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Curse you guys for making me watch an F1 race at 8 in the morning, but I can't wait to hear you guys talk about it!

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I can confirm that racing continues to be racing. I also continue to comment on these before I listen.

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Huh, the downloaded MP3 starts in the middle of a sentence. Downloading again to see if I can fix it.

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This was a crazy qualification with a solid grand prix on top of that.

Keeps it all interesting, tight and competitive.

@drewbert must teach @dannyodwyer the ways of the GLHB.

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This is the first Alt+F1 I'll hear while stationary (on vacation, no commutes).

I wonder if it'll have the same impact if I'm not racing around traffic. At 5 mph!

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This was the first GP I watched it from practice through qualifying to the race, and first GP I got my wife to watch! It was quite amazing all around :)

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I just started this weekend and wrangled some archives of previous races. I think I like it.

Curse your crypto-Soviet and Irish arses!

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Check this out. Tweeted this to Drew and Danny but don't know if they got this before they recorded the podcast as posting this while listening.

http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/formula1/28230500 This is Max Chilton nearly being hit by a tyre from the Räikkönen crash.

Update: They did get the tweet before the recording.

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Has anyone had any luck finding race highlights videos? It's completely fucking stupid that if I miss a 5 am race I have zero opportunity to see any video from it at all.

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One thing that Danny and Drew sort of skipped over about qualifying:

Hamilton was actually still on the track for the final lap, and right in front of Rosberg in fact, when he gave up and pulled into the pits before completing the lap. Had he stayed on, he would have hit the dry 3rd sector and probably had pole position. Crazy mistake.

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I kind of agree with what Nikki Lauda said. Räikkönen was very irresponsible putting so much power on back across the grass. Completely understandable though as your adrenaline is pumping and you want to make up positions lost.

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If you don't mind paying a couple of bucks. Check out Private Tunnel. It might have what your looking for and with decent rates that if you want to watch something live you could.

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@drx25: Hah, you have it easy. Race starts at midnight on a Sunday in New Zealand. And then they had to spend an hour fixing the busted fence.

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@triumvir: Me too! I've been enjoying watching qualifying along side the races as well.

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I love how Danny says "Chill-turn". Sounds like someone taking it slow around a chicane. :P

edit: for Danny

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Flow-Vis: Here's some photos I took during the post British Grand Prix F1 test....

9th July 2014, F1 Testing at Silverstone UK, Lewis Hamilton - Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 - FlowVis
9th July 2014, F1 Testing at Silverstone UK, Lewis Hamilton - Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 - FlowVis

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Wohoo, cycling mentioned. It's the inevitable next step in euro-centric sports after F1 and soccer.

In case you didn't know, the biggest stage race of the year, Tour de France, is on right now and yesterday had an especially eventful stage that saw the reigning champion and biggest favorite succumb to several falls and call it quits and some amazing racing from the big favorites and some outsiders too. Some glorious pictures from a truly epic (it really was) stage here. And there's still 2 weeks and 1500 miles to go, too.

Oh, and also thanks for the excellent podcast, keep up the god work.

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Great episode, and a pretty great race too!

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So i've listened to a couple of these Alt-F1 podcasts, but i basically have no clue about formula 1 or racing at all, anyone got any tips for getting into watching it?

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It is pronounced silver-stun, not silver-stone. That British commentator wasn't being very British.

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Anybody has a link to that Chilton dodging a tire picture?

As far as my personal favorite track and the one I'd like to come back:

Favorite: Tough one for me. Montréal is up there since it's a great track and my hometrack too.

The one I really wish would come back is Turkey. Such an amazing track killed by Bernie.

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"Pastor Maldonado never finished the __________ Grand Prix" is a thing now, good

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I've really enjoyed the last 3 grand prix, good job Drew and Danny for getting me interested again in F1.

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@flstyle said:

I've really enjoyed the last 3 grand prix, good job Drew and Danny for getting me interested again in F1.

Good job getting me interested in the first place! Watching that Vettel and Alonso battle was something else. I literally jumped up when Vettel finally passed him after that incredible back and forth.

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Flow-Vis: Here's some photos I took during the post British Grand Prix F1 test....

9th July 2014, F1 Testing at Silverstone UK, Lewis Hamilton - Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 - FlowVis
9th July 2014, F1 Testing at Silverstone UK, Lewis Hamilton - Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 - FlowVis

Very nice. edit: Black berry is still around?

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You guys got me hooked on this F1 thing pretty hard. I watched a little of practice and qualifying, and shit is all the time crazy. And now I'm reading reports and checking out the phat 18" rims on the Lotus during testing.

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Another great podcast, guys. I'm still really hoping you'll do some sort of live-commentating during a race at some point.

Also thanks for answering my email on this one, even though you made my name sound French instead of German.

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Just as a suggestion, it would be interesting if you guys would take a weekend when F1 is off and watch another racing series, e.g. IndyCar or the Tudor United SportsCar Championship (those are on at convenient US times too). I'd be curious to see your reactions to those.

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I think that Hammer Time thing must be some kind of in-joke between Hamilton and his engineer.

I can't remember the exact quote, but he dropped in another MC Hammer line in a later radio message. I think it was "Nice job Lewis. They can't touch this." or something like that. Something to listen for in the next race.

Edit: Oh, F1 Fanatic has radio transcripts. He did say that:

VLPeter BonningtonLewis HamiltonYou can’t touch this, Lewis! Home grand prix win! Beautiful work. Lap it up boy!
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I got super stoked at the return of Hammer Time. I can only hope whichever FIA guy is in charge of putting in team radio is in on it.

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No! Bold Danny, bold! The area behind the pits is called the paddock. This is where teams hang out and get interviewed after races. There is a small area next to the pits called parc ferme. this is only used to hold the cars so nobody works on them after the FP sessions.

Also, parabello?!?! Seriously?? As an avid F1 fan and fellow Irishman (Dub) I am disappoint.

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I think a moto gp or even SBK podcast would be pretty cool to shake things up.

Anyway thanks for another great podcast! I'm looking forward to Germany.


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I am in major favour of an SBK, Moto2/3 or Bathurst podcast. It's hard because the narrative of the season gives great opportunity for driver background, and explanation of the interactions.

If the rules changes make the comp less enjoyable, the guys could always migrate. My father is a mad SBK fan, they get all the renegade riders who don't fit the MotoGP mould. Would love to follow it.

Good on Danny with the Rolf Harris call...nice to have some PAL perspective on current events outside video games.

Great podcast guys, makes the whole season so much more enjoyable.

If only I could be this interested in the V8s @ Bathurst this year :/

Has Danny ever commented on if he is a TT (motorcycle road racing, a particularly European and dangerous brand of motorsport) ?. Isle of Man is not the only one, with comps running around the British Isles year round.