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  • Disastrous NASCAR crash this weekend that all drivers miraculously walked away from
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Posted by THE_RUCKUS

Keep up the awesome Podcast and Poor Pastor he has been doing so well of late in not crashing department.

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Posted by Mus

OH yesh. :)

Posted by Hassun
Posted by Taargus_435

RIP Dynamic Fastener and Dude Wipes sponsor logos. Maybe they'll return on some F1 cars?

Posted by SkullPanda1
Posted by edgeCrusher

Gee Danny, why don't you tell us how you really feel? I don't dislike Hill/Herbert. Hell, I'd take them over the NBC dudes in a heartbeat. Let's trade?

Fun Silverstone tridbit: Herbert was an unlikely winner in '95 for Benetton, and the mechanic that set up his car for that race was Steve Matchett, who does the NBC commentary.

Posted by T_wester

Yeah Podcast.

Here is the start from Rodbergs pov with both Williams' blasting by.

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I do increasingly think that Brundle (and the fact BBC only get half the races) is the only reason I watch the sky coverage

I mean, I despise Eddie Jordan, but I can kind of put up with the rest of the BBC for the lack of Damon Hill and Johnny Herbert

Now, if we end up with a team of Brundle, Button, and Coulthard, with special guests Webber and Raikonnen in the future, I'd watch that every race

In race related news, man I got so excited at the start of the race when suddenly Williams, I think they should've taken the initiative with their pit stops as soon as massa would've gotten ahead of the hulk, but hindsight is always 20/20

Posted by Nmckee503

Oh christ, that NASCAR crash is unbelievable. Glad everyone was ok. That instagram video is something else.

Posted by ColdsnapBryan

That pit by Lewis was clutch. I was thinking he certainly made the wrong decision and we were having a repeat of Monaco.

Posted by daviator

You guys are saying Grosjeanne. It's Grosjean!

*sassy gesture*

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best cast of the weeeeeeeeeeeeek

edit: WHAT?!

Danny shits on Herbert and Hill and says Brundle knows his stuff???? Brundle knows how to talk when Hill is a little awkward. Hill won a fucking championship and Bundle literally never won anything ever in his life. I know who I am more inclined to believe when race talk happens.

Posted by kerikxi

Jesus christ, that NASCAR crash was intense.

Posted by Ben_H

I quite like the BBC casting team. Danny should give them a try if he can. I've heard lots of Brundle on both Sky and ITV watching older F1 seasons, and I think I prefer David Coulthard to him. Eddie Jordan is okay, but I think Coulthard is much better.

Kimi should do commentary after he retires.

Other person: "Oh man what an overtake! Kimi! What'd you think"

Kimi: "Uhhhhhhhhh, it was okay I guess"

Posted by Damodar

Such an exciting race, but I was really bummed out by Williams' absence on the podium :(