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Posted by zipperface

Drs. Lang Zone? Prescribing pain!

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dave lang is history's greatest monster

Posted by burgavo

thanks for this.....

Posted by Dezinus

This MP3 name is not standard. You're tearing this website apart, Danny!

Posted by Krataur

Huh, I never would have pegged Dave Lang as an F1 fan.

Posted by Pathos

Dave Lang's a bona fide F1 fan! :D

Posted by hmoney001

This episode will be powerful.

Posted by Flappy

It's been a while since I last wandered into the Lang Zone.

Posted by JonKrag

Danny O'Dwyer's first site post?

Posted by EricSmith

Man, this show seriously needs its own feed.

Posted by PimblyCharles

I hear that Dave Lang is a good human being. Looking forward to listening to my first Alt+F1 later tonight. The Lang Zone has sucked me in.

Posted by cooljammer00


Posted by Wishful_Starrr


Posted by cdon

Dave Lang is not someone you just invite over; he follows vampire rules. Now, he is able to just show up whenever and wreck your stuff and you'll possibly probably end up with bite marks.

Posted by Lelcar

I was tricked!

Posted by emthebrave


Posted by rickyyo

I can't wait to listen to this episode.

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It would be awesome if he could become a regular guest.

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Let's see if my question got through.


As expected Dave Lang is a great guest. Not just for the yuks either. Real talk. Life lessons even.

Posted by MooseyMcMan

I cannot tell you how excited I am for this. Oh man.

Posted by ocelotfox

Lang Zone is in effect, danger close.

Posted by Rustafur

Get bopped, Maldonaldo.

Posted by Luck702

@l44 said:

It would be awesome if he could become a regular guest.

Eh, Skype podcasts aren't the best.

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Man I love me some Lang stories.

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Fuck you Lang. K.MAG is awesome.

Posted by AMyggen

Great episode. Always need more Dave Lang in my life!

Posted by f0rk

Monza is way easier to get to than Silverstone, the train straight there from central Milan is 30 minutes

Posted by mbdoeden

Dave Lang is a fuckin cool dude.

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Man, this is easily my favorite episode. Lang is a bigger fan than I anticipated.

Posted by EricNStuff

Once you enter the lang zone, there's no return.

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I will forever remember this podcast as the one I was listening to during the first time I beat Olmec in Spelunky. It's all thanks to Dave Lang and Danny O'Dwyer!

Posted by DevourerOfTime

Jebailey IS history's greatest monster...

Posted by csl316

Dave Lang is always a welcome, wonderful, smart, funny, excellent guest. We're always happy to have him.

Thanks for getting me through the rainiest Chicago commute of the year! Speeding down Lake Shore at 2 mph! Yeah!

And wait, oh shit, I think I got that first paragraph all backwards.

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@csl316: I hear ya! The last two days have been brutal for driving with all the rain. Trying to get home via "88" was a nightmare with the rain yesterday.

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If anybody's interested in the Azerbaijan street circuit, here's the track layout. Personally, it looks like one of the dullest tracks that I've seen, and I'm hoping that it's a safety car magnet, just so something happens.

Also, don't be surprised if it takes a while for the Honda engines to get up to speed, but I feel like they're in it for the long haul and they will get there in the end.

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I would honestly buy wine from Lang's vineyard :D

Posted by VincentAvatar

Why not "Highway to the Lang-zer Zone?"

Posted by zaphodi

no drew. :(

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Holy cow, Dave Lang is such a baller. He's been watching F1 for 3 years and is already making connections with Sir Jackie Stewart, I am literally blown away! By which I mean my ear buds were blown out of my ears with the awesomeness of the Lang Zone!

Posted by gulinotm

@moffattron9000: At least Honda already have some experience in F1 so that should help. It's been awhile though. They come, then go, then come, then go..

Posted by moffattron9000

@gulinotm: Despite their being a engine maker since forever, Mercedes has taken five years of hard work and obscene expenses to be where they are today. They'll be working with a struggling McLaren, and will need to build an engine team basically from scratch. I really want them to be an elite team with an elite engine to match, but at the end of the day, these things take time. That being said, I'm stoked for their return, and can't wait for them with hopefully a car that isn't metal colored, with at least one elite driver, and if we're lucky, a Toyota wanting to one-up them

Posted by Chuck_

I wish that fake New York track in gran turismo would be made into a formula 1 track.

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What was the term Dave Lang used to refer to Ferari? I've never heard it before.

Edit: I'm dumb http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scuderia_Ferrari

Posted by NoneSun

More like, FORZA RULES!

I don't know anything about Forza I just listen to this podcast...

Posted by dsi1

For some reason listening to Dave Lang talk about how Ricciardo is always smiling made me realize he's F1's Brad Muir. How late am I with this insight?

Posted by adamantypants

I love that this Giant Bomb premium podcast has no Giant Bomb employees.

Posted by Spitznock

Lang's pronunciation of "Tokyo" is destroying me.

Posted by Phished0ne

Jebailey IS history's greatest monster...

Its true, he really is.

Posted by T_wester

I love that this Giant Bomb premium podcast has no Giant Bomb employees.

Its all a part of their 10 year plan, get other people to do work for them and bask in the glory.

@dsi1 said:

For some reason listening to Dave Lang talk about how Ricciardo is always smiling made me realize he's F1's Brad Muir. How late am I with this insight?

About 4 months link

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