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Posted by andyf

Ahh it's racing time again!

Posted by SomeGuy890

Worried about Dave Lang on Radio GFB saying that the Canada GP plans fell apart...

Posted by mbdoeden

Worried about Dave Lang on Radio GFB saying that the Canada GP plans fell apart...

Aw crap, really? Too bad. I'll have to listen to GFB next then. :\

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A tank with F1 suspension

When I think F1, suspension is not what comes to mind. Especially considering the spine injuries F1 drivers have incurred.

I totally wouldn't mind seeing some film reviews from you guys from a vehicle enthusiast perspective.


That birthday moment was pretty incredible.

Happy belated birthday, Drew.

Posted by PDXSonic

Happy Birthday Drew!

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Yeah speedy racing.

The forecast for Monaco says rain, could make a usually boring race interesting.

@hassun: Active suspension are banned in current F1 regulations.

Posted by Gaff

Happy Birthday Drew!

Posted by LeisureJack

I've been trying to learn some Photoshop stuff while listening to Alt+F1, ended up making this...

Posted by Falconer

More like pre-Eurovision 2015, amirite?

Posted by dannyodwyer

I've been trying to learn some Photoshop stuff while listening to Alt+F1, ended up making this...

So dope! Great work man.

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@leisurejack: Neat, did you use a particular car? looks like a 2010 or 2011 car with that nose.

Posted by Hassun
@t_wester said:

@hassun: Active suspension are banned in current F1 regulations.


Posted by ShadowSwordmaster

This is going to be great.

Posted by Kasaioni

Wow, Happy Birthday Drew (whenever this was recorded, so I guess is belated).

Posted by edgeCrusher

Wait. F1 was never about customer cars? Kaltenborn was not the first F1 boss I've heard spout this. I've been watching F1 for a little over a year, but I've done my homework. Customer cars were the norm in the 60's and 70's, and that's when you had grids packed with 30 or more cars. Customer cars will put an end to small constructors sure, but it'll let any yahoo with a large enough bank account to go racing as soon as his check clears. Frank Williams showed up to a race weekend with a used Ferrari one day, let's not for get this. All Sauber needs to do is buy the whole car from Ferrari, not just the engine. It's a little more upfront, but you don't need to pay engineers do design the thing, or pay for a factory and staff to build it. I think it's a perfect solution for teams that can't afford F1 as it stands today.

Posted by Malvernrob

I'm thrilled that my email was read out. :)

Posted by ehside

I actually think Indy Cars look pretty stupid especially in comparison to F1. If they're going for "more agressive looks" I would rather they go in the direction of something like this http://www.wired.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/F1_Concept_Front3-STORY.jpg

Posted by phoenixlol

I don't want to set the wooorrrld oooon fiiiree. I just want to start a flame in your heart.

Posted by Kevino13

Happy Late Birthday Drew! :D

Posted by GerbilsInSpace

Happy Birthday Drew! :D

Posted by Beinhart

Happy Bday Drew

Posted by Kasaioni

@drewbert It's pronounced "boe-man-ville" but whatever.

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Thanks for reading my email. Unfortunately i sent it prematurely and had to send a second one with more questions in it which didn't get read.

As for that website it is legit, and the best advice i can give you is to email the guy directly to negotiate a better price. I got all the parts we talked about SHIPPED from the uk to the us for 100 dollars. this was about two years ago and his prices have gone up since.

He has posted pictures of the trunk of his car full of unpainted Minardi carbon pieces. I believe the guy has business contacts among all the teams, and that's how he gets his parts.


Who wants to bet on the size of the turn one shamozle on sunday? I think we will see 5 cars crash in the first corner.

Posted by WillBoWeird

Will this be the first Monaco Grand Prix that Pastor Maldonado has ever finished?!

This seems like a good time to share one of my favorite Monaco videos, showing off just how fast the marshals are at cleaning up the track.

Posted by OldGuy
Posted by afields101

Happy belated DREW!

Posted by Phatmac

Happy late birthday Drew!

Posted by JayCowle

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Posted by dr_mantas

Speaking of The Witcher, I feel like I was on the forefront of appreciating that series and the world since the first one, and it's both cool and kinda weird how people are getting to appreciate it now.

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Funniest Alt-F1 yet. Happy belated birthday Drew!