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F1 Time!

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im so hype right now

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Oh snap, feels like the last one was just a few days ago!

Note: The last episode was just a few days ago.

edit: And now I want tacos.

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Listening to this (and all other podcasts) on Winamp! Turning 27 in a month so Danny is right on the money.

The Llama thing makes me crack up.

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@drewbert Puns in Japanese are huge, such that they're kind of their own separate brand of humor. In Japanese there's a word for pun, and a separate word for 'bad pun'.

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Fuck yeah! Bottas!

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The best time of the week is here!

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The best time of the week is here!


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This race was my first foray into Formula one racing. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it. I can't wait for the Hungarian grand prix now!

Thanks Danny and Drew for getting me into the whole thing with this podcast!

Edit: Same thing happened to me with The Last of Us... I spent the whole game expecting something that would never happen.

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A Weat Wace is the best kind of Wace. Wossy Wepresent.

I laughed at the Jonathan Ross reference. Probably too hard at it.

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I don't watch F1 yet I still enjoy this podcast.

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I love how the TV coverage showed absolutely zero Nico Rosberg throughout that entire race. It was the Lewis Hamilton/Fernando Alonso/ Daniel Ricciardo show all the way. He even joked about it after the podium ceremony. I think he's my favorite racer, but as a team, I love Williams more and more each GP.

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Racing never dies!

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"An bhfuil céad agam dul go dtí an leithreas, más é do thoil é?"

100% of high-school students in Ireland do actually (no srsly, do) know this phrase. xP

And yeah, car is charr methinks. xD

Great podcast, guys! :D

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@fuzz said:

"An bhfuil céad agam dul go dtí an leithreas, más é do thoil é?"

100% of high-school students in Ireland do actually (no srsly, do) know this phrase. xP

And yeah, car is charr methinks. xD

Great podcast, guys! :D

Irish here.

And yes, you can.

Just do it outside.

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@splodge said:

@fuzz said:

"An bhfuil céad agam dul go dtí an leithreas, más é do thoil é?"

100% of high-school students in Ireland do actually (no srsly, do) know this phrase. xP

And yeah, car is charr methinks. xD

Great podcast, guys! :D

Irish here.

And yes, you can.

Just do it outside.

Irish here.

Thank you, I was bursting. xP

*Walks out the door*

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OK, Drew, it's hammer time.

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I watched Senna before this GP, so I am getting a little nostalgic for Williams and hope they do well! In other news, this is the second GP in a row the Wife has watched with me and now she's asked for my Alt+F1 archive. This could be good :)

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Man, I had the illest winamp skins back in the day. You're damn right it whips the llama's ass.

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Fuck. Now I want tacos.

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Racing never dies!

Ha. Tell that to Dale Earnhardt.

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@fuzz: Who came up with Irish spelling, and what was he on?

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@frytup: Hey, if you think that's bad, we used to literally form statements and stuff by simply writing lines on the sides of stones. No joke.

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I love this podcast so much. Drew and Danny play off each other so well.

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Verstappen's Hockenheim pit fire as mentioned by Danny:


I still kind of miss fuelstops in F1, it added a really cool strategic ellement and a fun bit of spectator speculation as you tried to suss out who was on what load and what strategy, but after seeing a lot of pitlane fire incidents I can undrstand getting rid of them. Still at least F1 still uses petrolium based fuel where you can see the flames as opposed to indy car(? correct me if I'm wrong here guy's) with invislible methanol fires, I imagine that to be even more creepy.

Thanx for another great podcast guy's looking forward to Hungaroring this weekend


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Woah, did not realize Hungary is just next week. More racing, hooray! That multi-lap fight between Alonso and Ricciardo was probably my favorite F1 moment so far in my short time watching.

Hungaroring is a pretty sweet name, too.

