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Oh hello bombcast

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Excited for this one.

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Oh, hello!

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The hype is real

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Not sure whether to save for work tomorrow, or listen to now...

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With the words bathtub chicken in the description it has to be good.

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When did the bombcast become premium? What's going on?

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@composite: This is only the "premium" version without ads. The link at the top of the site is misleading.

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Is this kessler's dota 2 inventory? http://steamcommunity.com/id/youbetterhideyourheart/inventory/#570

That's pretty damn crazy

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Fun fact about going to a show and maybe getting kicked in the face: I once saw 36 crazyfists at our local venue and was kicked in the forehead by the singer when he did a stage dive.

Super fun!


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RIP Dreamcast 9/9/99 - 2002

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@brad The Oculus Rift 2 uses the Galaxy Note 3 screen.

So far its a great bombcast. Dan's stories are always great.

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@composite: This is only the "premium" version without ads. The link at the top of the site is misleading.

The ads are so good, that I usually listen to the regular one.

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I have never in my life watched a single piece of wrestling content. HOWEVER, HOODSLAM SOUNDS FUCKING RAD.

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Man once again i dont understand how Dan is a semi-functional adult, he should of been done in by natural selection decades ago.

Damn Brad not giving Kill la Kill a fair chance

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What the Hell Dan Tinfoil in the freezer what madness is this

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Oh my god the Carmack tweets bit was amazing, the raspberry sound and Dan bursting out laughing had me laughing my ass off on the bus and people looking at me weird.

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who would wanna watch this without the ads?! :o

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@downloaded: Nah, this version just doesn't have the mid-roll ads. Aside from that, it's identical to the normal one.

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Dan Ryckert night farts. He just keeps getting better and better.

The Stomping Land debacle disappoints me. I was a backer ($15), and the premise of the game sounded so great. I played that initial release and it was nothing like any of the test footage that was released.

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I never get any audio on podcasts, anyone know why?

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I didn't mind the ads. But, then again, not the reason I signed up for premium.

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an arc, a narrative, its a needs a flow

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Tin foil directly on the chicken. This has been another episode of how not to prep and store food with Dan Ryckert.

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3 nipples should have been premium content.

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Dan Ryckert is the gift that keeps on giving.


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These guys and their hipster meat...

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Kill la Kill does get better, but that first episode really hits you with some over the top fan service that can be off putting for even regular anime watchers, so I'm not surprised to hear Brad say that. Also if Dan does end up watching any one anime I hope it ends up being Eva or maybe Serial Experiments Lain.

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I know exactly how Dan feels about the boxer-shorts dong-hole.

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It is soooooooo nice to not have the new stupid ads

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Matt Kessler should be on every bombcast. EVERY ONE