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Rah Rah Rah Ah Ah Ahh. Dragon Holograms... calling it.



Posted by Tan

Whoa Persona 4 was right about these holidays...

Posted by Seb

Jake was a really great special guest.

Posted by mnzy

2,5h? That's new.

Posted by MeatSim

This is a Bombcast sized podcast.

Edited by Packie

I'm glad for the positive Dragon's Dogma discussion. Max Payne 3, Dishonored and Dragon's Dogma are probably the only AAA games I'm looking forward to this year.

Posted by Pastabasta

I just discovered you guys and I am thrilled!

Thanks for the podcast and I hope you feel welcomed!

Posted by Oginam

They have their own Kool Aid man?! Him and Johnny V. must fight!

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Yay! More Playcast.... I know it's not the name but... whatever.

Posted by Yadilie

@mnzy said:

2,5h? That's new.

No it's not. Majority of their recent podcasts have been over 2 hours. Their last one was weird at being so short.

Posted by WrathOfBanja

Well yeah the enemy design in Elder Scrolls games gets better after each game. Half of the creatures are just real animals now...

Posted by NegativeCero

And it begins. Hopefully the Dragon's Dogma talk is more than just the demo.

Posted by nickux

It maybe be Podcast/2 but it's #1 in our hearts!

Posted by PandaShake

I can't believe I was trying to click that triangle between 8 and 4

Posted by Calculating_Infinity

@PandaShake said:

I can't believe I was trying to click that triangle between 8 and 4

Hahaha same.

Posted by Rmack

Did somebody say Dragon Dragon?

Posted by mrangryface

Love me some long gaming podcasts

Posted by Carlos1408


Posted by jewunit

I hope Jake drops some hints about a Skulls of the Shogun release date. I am chomping at the bit for that game.

Posted by yoshimitz707

I now expect 2 hour plus podcasts every week!

Posted by rjayb89

Wow, barely 2 hours and half long? You guys are very, very lazy.

Posted by Demoskinos

No one man should have all that dragon.

Posted by artofwar420

Time to podcast!

Posted by rjayb89

Man, if there was a "System Update" fighter in that PlayStation game, I would so fucking buy it.

Posted by kollay

Nearly flipped a chair when I saw "NEW" on the Podcasts tab.

Give it a shot!

Posted by Phatmac

Man, I thought this was a new bombcast or something... Oh well. Silly new tab.

Posted by blacklab


Posted by Enigma777

Heh, it really does sound like he's saying "pornstar" at the end.

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the PSO2 free2play part is partially true I think?

that scratch/lottery thing doesn't give you costume only, in fact it gives me bunch of random boost items instead of costume in my case. that includes stuffs like rare drop boost, XP boost, mesta boost. and among them are some mag food to feed your mags and stuffs to enhance weapon merging.

I didn't notice those mag food until I finish a quest that grant me a "mag license" in lv10, then I realize they are pretty pay2win:

normally you can only feed your mag 2~3 items for like 15~25 minutes and, depend on which item you gave them, add/drop their attribute. Just like how it work back in PSO.

But those mag food gives you a HUGE boost on specific attribute with none of the limitation above.

take mine for example, my mag instantly gone level 93 and turned into a miniature railgun from the 20~30 mag foods I got from the scratches D:

Posted by darkdragonmage99

You guys just earned yourself a new fan   
oh how i love developer talk 

Posted by RetroVirus

Alright guys, it's official: this podcast is great!

Edited by paulunga

You should play PSO again. That's EXACTLY how the tutorial in the original went. Lots of talking to characters you don't care about (that Soul Eater was pretty sweet though).

Edit: Also, the cheesy singing from Universe? That too is a PSO feature.

I just downloaded the Dragon's Dogma demo thanks to you guys (on the 360). Wow, what a piece of shit. Regardless of the game's quality, the choppy FPS and screentearing make it pretty much impossible for me to enjoy the game. Please tell me the PS3 version is actually playable.

Posted by Eaxis

I have to say I really enjoyed the Dragons Dogma demo, so I'll see what you guys have to say about it.

Posted by Winternet

Previous 3 podcasts length: 1h19 ; 1h51 ; 1h25. Moves to Giant Bomb, length: 2h36

Posted by Nytrik


Posted by hrdwregk

I think Jake should write a book about the process. The talk about him starting up the game company was interesting. I would like to hear more about that process.

Posted by Oginam

Loving the podcast.

Posted by vince_kupo

Dragon Best and Tera have action type combat and it works

Edited by ervonymous

Great job this week, I'm on board.

Edited by eroticfishcake

Just wanted to say I enjoyed the podcast. Keep it up lads.

Posted by RainbowKraken

I'm pretty excited for Dragon's Dogma after playing the demo.

Posted by daggon55


Interesting podcast guys, I'll keep listening.

Posted by ceruelantransience

Enjoying this one so far...

Anyone wanting to check out the back catalog should find the last episode with Kazdal. I remember it being really interesting too.

Plus he turned me on to Wanpaku Ouji

Posted by Metric_Outlaw


Posted by jennoa

Good episode, really enjoyed the discussion with Jake about the difficulties he's had with Skulls of the Shogun.

Posted by Draxyle

Great stuff guys! Some cool games coming out that I'll need to find a way to afford it sounds like.

@Winternet said:

Previous 3 podcasts length: 1h19 ; 1h51 ; 1h25. Moves to Giant Bomb, length: 2h36

It's infectious, and I'm okay with that.

Posted by Vexxan

This podcast will keep me sane when playing Trials Evo.

Posted by _Dust_

Cool podcast! you guys have yourselves a new fan! :)

Posted by TentPole

Another great show.

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