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Yeah! More Dumping! All over my fac.... ok thats to far.

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Yeah! More Dumping! All over my fac.... ok thats to far.

Keep going...

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It's kinda crazy and pretty exciting to see all these indies suddenly moving to the Playstation. I guess that's what MS gets for refusing to give the handful of good XBLIG games any support whatsoever. Plus Sony's new indie publishing policies and the PS4's supposed dev-friendliness, of course.

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I've been playing a bit of the closed beta for this, and it seems pretty rad.

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All this dumping!

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that was loud!!

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Mercenary Kings looks absolutely amazing. Taking gaming back to its roots!

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I loved the Scott Pilgrim game and this one looks pretty awesome!

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Great interview but to be honest it seemed a bit rushed (as in he might have kept talking if you didn't cut him off), probably can't be helped at E3 though. If the questions weren't so interesting I would have found this interview really annoying as it seemed that everything was phrased as "what was it like..." , negativity aside enjoyed this and thanks for it

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Patrick's Dumptrucks are always super-awesome.

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Tribute game has an AMAZING art style. I remember their Molyjam game. It looked great.

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Didn't even know it was the same guys behind Winzorb, good to know. Cool to hear the nervousness and excitement of a new developer, thanks.

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I talked to this fellow at PAX East. He seemed nice, and very enthusiastic. Mercenary Kings looked pretty good from what I played there.