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wow 4 hours of 8-4

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Yay, I can finally download this!

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Oh gawd, I don't know how I'm going to cram all this podcasting into my earhole!

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2 full podcasts in one almost! Awesome.

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That's a lot of podcast.

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lol they're so uninformed about console hardware.

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My ears hurt from the awesome

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Lots of 8-4 goodness atm.

Down the track a 4 hour long podcast on the Mega Drive/Genesis would be cool but you seemed to really gravitate to the JRPG's of the SNES, and a lot of us outside of Japan don't really bother with the genre anymore so a podcast about the diamonds in the rough would be great.

Thanks for the podcasts looking forward to hearing about hopes for TGS then the disappointment that was TGS :)

PS I'm glad you didn't talk about the Iphone 5 fuck apple, ILL KILL YOU!

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Even by normal Bombcast standards this is a ridiculously long podcast.


FUCK YES and FUCK YES TO PART 2 of the SNES retrospective.

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@GalacticPunt said:

Oh gawd, I don't know how I'm going to cram all this podcasting into my earhole!


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MS still puts out $400 360's.

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This episode was incredible, just wanted to say that. I laughed, i cried. I love 8-4!

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If you love the SNES then start listening at 01:45:00

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Good god one of these guys can't enunciate words to save his LIFE. Slow down and speak clearly. werexshhhettedaboutthuhwiiuvidjyuhhhgamsss

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@Trilogy said:

@GalacticPunt said:

Oh gawd, I don't know how I'm going to cram all this podcasting into my earhole!


Likes your style
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Enjoying it so far, but the whole "Flash memory" thing bugged me. Fuck off, it's basically a harddrive. If you can't explain the difference, don't point it out.

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@Undeadpool: damn now i have to go watch all of those episodes again cracker !

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Who are these people doing this podcast

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For anyone who actually reads these comments: I would like to jump in and correct that id software actually got their start by re-doing Super Mario Bros. 3 and not Super Mario World like they mentioned in the podcast.

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"If you owned a Genesis, you were probably a furry"

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I swear I must be the only person ever that liked Dracula X better than Castlevania IV.

Look, I know that Dracula X is a very poor port of Rondo of Blood. But I didn't know that at the time.

At the time, I was just a guy that loved Castlevania and played every one on the NES and SNES.

I mean, I really liked CV4 when it came out. Easily better than the NES ones, but I was never really comfortable with the whipping, and I didn't really like the way the player's sprite was freakin gigantic.

But most of all, I didn't like the music. There's only one original song in that game that's fantastic. Theme of Simon. There are other great themes, but they're remixes of songs from earlier games. Most of the original songs in the game sound awful to me. They're all this, like, free-form jazz played on a church organ. It's just, bleh.

Then Dracula X came out, and I was like, "Now THIS plays like classic Castlevania. The controls are tight, precise, Richter is a much smaller sprite, looks cooler, backflips."

And the music was AMAZING. Sounded 10x better than CV4.

So yeah, Dracula X was my favorite Castlevania for a long time, until I played SotN.

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Near 4 hours of greatness, thanks 8-4

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Really cool podcast, 8-4!

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@flanker22 said:

lol they're so uninformed about console hardware.

Yeah and they just sound like they're a little too kind to Nintendo. I guess I'm just used to how jaded/skeptical the GiantBomb crew is about everything. :-)

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Mark hates the gameboy? What. Oh well. The SNES Retrospective was pretty great. I'm so glad that they love Final Fantasy V as much as I do.

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@DarthEnder: yeah .. i had a similar experience .. tho i didnt like the gameplay for dracula x , (or rondo of blood that much either come to think of it) but that music made it authentic enough .. castlevania bloodlines is more of an abortion in my opinion

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This was a great episode. Kind of reminded me of how badly I want to replay all those SNES RPGs (all except for Chrono Trigger, I've already played that enough for two lifetimes).

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I have nearly the opposite opinion of Mark's on SNES games. ActRaiser is great and still holds up. Super Mario World is good but not earth shattering. LttP is fairly tedious and boring these days - I'd rather play the NES Zelda games. Donkey Kong Country still looks pretty great, despite the old CG, and is an awesome platformer in general. Castlevania 4 only has a couple great songs on its soundtrack, and is not as good as CV1 or 3.

But at least we both agree that Yoshi's Island and Super Metroid kick ass.

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The SNES podcast segments are great. Those combined with the 5+ hour SNES video streams on the site have made me go online and buy a 2nd hand SNES to check out some of the games I missed out on (as I was a SEGA kid growing up).

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No mention of Terranigma aka Tenchi Souzou in the actual games discussion, for shame. It's such a fucking great game. One of the best action RPGs of all time.
And completely glossed over Treasure Hunter G as well.

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Good lord Link to the Past is the best game ever, just so much fun to play, expertly designed, and so finely polished. Just every inch of it was and is crazy good.