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Is this listenable for people who don't watch f1 like the wrestling podcast?

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@fallen189: Yup!

I really don't like the Formula E logo.

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@fallen189: Normally this podcast contain: shitty accents, food talk and random stories from Drew and Danny so maybe? I haven't listened to the wrestling podcast because wrestling so I cant really compare the two, but maybe should I give it a shot.

Posted by csl316

@fallen189: I haven't watched a single race, so yup.

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I was just wondering if there'd be a formula E episode. I was pretty underwhelmed by the race actually. I think I get why people were upset about the noise change in F1. My brother watched the race with me as his first exposure to any kind of open wheel racing and was bored out of his mind by the second lap.

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I thought the background music was put in on the youtube video of the race I was watching, that was on the actual broadcast?

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@psylah: Jep they had a "EJ" basically the bastard child of deadmau5 and daft punk.

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@t_wester said:

@psylah: Jep they had a "EJ" basically the bastard child of deadmau5 and daft punk.

Wow, really? Ryan was right. China really don't care.

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It's called Singlish. It was what made everyone laugh at Just Cause 2 and Bolo Santosi.

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song name pls?

Posted by bkfountain

@reverendk said:

I was just wondering if there'd be a formula E episode. I was pretty underwhelmed by the race actually. I think I get why people were upset about the noise change in F1. My brother watched the race with me as his first exposure to any kind of open wheel racing and was bored out of his mind by the second lap.

the course layout sucked. These cars really need less long straights showing how slow they are and more turns to highlight the torque. All the races take place in city streets, so it'll probably be the same all season.

It's fascinating with all the technology, but not great to watch right now unless you're already interested.

Posted by BaconGames

@cooljammer00 said:

It's called Singlish. It was what made everyone laugh at Just Cause 2 and Bolo Santosi.

It's not the same as Singlish but a useful analogy on this side of the planet is Jamaican Patois.

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Seeing that clip Drew posted brought back memories. Not of the Singapore race, but of the aftermath when it was found out Piquet Jr's accident was premeditated. Crazy crazy stuff.

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I thought the clips of the last lap accident in the F-e race make the race seem way more exciting than it actually was.

It was interesting, but the gimmicks don't work and technology is just not there yet. The "e-J" is possibly the most annoying thing - racing shouldn't need a soundtrack, but the cars aren't really providing that. What I don't want though is a stupid beat that comes on when there's a safety car.

And get rid of the stupidly complex telemetry graphics... Accelerator application, break pressure, gear and speed is all you need - no one will ever care what energy mode they're running.

What I also don't want is to watch people having to change cars half way through and having a mandated minimum pitstop time; it feels artificial.

The cars look slow. They do their best to get over this by having tight circuits and relying on bumper cams a lot, but a side on shot of the cars passing looks pedestrian. No doubt this is a result of them conserving power (even though they have 2 cars each).

Hopefully next year will help develop the sport as it goes to a more open development formula. I suppose e-racing has to start somewhere, but I really hope this isn't where it ends.

Posted by Stevesonaplane

There is no escape from Darude - Sandstorm.

Posted by BaconGames

I totally agree with Danny on the race, it was a fun race in spite of a shitty track. Clearly there are still a lot of kinks to iron out but as a competition bed for advancing electric motoring and a place where the FIA can actually try new or crazy ideas it's great.

Posted by warmonked

I was a little underwhelmed by the F-E race as well. The course was horrible! I know the cars are going above 100mph, but the way they have the cameras set up, it just does not convey any sense of speed.

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Pastor Maldonado has never finished the Beijing ePrix.

Yeah that circuit was garbage. Apparently they need certain types of turns to get good regen on the batteries, but it just seemed really bland. I looked at the maps of future ones, and they at least look like they have more traditional curves and stuff, so I'm hopeful. I hated the music at first, but eh it wasn't that intrusive during the actual race.

Not having traditional pits was weird though. I wonder what they would do in the case of a tire puncture. I didn't see any pneumatic drills in the quick shots of the garages. Would they just have to get out a tire iron?

Still, in the end I'm pretty excited. I think I'll enjoy it more once I know the drivers and teams better. Montagny is currently my guy though, it seemed like he was the only one really muscling around out there.

Posted by Niflhe

It's interesting hearing about the talk about Darude's Sandstorm because it's practically all I head at college football games in the southern US. That song is ingrained in my bones.

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Aside from the lack of noise and the shitty track, the lack of pit stop action (switching cars just seems ludicrous!) and only 25 laps didn't help either.

