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RACING! Looking forward to the race but I can only watch the first hour, so make sure to crash in turn one Hamilton and Rosberg. I'm counting on you Pastor.

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2 podcasts in one day :D

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The most premium of Keatons. I'm really interested in Birdman, despite Alex' dislike for it.

Pool kitty in the kitty pool.

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Cool looking forward to a racing weekend with both Formula 1 and E

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I'm falling more and more in love with that intro theme.

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Drew has never hear of 'the kitty'? Wow, I guess in New England we use the more often than other places. If someone said, "toss into the kitty" we all know its a fund collection. We use kitty in poker or other betting card games for 'the pot' too.

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The best part about ending double points is the incessant fucking whining about it can finally stop.

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don't mean to dog you guys, but you've have mentioned a couple times that rosberg's dad never came close to achieving what his son has, but Keke Rosberg was f1 champion in 1982 so not sure thats entirely accurate.

also kubica still has his arm, just has permanent nerve damage.

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@hassun: Birdman is ridiculous. In a good way. Alex is a bad, bad man! Don't listen to him!

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Oh my god, that Bernie quote about getting young kids addicted like what cigarettes do is AMAZING.

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@hassun: Birdman is a must watch. It's a visually stunning film. Great all-around performances from the cast.

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I'm only familiar with "the kitty" as a term for a pool of money because of arrested development. Oh man i need to watch that show again...

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Good lord, the can says "Black Power!"

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N-gine has been on sale for a while now, but not as long as Black definitely. I'm sure I remember Tyson visiting Poland as part of its marketing campaign. He also starred in the TV ad so there's absolutely no way he doesn't know what it's called. It's a bit uncomfortable I must admit.

Also, there is an energy drink "recommended" by Dariusz Michalczewski, a boxer of some note who recently became the unlikely face of an anti-homophobia campain. Literally the only good thing a sport personality has ever done for anybody. Spineless twats the lot of them :)

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I always forget how Bernie is so ignorant of the outside world. They should probably not let him say words on live TV.

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Drew that outro music was perfect.

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Just what I need, some racin' talk!

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is there no way to get the premium podcast's through a podcast software on my ipad? (podcasts, overcast etc)?

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So a couple weeks ago I had a long 14 hour drive and listened to my Alt+F1 backlog. When the first formula E podcast came on I had to then switch over to listen to this Wipeout Spotify playlist. WipEout Soundtracks 1995 - 2012

I hope Alt+F1 keeps it going through the winter with Formula E podcasts. At least for silly season and testing news updates.

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Correction on Robert Kubica's injury. He still has his arm and doesn't use a prosthetic. His arm was partially amputated at the forearm during the accident, but was reattached.

However the injury prevents him from rotating his wrist and forearm, which prevents him from properly operating an F1 car in such a tight space.

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@supernando: Open this link on your iPad http://www.giantbomb.com/feeds/ then click on the premium podcast RSS link. It should launch the podcast app (if it's installed) and prompt you for your GB login. It will add it to the app. This is how I did it on my iPhone at least.

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@willboweird: @supernando Just to add a comment for overcast. I copied the RSS link and then hit the plus in the top right of overcast to paste it. You'll need to change the URL to http://username:password@URL

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Re: Sponsors, I think you guys are underestimating how marketing works in the long term. Marketing these days is about life long brand association with products, so that 15 year old will buy a Rolex 20 years later when they have money to spend (or not).

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So, I was looking for some Kubica news and he has his two arms? Wikipedia (and other sites) say "partial amputation" but on recent pics he looks fine, I know it's almost impossible a return to F1 but it's good to see that he is racing again

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Let's turn Kubica's injury into the new "Pastor Maldonado has never finished the _____ Grand Prix." I'll start: Robert Kubica lost all his limbs racing lawnmowers.

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is there no way to get the premium podcast's through a podcast software on my ipad? (podcasts, overcast etc)?

https://YOUR USERNAME:YOUR PASSWORD@auth.giantbomb.com/podcast-xml/premium/

That works for Doggcatcher, should work for other apps too.

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Dang it, Drew. "Hey, it could happen" was the ad campaign for McDonalds (McWorld). Get it right or pay the price!