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Posted by hollitz

@vuud said:

I want there to be a Jumpin' Jeff Gerstmann.

Thanks for this.

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Posted by papercut

The Bombcast just got dethroned as the best podcast on Giant Bomb.

Posted by Humanity

Listened for 45min before coming to the conclusion that since Ice never watched wrestling this will never make any sense to me but I still enjoyed it somehow

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Greatest. Segment. EVER.

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But yeah seriously, this is fucking awesome

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Lemme tell you something brother! I'm so happy this podcast is happening. Thanks Giant Bomb.....Brother!

Posted by cooljammer00
Posted by cooljammer00

@milkman said:

Haven't listened yet but just want to give my approval for the picture used for this podcast.

You mean the unjust firing of Daniel Bryan?

Posted by thornbush

I haven't followed wrestling for a few years now but I have always loved listening to the wrestling talk that happens on this site

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That was great! Definitely listen again next month!

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For anyone interested in discussion of wrestling, i suggest two other podcasts:

OSW Review: Chronologically critiquing the hogan era, ppv by ppv.

Attitude Era Podcast: See above, replace 'hogan era' with 'attitude era'.

Posted by AMyggen

I have never really cared about wrestling, but this was great!

Posted by GorillaMoPena

WWE 2K14 should put Finley vs JBL in there so you can recreate JBL chucking that trash can at Hornswoggle.

Posted by DougCL

this is my favorite idea, thing, and podcast name.

Posted by JamieOD

Great debut episode.

Posted by ThatIndianGuy7116

Incredibly nervous about listening to this. I love Giant Bomb, but I also love wrestling and I don't know if I want to listen to an hour and a half of why they think wrestling sucks today and why they think it was better in the past. I don't care what anyone from the outside looking in says, the WWE and wrestling in general (with exception to TNA) has improved so much in the past few years.

That being said, I'll definitely give it a listen! More podcasts from this site makes me happy!

Posted by hustlerlt

This is going to be good! I was a huge wrestling fan a few years back, watched a whole bunch of indies stuff where there were only like 50 people in attendance, but it still was more entertaining than watching TNA and WWE. If this is going to just be over an hour of people bitching about how mainstream wrestling sucks, sign me up.

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Jeff I don't understand your hatred of even Brock's face! Brock's baby like facial appearance is exactly the same as yours:

Plus, it doesn't matter what kind of face you have but how you use it and the rest of the body that this face is attached to.

Looks pretty intimidating to me.

Posted by spookytapes

this was excellent. I'm with jeff on lesnar, he looks like a dumb pile of bright red meat.

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Posted by OneManX

Like 5 mins in and we get CHIKARA, DDT, and NXT references...

Yup, gonna enjoy this one.

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Posted by halfpastwhenever

this makes me happy

Posted by MildMolasses

@milkman said:

Haven't listened yet but just want to give my approval for the picture used for this podcast.

I never saw that when it happened, but based on that image, I'm not surprised that the higher-ups weren't so thrilled with it

Posted by bathala

dbry picture sold

Posted by dangeRUSS04

love this show, keep'em coming

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Giving VCGW more credit where credit is due. Love the new content, keep it coming!

Posted by Pudge

Can't wait to listen to this on my commute!

Posted by casper_

this is so rad.

Posted by PistolPackinPoet

perfect name

Posted by BenRoyTurner

I would like one of these more often than monthly.

Posted by csl316

Huzzah, a nice companion to Matt Fowler's Wrap Up!

Posted by joe1138

This just became my favorite thing about Giant Bomb. Thank you guys.

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Unsurprisingly, I loved every second of this. The volume of NXT talk makes my soul happy.

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Im sorry, did i just hear Dan say that Brock Lesnar is the most intimidating man in wrestling history? Sure he has the beefy look but shit man, my vote would still be that Ken Shamrock was the most intimidating man in wrestling history. Him, Dan Severn, and Steve Blackman just had that crazy, cold, glossed over look in their eyes on the way to the ring. Severn, during his brief time in the WWF would come down to the ring with this chilling look, like an emotionless robot whose sole purpose was to legitimately injure someone in the ring.

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Just downloaded the podcast, but I will forever consider my subscription money well spent simply because it allowed this to exist. Bravo!

Posted by development

I don't know shit about wrestling, but this is just a great podcast crew.

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I've wanted a wrestling podcast from you guys for I dont' know how long. But, y'all fucked up. If you wanted to use Hogan's theme as the intro music, you should have used this version:

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I about lost my mind with the 8-bit Real American theme at the end of the cast. Dear lord

Posted by elektrixx

The road to Gerstmannia XXX starts now.

I'll listen, but I'm afraid they won't be smart enough for me. This won't be like Live Audio Wrestling, I'm sure of it.

Posted by joe1138

@milkman said:

Unsurprisingly, I loved every second of this. The volume of NXT talk makes my soul happy.

This podcast actually made me give NXT a look and I'm really enjoying what I'm seeing. Totally get the comparison to WCW Saturday Night. THIS is what I want out of wrestling.

Posted by Shatner

I will never be able to watch Randy Orton's ring intro again without thinking about how lazy it looks. Thanks guys.

Also... why no Dolph Ziggler talk? That guy crushes it every week.

Posted by altairre

I started watching wresting again today. I hope you fuckers are proud of what you did.

Posted by ExitDose

Well, this podcast is great.

Posted by dangeRUSS04

oh god a bebop and rocksteady comment had me rolling

Posted by MeatSim

I started watching wrestling again a couple months ago after a decade, because of VGCW. Between RVD returning and this podcast starting up I guess I picked a good time to get back into it.

Posted by Draxyle

I don't know if I understand wrestling more or less after this, but I'll take it.

VGCW is all the wrestling I need as far as I'm concerned though. It comes across as tenfold more "honest" than the "real" thing.

Posted by Cheesebob

I haven't watched wrestling in nearly a decade and I love this podcast already