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I've been Waiting for this!

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So excited!

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This should be good!

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My body is ready for Papa Vinny!

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This is the closest any of us will come to having Vinny as a father. Savor the experience.

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Is anyone else not seeing this pop up on their RSS feed reader (I use Podcast Addict myself and it's not showing up for some reason)?


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Very nice!

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Danswers!!! Papa Vinny makes a nice pizza

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vinny is the best

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The few. The proud. The Dans.

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Vinny's ok.

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Someone please post the Vinny status confirmed gif

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No way!

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I was playing Dota when they talked about not wanting the child to play Dota. =D

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Vinqueries would be a million times better than Danswers.

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WOO Vinny

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Moving home? Did Danny write that deck?

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When are we getting Danswers with Alex Danvarro or Drew Danlon or Brad Danmaker?

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Vinny Danavella

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Still hoping for a Drew episode as well.

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Giantbomb leveraging Giantbomb.

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Vinny! Also what is the name of the music at the start, its awesome.

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Armchair psychodanalysis

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The potential of Danswers has finally been reached. Prepare for Vinny!

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Workout before work! Always.

In college, I could do it before and after school, because I had that much energy and I was in a sport where I HAD TO. But these days I find the ONLY way I can workout is in the morning. I will confirm with Dan that you can feel energized or at least 'just sore' from a morning workout, yet I don't feel tired at work at all.

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I wanna be filed under Vinny Caravella.

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Wonder how many hours a day Dan spends pretending he's Sylvester Stallone movie characters. Great podcast though.

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Hmm, I'm listening to Danswers based on who the guest is now. Just wanted it on the record.

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I had literally the exact same reaction to "threadmill" as Dan did.

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They are definitely not the same and obviously don't get a pet for the sole reason of a "test" for kids but my wife and I certainly had trials and tribulations with a new puppy last year. Between the constant waking up for a month or two while potty training is happening and just generally needing to supervise the thing as it grows up and hopefully doesn't destroy the house it felt like an extremely light version of a kid.

Also, we got a Beagle so it ratcheted up the difficulty. But I imagine anything that requires a lot of attention and responsibility is about as close as one could get.

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For the guy who doesn't want to spend too much time exercising, I suggest an app called Quick Fit. It's a 7 minute workout routine you can do everywhere without exercising gear, has videos and a voice-over like a personal trainer. I'm a really lazy guy and this worked for me, so maybe it could help you too.

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This makes me so happy. Hope its as good as the last Jeff one which was/is amazing.

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Great episode!

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Oh hell yeah. So happy you had Vinny on. Perfect format for him.

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I will never get the why of the "Muskrat Love"-esque theme for this podcast.