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Posted by blacklab

What's he doing in the corner? Pissing?

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Thanks for uploading the audio version, Kleptok.

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Great interview Patrick. Going to watch this movie for the first time in about 10 years probably tonight, haha

Posted by patrickklepek

@blacklab said:

What's he doing in the corner? Pissing?

I think that's what I told myself at the time.

Posted by PacManFevaa

Awesome interview. Great job duder.

Posted by Ravenjade

I didn't think Blair Witch scared me that much (except for the ending, the ending terrified me) but then, maybe 1-2 years after I watched the movie we did an all night scavenger hunt in the woods with trees eerily similar to the ones in Blair Witch. Fun night, but I felt deeply unsettled thinking about it for the longest time.

Posted by 2HeadedNinja

I honestly never understood why people were so scared of that movie. It's not that I don't like it or don't understand it, it just never got to me in any meaningful way. It's facinating to me to hear from people who were affected by that movie.

Posted by Zkrizt

The Blair Witch Project scared the crap out of me and since then I've loved found footage movies. Also thanks to Patrick I watched Noroi: The Curse yesterday which was fun!

Posted by eazeapeazea

Is it possible Josh was possessed by the Blair Witch and killed Heather and Mike himself?

Posted by oueddy

I found this a lot harder to listen to than your other interviews so far, maybe Eduardo isn't as able to articulate himself as well - some of the questions really left him stumbling over his words, at least until you got into more of the meat of filmmaking. There were a few points in the interview that descended into a mess of 'you know and you know but you know what I, you know', which is rather grating to listen to, but I can appreciate how tough it can be when you can't find the words to make a point.

Or maybe it's because I just listened to this at 5am on a long drive to work in the dark and pouring rain..

Anyways, keep at it, the first time I've had anything remotely negative to say about this great feature.

Posted by Orange_Tory

@eazeapeazea: I have never considered that possibility. That is an unsettling thought.

The creator explained the Blair Witch well, that it wasn't about a particular monster, just bad "mojo" in the woods that took different forms over time. That's a great horror concept. Great work, Scoops!

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Last week I happened to watch my old VHS of The Blair Witch Project and that "documentary" Curse of the Blair Witch that they put on TV when the movie came out. I assume Curse is what was made with the money Artisian gave them? Because that's where they go into the backstory of the guy who made the kids stand in the corner. Shouldn't be too hard to find, definitely give it a watch if you haven't seen it.

If it was me I couldn't resist asking him geeky questions, like what his favorite horror movies are lately, if he liked horror video games, if he ever considered making one. Was cool that hes actually friends with the Paranormal Activity director.

Posted by BoringK

I wonder if Sanchez is aware that Bobcat Goldthwait beat him to the idea of "found footage Bigfoot". I saw his movie Willow Creek at a festival just last weekend, and it's very good.

Posted by DedBeet

Fantastic interview! Bravo, scoops