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Shitting on porn games? I thought this was a podcast about Japan.

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This was the best episode ever... I'm just kidding. I will listen to it tomorrow.

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JJ's butt and dubstep. Yep, great beginning to this episode.

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Ah, finally, something to do while I game.

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How many Nintendo Directs/press conferences has Nintendo had this year?

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I didn't know these were released before being uploaded to GB! Found this episode on my Android podcast app earlier.

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Keep going weekly guys! Don't want to hear any of your translating excuses. ;)

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A little bit before 2 hours and 35 minutes, you shall hear another Notch impression.

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Based on the description I dont understand what this is....

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"Thank you Super Nintendo Chalmers" - Ralph Wiggums

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answer : YES

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I get all my @notch news & music from this podcast.

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Dat dubstep

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lool I love the random dubstep samples.

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Going to listen to this while eating a big plate of steamed hams.

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That was some pretty fascinating stuff about Hijinx Studios/Phoenix-Soft. Gaming Jesus bringin' the hottest investigative games journalism scoops!

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So excited to hear weill be pretty much getting 8-4 podcasts weekly for a while

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Region locked? It's a fucking PC. There is no such thing as region locking. Use a proxy if it's your ISP causing shit, or have one of your legions do it for you.
edit: And there was NO texture alteration for the PC version of Dark Souls.

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This was an amazing episode. I could have listened to another 2.5 hours easily. The dubstep was hilarious, loved the Super Famicom talk, and then the notch impression with the seinfeld music in the background made the episode.

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Fuck you 8-4, out of touch assholes

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@redgonzo said:

Fuck you 8-4, out of touch assholes

Those rascals and their dubstep! GET OFF MY LAWN!

inb4 you all take redgonzo seriously and rage on him.... <3 U 8-4!!!!

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Lee's Sandwiches are soooooooo goooooooood!

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dark souls wasnt the typically 720p, 720p means 720 vertical progressive lines but implies1280x720. darksouls frame buffer was lower it was 1024x720 which is 20% less pixels.

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man, I have to stop listening to the 8-4 podcast, and I feel horrible about it. I like listening to Mark & Co talk. But while listening to this episode, I finally realized: I don't get an F about Japanese games.

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Wow. I can't believe tehy were hating on dubstep like that. I feel like it's music that is COMPLETELY inspired by videogames. I always assumed the reason older people didn't get it is becuase they didn't grow up listening to 8 bit chip tune stuff like Megaman.

I unabashedly love it and wish more videogames would use it as a soundtrack.

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Super Mario World is just an unbelievable game; the definitive Mario experience from my own perspective. I can't believe they keep shoving out these NSMB games when they're all a huge step back from what SMW accomplished.

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YES. Terranigma is an amazing game and everyone should play it.
I'd say it's the best SNES game.

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this has probably been answered a million times, but I don't know. Why is it called 8-4? what is the significance of 8 and 4?

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@billmcneal: 8-4 is the final level in the original Super Mario Bros!

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Having never owned a Super Nintendo, the later part of this podcast was mostly incredibly boring. I have high hopes for when they mostly talk about games though.

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@7Force: thanks 7force

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Man, this is un-listenable.

only Weeaboos need apply.