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*clicks Bombcast, gets Dumptruck*

I... I don't know what to feel.

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I feel betrayed *Cries*

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Guys, they just started recording.

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Guys, they just started recording.

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@patrickklepek said:

Guys, they just started recording.

This is posted in the Bombcast section, is what we're saying.

Also: Yay for a true Tuesday cast!

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Ha, the bombcast picture in itunes even changed to the dumptruck.

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y u no bombcast

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Oh man. I was just thinking of a horror games based on personal issues not too long ago....weird but cool to see someone doing it.

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Oh, weird. Site glitch. Sorry it got put in the wrong spot.

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Now, on-topic: I'm really curious to see this game. I'm concerned that it might hit too close to home, but horror is supposed to be uncomfortable.

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I really need to try skydiving once. Played the demo to the game, sent chills down my spine. Backed his kickstarter immediately. Hope him all the success.

[Rec] was the last horror movie I loved, then I stopped watching since horror games have really eclipsed them.

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Can we please, PLEASE have a full interview with Matt at some point? This man is genuinely fascinating to me and I would eat up an hour-long discussion on horror and his reaction to how all of this has panned out for him. Specifically, how someone can design a very video-gamey type of experience with retrograde, to creating something that he almost feels he HAS to make as a reflection of himself.

What a trip.

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This isn't.... bombcast

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Ooh. Nice!

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Great talk, I really hope this turns out well for him.

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Such a striking art style. I can't wait to be too scared to actually buy it when it comes out!

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Beep Beep! Spooky dumptruck time.

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Thanks Patrick !

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Seemed to cut out for me at 10:19. I don't know if it's just me.

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@patrickklepek: YOU HAVE LEFT ME WANTING MORE! Definitely looking forward to any future conversations with Matt on this site.

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Intro too loud.

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I went and bought Retro/Grade after hearing this. This guy has been through really similar stuff to it and said some stuff that I've said about my own mental condition. Glad to know I'm not alone.

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This is a good start for this game... Guh so little comments and views.