Posted by edgeCrusher

Jarno Trulli and his teammate Michela Cerruti made such a non-impact during the Fe race that everyone forgot about them during the podcast. :( I like Formula E so far and am getting in on the ground floor. Let's go Mahindra!

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Wait, the Formula E race ended with the top two racers with a history of animosity towards each other crashing into one another and the 3rd place guy won?

Is this some Ricky Bobby shit?

Posted by dsi1

Come on guys he's not a DJ, he's an eJ.

Posted by Cagliostro88

Yeah Sandstorm!!!! :D :D :D

That was my introduction to electronic music when i was 14-15 at early parties, together with God is a DJ and We Come 1 by Faithless

Posted by burgavo

Hey guys, great podcast, formula E was strange but kind of fun. Also concerning the "Formula EJ" the archive I watched had good audio levels for comentary and the music wasn't that loud, but after the Senna collision I think I heard the "EJ" either repeatedly say safty car or had a sample on a loop or somthing, either way I thought it was pretty cringeworthy.

As for future events, they should just get dj's from local scenes and put the stupid helmet on, would be interesting to hear how much that stuff differs between countries.

Regarding the ban on sector info and other radio help, I just hope this doesn't make it even more complicated for the drivers, since the steering wheel is already flooded with info the drivers have to keep updated, this could also mean more coded pitboard messages witch I for one would really enjoy. So anyway not really sure what to think of the ban, I understand making the difference with driver skill, but I really do believe these cars have gotten so comlex that racing them has really become a team effort.

keep the podcast coming, cheers

Posted by Dizzyhippos

Am I a bad person for thinking Kappa the second sandstorm was mentioned?

Posted by Droop

Looking forward to Singapore.

23 corners, 80 gear changes per lap.

There has been at least one safety car at each Singapore GP.

"Did you know that Fernando Alonso has missed out on the podium just once in six editions of the Singapore Grand Prix? Or that Sebastian Vettel has led nearly half of the laps that have taken place on the Marina Bay Street Circuit?" http://www.formula1.com/news/features/2014/9/16350.html

Here's my video contributions for the week!

Cool video of the evolution of F1 games

Here's Vettel's pole lap from last year's Singapore GP

Looks like a very busy track. Will be interesting to see how it pans out. And didn't McLaren say they have a new package for the car?

Also interesting to see how the ban on radio messages will change stuff.

RIP "Lewis, it's Hammertime"

Posted by MooseyMcMan

Man, I feel bad about not being online when this was put up so I could make a stupid comment about racing. Oh well!

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F1 Championship Edition for PS3 (the last F1 game by Studio Liverpool) had QTE's on the pit stops.

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I think that Venn diagram Danny mentioned pretty well contains just the listeners of this podcast.

Posted by FlipperDesert

Wait, they knew about the techno music but didn't realise it was being played by their official FORMULA EJ? That was my favourite part.


Posted by psylah

@billgaitas: Didn't realize they kept making them. Formula 1 (by then Psygnosis) for the PS was my first F1 game.

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@psylah: Yeah, I played the first one on PS and then went on to play the PS2 ones and the PS3 game. All solid titles, I don't think there was ever a bad one. I was sad when they stopped making them but Codemasters has been making some solid games. Sad that Studio Liverpool closed down though, I really want a new proper Wipeout :(

Posted by EmuPrime

Ears. Ears.

Cracks me up every time.

Posted by EmuPrime

@billgaitas: Haha, that's neat. Immediately after sending that email, I had the idea they could do a pre-race autograph signing minigame (like in the PS2 NASCAR games) to see if you get the Fan Boost. If Formula E ever comes to video games in the distant future, I really want them to double down on some of the ridiculousness of these race mechanics they've implemented.

Posted by Phished0ne

"The Indians are in the Wigwam!" - Drew Scanlon activating his fellow spies

Posted by MrPeabody

"Hu-man, in the hu-man sense... The royal man."

"The royal man. Eaaars."

"Eaaaarrs. Eeeaaars."

Posted by GeneralBison

Not MLG enough

Posted by StraightGrizzly

Danny, please do a one-off podcast with Dan about the Ryckert Thanksgiving experience when you get back from Kansas.

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yas, darude sandstorm

drew is definitely right, pole position is the prize for being first in qualifying, no need for points. fastest lap points is less weak but still, the race is the important part, thats where you get points

Posted by fisk0

@dannyodwyer Yup, the Alien Breed 2 title tune is great. Did you also like the somewhat similar music for the classic Amiga Doom clone Gloom?

Fun fact: You have a great taste in electronic music! Orbital did the amazing soundtrack for Event Horizon among other great things.

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