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...and here we GO!

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Shit just got real.

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AWWWWWW yeah :)

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Sharpen your knifes, motherfuckers!

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Game of the yearses lets go!

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oh that bass makes my junk tingle.

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oh what timing. I guess I'll be skipping my shower today.

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Lets do this!

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Salt for Christmas!

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I really love how you guys record the actual process of picking the games every year. I find it super interesting to hear the conversations that go into picking the winners of the different categories. Can't wait to listen to them all!

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It Has Begun!

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Aaaaand the RSS feed did not get updated again.

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@Forcen said:

Aaaaand the RSS feed did not get updated again.

This. boo :(

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Only an hour and a half? Thank god. Don't think I could take four or five hours everyday.

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Does not appear on UK itunes yet and the download MP3 link just makes the podcast play, it doesn't actually download :(

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Let's do this.

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Love this shit!

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fuck man, they are gonna spoil stuff in this and I still haven't played a few of this year's games. dammit.

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Oh man, I best go finish Shadows Of The Damned before the podcast where they discuss the best endings.

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Is this going up on the feed? Christmas is the one time of year I need to tweak my normal "latest 3 podcast retention" settings on my iPod, so I'd like to be ready.

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No RSS feed? Bugger all.

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Come on Itunes! I got to go in a half an hour and I need this before I go!

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It would be fucking hilarious if they were to go to a local shitty trophy shop and send out children's sports style trophies to the winners.

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RSS feed in iTunes IS up. Close and re-open FTW.

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You guys are crazy, Cave Johnson is totally a character!

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It's on the RSS now, and all up in my Instacast.

Beginning of the episode is a fantastic start to this madness. I love Giant Bomb!

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Yes so hyped for this week.

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Sick theme!

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Is the download mp3 skipping for anyone else?

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FUCK YEAH!!!! Off to work, THANK YOU for making my job a little more bearable!

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Holy crap they recorded this a long ass time ago.

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why were they so outright dismissive of DA2 for best character; especially Brad of all people who didn't even play the game? There were a lot of new characters in that game and at least a couple of them are really great imo.

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What do you mean Wheatley isn't actually sorry? That's the whole point of that ending.   

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@Slaker117: You can't trust anything coming out of that dude's mouth.

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Well that's the last time I try listening to the bombcast via this page. I somehow listened to the first 2 minutes and then ended up 1:35 and instantly spoiled the entire episode for me...

iTunes needs to update faster dammit!

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@ZmillA said:

Is the download mp3 skipping for anyone else?

You mean like going from 0:02:00 to 1:35:00 without reason?

Happened to me and spoiled the entire episode

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The music in Bastion was ok but it seems they like it mostly because it worked with the story. for me the story in Bastion was pretty silly so the music didn't work for me in any of the moments because the moments had no punch