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Holy shit, Justin McElroy. Can't wait to listen to this.

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David Cage as Tommy Wiseau is my new favorite comparison.

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Ooh this is going to be good!

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David Cage as Tommy Wiseau is my new favorite comparison.

The George Lucas one seems pretty accurate after watching those behind the scenes videos, too! Someone get the man an editor!

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I feel completionism increases my enjoyment of a game, not decreases it. Also some of the best games of all time had choices, as well as great stories.

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Pretty good discussion on Beyond. I too would've preferred to have just controlled Aiden the whole time rather than Jodie and Aiden. Having to roleplay two characters simultaneously places too much of the demand for drama on the player. It made no intuitive or empathetic sense to me. Like why do I need to control these sometimes opposing characters in the same scene?

Also, pretty good articulation of Cage's problem of poor dramatic escalation ("rising action" as they call it). A lot of its story arcs had absurd and silly climaxes. "[Certain beautiful moments] are why the game is so divisive and frustrating. I think all of us would recommend playing it if only because it's interesting, but it's those singular moments where the game really speaks to you, or has those amazing character moments, and then it just blows it up and you forget about it."

"The Navajo spirit thing is a perfect example. It starts out kinda cool where she's hitch-hiking on the street, and she meets these mysterious people, she gets to know them, she works on the farm, she sees a weird ghost, and that's all kinda cool. But suddenly, it gets completely ridiculous. People are dying left and right, and there's this massive monster in the sky... The game just can't support that ramp-up within an hour."