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Posted by Galiant

Hoping for more podcasts like these, they're very interesting.

Posted by Mago

Why can't I download? T_T

Posted by Director

What?? a knife didnt cut Big Boss' eye out. it was a bullet, Revolver's bullet

buts its okay........btw, MGS rules!!!!!!!

Posted by Venatio

Funny as always

Posted by Benjamimmy

god i forgot about portable ops, i'm going to have to dig out my psp now and start again.

Posted by SJSchmidt93

Wow... five comments. 
How GB has grown.

Posted by pepper

This is so cool.

Posted by Venatio

This was a great podcast but damn, only 8 comments?

Posted by InfiniteGeass

I feel as though I should add to the comments here.

Posted by ky326

I love the eye patch on the Giantbomb logo.

Posted by Liminality

Great Snakecast.

Posted by EatBoxSocks

LOL, you guys talked about continueing Raiden's story, and now they just comfirmed Metal Gear Solid: Rising!! =D
Posted by Nemesis

I somehow missed this. We need more spoilercasts!

Posted by Pie
@InfiniteGeass: And so do I.....Also I could of really used that Halo:Reach Beta code :(
Posted by Ramyun

Wow I can't believe I just found this!!

Posted by IBurningStar
@Ramyun said:
" Wow I can't believe I just found this!! "
You and me both, brother.
Posted by Max_Hydrogen

Man, you guys got so much of the lore wrong and admit to not having even finished the previous game; I wonder if I can trust your judgment now. 
But, as long as you enjoyed MGS4...

Posted by SquirrelGOD

Still one of my favorite Bombcasts.  I come back to listen to it from time to time, because damn...just so entertaining!

Posted by scarace360

So what happened to the burst limit cast?

Posted by Landon

Just beat Metel Gear 4. Can finally listen to this.

Posted by Anwar

MGS Rising, will hopefully tie in this somehow.

Posted by Ramone

Whats the name of the song at the start of the podcast? It's one of my favourite MGS songs

Posted by Slaker117

Finally going to listen to this after just now beating the game.

Posted by Mister_Snig

@Slaker117: lol, Same here. In a recent Bombcast they made jokes about the ending of MGS4, which motivated me to finish the game. I figure if the game is old enough that people feel they can spoil it without warning, I should probably finish it up if I cared enough about the story.

Posted by Emoney244

Sigh makes me depressed about their views on Metal Gear Online...

Posted by Captainlunchbox

Solid Ryan Davis commentary. Miss you much, man.

Posted by uhohlovehascometotown

i didn't even know this existed! was discovered thanks to the latest podcast

Posted by Benmo316

Why did I not know about this before 01/13/2015's Bombcast?!?!?!?

Posted by benbennibenben

Ah shit, I found the "addition edition" quote in the bombcast, but I made a mistake: it wasn't this one, but rather the 2008 GOTY bombcast: http://www.giantbomb.com/podcasts/giant-bombcast-game-of-the-year-2008-edition/1600-58/

Posted by Dan_CiTi

I hope they do this again for MGSV.