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Always ready for more Paul. Always.

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Posted by AlexanderSheen

Fuck! I flagged the spam and the page reloaded itself :(

Posted by NyxFe

You're not wrong Paul, Demon's Souls is better.

Posted by HS_Alpha_Wolf

I really think an "old man" podcast with Paul Barnett, Jeff Green, Gary Whitta, Jeff Gerstman, and Will Smith could be one of the most awesome things ever created, especially to supplement my weekly driving/laundry hours not already taken up with Bombcast/tested podcast/Weekend Confirmed.

Posted by ptc

World of Tanks beta has been great on 360! But then again, I'm an old man... :)

Posted by Shortbreadtom

I love Paul Barnett, he's always insightful, interesting and funny

Posted by parentalcon

B-but... but... You can't cheat, Paul Barnett. What's cheating! Your opinion will be deemed as invalid!

But seriously, fun talk and good list.

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Paul, you're right, Demon's Souls nation. Great interview

Posted by AMyggen

Great stuff!

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PB & J!

Paul tells the absolute best stories.

Posted by antivanti
Posted by JeanLuc

Oh my god, the Valve office sounds insane.

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Only bad people prefer Demon's Souls.

Posted by byterunner

So what is the song at the beginning and at the end of the podcast?

Posted by Domineeto

Dark Souls/Demon's Souls both accomplish different things, neither is better in any measurable way (Dark Souls really is better though)

Posted by bloodsoul5

I miss him too paul. :(

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Paul Barnett is always interesting. Great to hear more interviews with him.

That was a nice thing to say about @ryan.

Also, while I think Dark Souls is objectively a better game than Demon's Souls I do feel Demon's Souls is overlooked too often.

Posted by Marz

warhammer online if anything it did right was bring public questing to modern mmo's and now most of them have some sort of public quest functionality.

Posted by Draxyle

I can empathize with liking Demon's Souls better. I think both games have individual pieces that make them stand out above the other in their own way; I love the Nexus and the story of Demon's Souls a bit better, but the mechanics of Dark Souls are improved across the board. I'd say they both even out for me.

Posted by Akujin

Jeff is Harsh in this podcast XD

Posted by RazielCuts

'The Running Jumping Game' might be the best name for Uncharted.

Posted by PandaBear

Just wanna call bullshit on the Pokemon stuff.

  • The second game(s) were in colour
  • The gender thing came up in the second game too
  • The series has not been consistent, most fans would agree Gold/Silver is the best while the next games Ruby/Sapphire (which took out key features) was the worst
  • The game went "3D" in Diamond/Pearl, granted X/Y was a big graphical update and the Pokemon and characters were finally polygonal on a handheld, but let's not slam Game Freak with hyperbole too much

Sorry if this seems negative ... I totally respect Paul and think he was great on this podcast (and among their best recurring guests). But yeah, I didn't agree with those statements.

Posted by ColdsnapBryan

For Christmas I'm buying Paul something other than that black shirt and track pants.

Posted by Xshinobi

I'm going to miss Warhammer Online. The tier 1 experience in that game was better than most MMOs.

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Gen-4 means the fourth generation of consoles with polygonal games. It's the fourth generation of the third era of consoles.

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OH GOD, the World of Tanks story. Hilarious as shit.

I think there was a Top 10 list in this? lol

Posted by paulunga

Ehh, I prefer Demon's Souls as well. I liked the discrete levels, characters, story and music more. Wasn't much of a fan of the tendency system but it never really got in the way once you knew how to work it. Really a bit of a toss-up with the humanity system from the second game that I don't really like either.

Posted by TehJedicake

Wish I could play Demons Souls :( But I don't wanna buy an overrated console just to play it :(

Posted by GasparNolasco

@tehjedicake: Then you can play it in the PS3. I've heard it has good exclusives.

Posted by hollitz

A 40+ minute Paul Barnett podcast?! I am so fucking in. Always really enjoy hearing from this dude. Strikes me as someone who respects gaming enough to think scholarly about it.

Posted by joshth

Everything that I want to be as an adult is Paul Barnett.

Posted by dr_mantas

I really hope they didn't give GOTY to Mario or Zelda. I've nothing against those games, but personally I have no Nintendo nostalgia at all, and it seems like rehashes of old franchises on a dead system.

Maybe they're super fun to play, I guess.

Posted by zockroach

cringe worthy. dark souls to battle toads?

Edited by JayEH

The Gen 4 talk was great.

Edit: That Gamestop situation was really crappy.

Posted by BisonHero

@razielcuts said:

'The Running Jumping Game' might be the best name for Uncharted.

"I like the running jumping game, with the dude."


"No, no."

"Super Mario Brothers."

I died laughing. Jeff, so cooperative.

Posted by Tajasaurus

I agree with these guys about The Last of Us entirely.

Posted by RonnieBarzel

@jayeh said:

The Gen 4 talk was great.

Edit: That Gamestop situation was really crappy.

I'm glad Jeff grabbed that moment to ask Paul about that as I had been wondering about the origin of "Gen 4" ever since EA first used it. It would have been easy -- understandable, even, given the informal setting and topic -- to just let Paul power through what he was talking about.

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Front Room Simulator 2014

Posted by Redhotchilimist

Greatest top 10 yet this year

Posted by ike7779

I was Demon's Souls over Dark Souls for a long while too until I spent enough time with Dark. It's a Stockholm Syndrome thing with those games Paul.

Posted by Innovacious

Paul's mixed accents are really fighting for the limelight in this

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I thought Paul was just telling stories, I forgot he was listing top moments of the year until Jeff said they were on number three. I like to hear him just tell stories anyway.

Posted by csl316

I didn't even know what I was listening to for a while there, but I sure liked it.

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