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Im ready.

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Tell me a story, Paul.

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Hell of Bombcasts this week!

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Paul Barnett my hero! Yes!

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A Dig'n'Rig quicklook would be amazing.

Also everyone else should play it too.

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Damn we are spoiled!

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The shit, you guys. I have a huge podcast backlog from my Great 2012 Internet Outage.

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What is this madness?

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I love Paul Barnett

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And that was E3. I mean, GOTY.

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You can't not love Paul Barnett.

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The greatest top 10 list in history.

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Excited for some <>

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The only, ONLY time I will ever hear a reference to Rod Hull & Emu on predominantly American gaming podcast.

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2012 year of the daily bombcast.

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Here is~a potat~o pizz~a

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Yey! I could use more Paul in my day every day!

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Paul Barnett sounds like British Dave Snider (I like it)

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Dig and Rig is pretty great.

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In a way Paul kind of sounds like Dave to me.

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Where are all of these Bombcast coming from?

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I never noticed it, but you guys are right. I can definitely hear the similarities between Paul and Dave.

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(o_o) - And that was E3

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Pour one out for the best Giantbomb theme.

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2nd surprise podcast of the week and Paul Barnett is always a delight.

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ok, this is awesome.

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Man i am LOVING all this new audio content. I am always in need of new stuff to listen to.

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Excellent. Very interesting choices.

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@ThingThing said:

Where are all of these Bombcast coming from?

I choose to imagine that every dollar of my membership fee goes straight into a metal bucket labeled "BOMBCAST" written with sharpie. I also support your use of "Bombcast" plural, like "beer". That's how we do it in the north, eh.

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How out of touch GB is with Dark Souls continues to astound. Ah well.

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I love me some Barnett.

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@sushisteve said:

Paul Barnett sounds like British Dave Snider (I like it)

This. Maybe that explains why I feel all warm and fuzzy listening to him.

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@selbie said:

@sushisteve said:

Paul Barnett sounds like British Dave Snider (I like it)

This. Maybe that explains why I feel all warm and fuzzy listening to him.

he reminds me of billy connolly, no idea why since it makes no sense

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This reminded me why Paul Barnett is so awesome!

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Such a great podcast personality. Loved it!

And screw you guys, every single game should learn from Dark Souls.

Away with the 5 hour rollercoaster action-movies, and in with challenge, fairness and gameplay.

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D-List ... I see what you did there.

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I'm having trouble finding that drag racing game he was talking about on Android. Anyone find it?

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Paul Barnett is the perfect amount of British madness.

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Man, so much extra Bombcast this week!

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Pauly B