!

Posted by FLStyle

Well done again! It was a great podcast about a game I knew nothing about annnnd you've convinced me not to buy it.

Congrats to its four stars but I'll leave others to play the first three modes and then have a ball with the last ones, good luck.

Posted by MichaelBach

Great spore-cast, good way for indept reporting on games that is not an actual review. (spore review was excelent though :)

Posted by Sanj

Wow, you guys raped this game. If Will Wright was dead, he'd be turning in his grave.

Posted by Scratch

I went out and bought Spore immediately after listening to this. I was kinda conflicted on whether or not to buy it after reading the somewhat lack-lustre reviews around the net. But it's your word that counts the most and I am sure I won't be disappointed.
Thanks guys and keep it coming.

Posted by Milkman

The Civilization stage is totally making me its bitch right now. Fucking orange team...

Posted by Dryker

Spore sounded really cool, but I knew I would never play it since it's PC only and had been passing this podcast up for about a week. Listened to it last night and really enjoyed it. I guess I just find the Giantbomb crew's take on games and life fascinating. Probably won't play Spore but enjoyed the show.

P.S. I guess I'll just be the first one to say: Hey where's this week's Giantbombcast? I'll be checkin' in every half hour or so 'till it's up.

Bombcast! Bombcast! Bombcast!

Posted by SM2099

DUDES!!! 15 more minutes and you would have convinced Jeff to keep playing Spore.  YOu almost have him. I just hope you convinced him during office hours. =D

Posted by CleverLoginName

Is it tuesday? Why isn't there a bunch of crazy people here yelling "Bombcast!".

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Yes, actually... *cough*

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Just waiting, not complaining...

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ryans profile has the pic for the mainpage and the smaller one up so it should be any minute now

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damn, not up yet...guess i'll DL it in the morning.

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Shoulda been up 15 minutes ago.

Posted by Great_Ragnarok

this is real fun show to listen to.

Posted by Anwar

How cheap is spore now? Might buy it, sounds interesting to say the least.

Posted by Videogames


I felt like they were bringing up the games low points very often, but as a whole (and lets be honest we don't play games as much as they have to) it really is just a fun game to pick up and play through. And at a discount price the game is well worth playing if you haven't yet. There is nothing quite like it, but like they said the only really interesting part of the game that holds up on its own is the ending of the game where you are basically playing civ in space terraforming planets and blowing up other aliens, otherwise it tries to clone other styles of games (and not very well). The game as a whole just has this undeniable charm when you look back at how you grow up from a single cell, to mastering the universe. I've already beaten it twice, and re-listening to this is just making me want to reinstall it again.