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Quest complete!

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The first natural guest dan. Truly, a milestone for the ages.

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Hold me closer tiny Danswer

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Danielle is one of my favorite podcasters and this is one of my favorite podcasts! Hooray!

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@marblez3: Actually, just someone who works there.

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@teaoverlord: Nah man, due to his awesome speed listening abilities, he's listened to the whole thing in 17 minutes and got to the bit at the end where they have the entire staff on and they say things that he disagrees with!

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I was about to listen to this, but I had to stop because my wife loves this show and she isn't up yet. My wife thinks the GB guys are all great, but this is the only show she specifically wants to listen to all the way through. Well done, Dans!

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@mrsmiley: Hahaha, my Fiance is the same way. She loves Danswers and insists on listening to it with me. That and Metal Gear Scanlon are the only GB things she'll indulge in with me. She hates the Bombcast, which I think is hilarious.

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That Boston accent! <3 Danielle!

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Punctured bicycle/on a hillside desolate/will Nature make a Dan of me yet?

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Thanks for answering my question

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Punctured bicycle/on a hillside desolate/will Nature make a Dan of me yet?

This charming Dan?

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@marblez3: I'm not a huge fan of Polygon, but Danielle is awesome. If it helps, tell yourself it's Idle Thumb's own cybah punk cawp killah Danielle.

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The kneejerk hate people have for anything related to Polygon or Kotaku is ridiculous.

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danielle is wicked awesome! she's fantastic on idletumbs- fucking great choice for a guest!

and @dannyodwyer


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@marblez3 said:

Love ya Dan, but ugh... Polygon?

Where? I see only Danielle! =)

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@teaoverlord: Eh whatever. People have knee jerk reactions to Fox News, the cable providers and other things they think are terrible too. I don't see anybody sticking up for them.

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For everyone knee-jerking on Polygon and Danielle, at least give Idle Thumbs a listen to. She is great as a host on there.

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Cool that Danielle mentioned doing P90X with the Bombcast on in the background - I do that too, and was actually doing P90X while listening to this.

German Potato Soup for life.

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I make no bones about this: Danielle is one of the coolest people on the Internet and I'm so pumped to hear her on this show.

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@zelyre: Yeah, my bad. I guess I judged to quickly. She seems cool. I just ethically can't stand Polygon.

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Danielle is the best. You can always tell she's having fun and she brings so much life to anything she's on. I couldn't listen to the Idle Thumbs podcast before she joined, and now I listen weekly.

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@marblez3: Well as long as you are cool with Kotaku :D

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she'd be a great bombcast guest.

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Great episode fellas!

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Time for more important life questions!

I think my workout experience might be a little different than most. I used to be very into exercise and sports. Many hours a day, 6-7 days a week.

And then one day in my latter 20s I kind of realised I did not enjoy any of it anymore and I stopped exercising completely.

And you know what? I do not feel any better or worse than when I exercised like a maniac.

That emotional Danny though. Dad feels.

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Great guest, great subject, great podcast. Awesome work!

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I guess I'll go in with an open mind but almost every opinion piece of hers on Polygon has me shaking my head.

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@marblez3: Oh "ethically" yup. Wink nudge saynomore.

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Loving this!

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It blew my mind that Dan mistook abs muscle soreness for appendicitis. That's one for the history books.

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Forget about Polygon, Danielle is great on the Idle Thumbs podcast.

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Rykert in 20 years?

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It's odd, I thought she improved Idle Thumbs (they were all sounding a bit bored), but I didn't really care for her that much so gave up on it.

To be fair to Dan, if you've not done a load of exercise it's easily done, at least until you learn what it feels like.

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@coldsnapbryan: It was his doctor who said that it might be appendictis and why he was close to having a CAT scan, not Dan. Don't think Dan mentioned appendictis before he heard it from a doctor.

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Make Quest Bars a sponsor of the GiantBombCast

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Quest bars *expletive* amazing. Try the Cinnamon roll flavor, so good.

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@mbr2: @swisslion: If someone is going to be paranoid about collusion or whatevery they should at least get their conspiracy theory facts straight. Bad job all around for that guy.

Love Junior Mints on Idle Thumbs and love her so far giving health advice. Feel pretty inadequate hearing how long she's been working out though.

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Makes my brain explode when Danielle dips in and out of the Boston accent. Can't believe how naturally she can turn it on and off!