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@dannyodwyer: @drewbert: FIA publishes all the stewards decisions for each race weekend on their website: http://www.fia.com/championship/fia-formula-1-world-championship/2014/german-grand-prix-event-timing-information

It appears they only investigated Massa for the crash at turn 1, and ruled that he was concentrating on car 77 (Bottas) and didn't intentionally turn in on Magnussen.

The German GP was excellent despite Rosberg running away with it, there was so much action everywhere else.

The Hungaroring is usually a boring procession of a race because overtaking is difficult there. But it's also very dusty, and we've seen how the cars slide around this year. We might see a bunch of spins especially in FP and qualifying.

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Yes yes yes. The best podcast on the Internet!

Love it.

Also - Go' Magnussen!

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@dannyodwyer: @drewbert: There is an interesting fact about that 1994 pit incident.

1994 was the first year that refueling was back, after more then a decade of being banned from F1. After the first few races of that season there was a big suspicion around Benetton's refueling, because there were always much faster then all other teams, if you watch the first races of that season Schumacher would always gain positions after a pit-stop. Senna had a lot of suspicions that they were cheating.

Afterwards it was found that they had removed a safety valve inside the hose nozzle that prevented the slipping of fuel, but made the fuel run much faster. And of course one day disaster would happen, like the one in Germany. After that they had to put the safety valve back.

Also there is another interesting fact, not really related to the fuel, but related to Benetton and Schumacher around that time. Are you curiously why the light sights goes from red to off, and no longer from red to green during the start of a race? Well it also thanks to Benetton and Schumacher, they had a optical device in front of the car that was receptive to the green light, and as soon has the green light was on, the car would auto launch.

After figuring it would, FIA removed the green lights and now they go from red to off, and nothing is lighten up.

Now about the Hungaroring race, they are usually the most boring races of the season, the circuit has no overtaking points, it is mostly a procession. Things got a little better recently with the DRS, but still the most boring track of the calendar in my opinion.

Unless we have a big surprise in the Qualify and we get the grid all messed up, expect a boring race.

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Fun Hungarian Fact: the coach carriage was invented in a small Hungarian town called Kocs (pronounced Kotch). The English word 'coach' is actually derived from the word 'Kocs'. Us Hungarians still call regular cars as 'kocsi' which literally means "of Kocs" or "from Kocs".

Love the podcast!

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Love this podcast! And for any F1 fans who can't get enough here's my f1 podcast. Search BlownDiffuserF1 in Rss feed or follow link :) https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/blowndiffuserf1/id901830362

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@asantosbr: Fascinating stuff - Thanks so much for sharing, we should mention it on the next podcast.

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Looking forward to listening to this. It was a pretty good race, other than another disappointing showing from Kimi. :(

As for next weekend, the best thing about the Hungaroring is its name, so not expecting much from the race, but maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised this year.

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I blame these two people for getting me into F1... THANKS GUYS.

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@meaninoflife42 said:

I don't watch F1 yet I still enjoy this podcast.

Right there with ya, bud. I actually think this might be one of my favorite podcasts across the board...up there with Hello Internet and the Bombcast proper.

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@dannyodwyer That crash at the beginning was 100% on Massa. It was a racing incident but Magnussen had that line. They only investigated Massa afterwards because no blame could have been laid on Magnussen.

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Loved Ricciardo and Alonso's little race they had. :D

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There used to be a pretty big used car lot around here called A Lot of Used Cars

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"what is the toilet"

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@drewbert @dannyodwyer regarding Massa's comments, in his rookie season back in 2002 he was considered quick but to aggressive, maybe some of that was because he replaced Kimi at Sauber and Kimi was everything but to aggressive in his rookie season and took the car home in point scoring positions. He got the first or one of the first grid penalties (it was new back then to have a penalty that was carried over to the next weekend) and Sauber decided that it was best to not let him race in that race and took in another driver instead, Heinz Harald Frentzen how would replace Massa the next season. So he should maybe not complain to much about the rookie drivers of today, he was right regarding Kimi and Alonso who were not involved in many incidents as rookies but Massa was.


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Is this podcast on iTunes?