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What is this?

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Listening to Dan interact with his dad is really sweet.

Posted by SkankinPacman

This is gonna be soooooo gooood

Posted by Mr_Ole_Blue629

Oh! I can't wait to hear this.

Posted by Discospawn

Danny looks about 12 in that picture, but Dan looks like he's 40, so I guess it evens out.

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I've been waiting for this.



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I would like to take this opportunity to welcome Paul Ryckert to the Giant Bomb family.

Posted by JonKrag

Giant Bomb has become a beautiful nightmare.

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Been looking forward to this :-)

Posted by ShadowSwordmaster

Alright , let's dive in folks.

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This is great!

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Dan I dont think you're stupid.

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Can't wait!

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This is fantastic!!

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In the first 30 seconds I realized Dan is most definitely his father's son

Posted by PhilOsyfee

This is fantastic. Thanks for recording this.

Posted by HT101

As a native of Kansas and someone who still lives there, I am super excited for this. I can't wait to hear all of the craziness that comes out of this. I also can't wait for the next installment of Paul Plays Games, which Dan started while at GI.

Posted by ildon

Been waiting for this!

Posted by Gecoma108

This picture helps understand the whole UK/GB/Ireland/England thing.


Posted by thecrocodilator

The Ryckert Family having crates full of novelty festival cups fits just so well.

Posted by Splodge

Oh holy shit Im ten mins in and this might just be my favourite giantbomb content all year

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Finally, was craving some really stupid hilarity. Thanks, guys!

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I already lost track of who is or isn't wearing pants.

And, yeah, Dan is pretty smart. Like he said, he just tends to go a full hundred or zero on everything.

Posted by johncallahan

Glad to see Dan's Dad finally get in on the GB family. This is incredible.

Posted by Benmo316

A pleasant surprise!

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Awesome :)

Posted by Fattony12000

Scotland is connected to something...

Posted by Dynamix

Only five minutes in and already loving it. Between this and the stacked Bombcast, it's been one hell of a week.

Hire Paul!

Posted by jdubintexas

This is why I pay for premium access folks.

Posted by ComradeCrash

Oh boy! I have to listen to this!

Posted by csl316

Welp, here goes.

what is this I don't even

Posted by emthebrave

oh god. this is gonna be legendary

Posted by theimmortalbum

Dan, you are an awesome dude. As someone from Springfield, MO but who lives in northeastern Oklahoma, I support everything you do and say!

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The starquake cup discussion had me laughing throughout the whole thing.

The official cup of Ryckerts.

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Wow! This is fuxking fantastic, Dan's dad seems like a real cool guy.

Posted by MalekMouzon

This is so awesome!!!

Posted by Blair

Paul Ryckert is the man.

Posted by DJKommunist

paul ryckert is like old dan and its incredible they even sound the same. is paul actually dan from the future who returned from the past to raise his own clone?

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Few will understand the excitement I felt when I clicked Play and saw I've got 50 minutes of this sweet goodness to look forward to later tonight.

Posted by gulinotm

I love his dad. We need more videos with him playing video games!!

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Is Dan intentionally parodying Ian in that picture?

Edit: Dan sounds so much like Paul (his dad, so weird just because that was my Dad's name as well). That's great.

Posted by JusticeJanitor

Best commute ever incoming.

Dis gon be good.

Posted by Slow_pC

Was really hoping for a video diary and this is just as good !