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Donkey Kong, :crosses fingers:!

I love the microCast!

Posted by Rhaknar

new Zelda for Wii, nothing else matters for me from nintendo

Posted by BrockSampson

I am watching live on IGN. I have an account, so in HD as well. Should be good.

Posted by Seedofpower

Didn't know Ryan was an aggressive driver. I can't wait for what you guys find out at Nintendo's press conference, keep it up guys!

Posted by Scooper

A totaly new Zelda that goes off in a really wierd direction away from the formulae could be enough to get me to purchase a Wii this winter.

Posted by ISmoochyI

i seriously hope that they would play an episode of M.A.S.H. while they wait for Nintendo or Sony...that would be fuckin awesome! ha

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Awesome podcast!

Posted by DrFidget

I would totally watch M*A*S*H* while waiting for Sony.

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Nintendo will have a new Mario and Zelda.

Posted by Nzwei

After the conferences Jeff should go to the Persona people and talk to them on camera. I'm so curious if they watch the show on GiantBomb. :D

Posted by Crono11

I'm really looking forward to hear what the guys think about Team Ninja working on Metroid because I personally really don't like that.

Posted by marioboy

wonder what nintendos gonna get new

Posted by Yelix

I've been servicing the little girl market for years. My parole officer won't let me use LPSO though, :(.

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Atlus booth :D

Posted by DDoc

w00t i fucking love that metal gear sloid is coming  xbox 360 w00t w00t i love it  and i cant wait to get the natal thing

Posted by Meptron

does this podcast end abruptly, or is it just me?

Posted by megaplushie
@Meptron: That's the nature of these MicroCasts. AudioBoo limits Boos to 5 minutes.
Posted by natetodamax

Microsoft won E3 already.

Posted by MeatSim

Damn that bus for being a bus!

Posted by Daawisss

true about that waiting for the Sony press conference :D

Jeff you are a psychic!

Posted by SuperJoe

Jeff has morning voice.

Posted by buckybit

still love the new INTRO SONG! ROCKIN' - needs iTunes-love. Sell it for a buck, Duders! Make some extra batteries money.