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I have never loved anything in my life more than this video.

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Pretty neat podcast you guys got going. I use to love pro wrestling. I don't follow it anymore because like Jeff I think a lot of it has become terrible and nigh unwatchable. I still watch Botchamania but that only reinforces me to not watch any of the crap circulating in WWE today. I'm sure you still got plenty of great moments of physicality and athleticism but the characters and charisma is not what it use to be. I wouldn't mind hearing more episodes as long as your hearts are in the right place. Just know that even after hearing this I can not in good conscience endorse any modern wrestling.

@alex: Wait Ric Flair has not been in any wrestling games? That can't be right. I could have sworn he was in the LJN Monday Night Raw game for 16bit consoles. The wiki doesn't list him but I vaguely recall seeing a sprite perform the figure four leg lock in that game. I demand a Bombastica immediately.

Edit: Oh wait he was in the SNES version of Royal Rumble. Call off that Bombastica mission control.

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Cena'r Sucks!

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This was cool. More please.

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This is awesome!

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cagesideseats.com is my Pro Wrestling website of choice along with the Off the Top Rope podcast

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Super stupid question, can anybody talk me through getting the premium podcasts into iTunes? I remember having a way to download premium videos no problem, but not sure how to make it work with the podcasts.

Much appreciated.

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This needs to be a weekly podcast or PANDAMONIUM will ensue.

Seriously guys - awesome podcast. Feed me more.

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@mightyduck: Copy the RSS-URL into "File->Subscribe to Podcast..." in iTunes. Voila.

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Haven't watched wrestling in years but boy, this was a hell of a podcast. Makes me want start watching again.

Alex is a great host to.

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Smackdown is a consistently solid show . That is all ...

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Super stupid question, can anybody talk me through getting the premium podcasts into iTunes? I remember having a way to download premium videos no problem, but not sure how to make it work with the podcasts.

Much appreciated.

Assuming you're using Win7/Chrome/iTunes11 the following worked for me:

Right click the RSS button above, copy link address.

Go to iTunes, Podcasts, hit Alt+F, Subscribe to Podcast.

Paste the URL you copied from the RSS button into the box that appears.

You should now see 'Premium Podcasts' in Podcasts (it will be separate from the GB cast). If it doesn't show up immediately hit refresh.

This is legacy option left over from a time before the itunes store was pretty much the defacto way to subscribe to podcasts.

Hot tip to @rorie or @jeff or whomever is handling Podcasts, it would be helpful to perhaps change the name from simply "Premium Podcasts" in iTunes to something more specific like "GiantBomb Premium Podcasts". Hard to keep track of all the poddies one subscribes to sometimes and the generic title isn't super helpful.

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Literally just subscribed to listen to some wrasslin talk! I love hearing Jeff talk about wrestling (even if it's terrible) so I'm glad that we get a dedicated podcast for this now.

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@mightyduck: Copy the RSS-URL into "File->Subscribe to Podcast..." in iTunes. Voila.

Thank you so much for this. I've been trying to get the Untitled Movie Podcast on my phone for ages, and couldn't figure it out.

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This is a wonderful thing, hoping for more episodes!! :D

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I would love for this to be once a week instead of once a month.

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Just watched some NXT, holy hell that show as changed. Actually seems seriously interesting now. I like its low level presentation.

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Finally, a wrestling podcast I actually want to listen to! (sorry Colt Cabana)

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I'm glad this is actually happening.
I have been watching Impact Wrestling for about a year and their matches are great. AJ Styles is crazy talented and always fun to watch. And the X Division and Knockouts (womens) Division is nice to watch and reminds me more of the older WWF days.

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Makes me wanna start watching wrestling. Love the analysis from the power bomb cast.

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F Yeah wrestling!

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Been waiting for this! Fuck yeah!

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Dislike pretend fighting, love GB. So, will definitely listen. Let's do this!

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This is why I give you guys my money.

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Hot fucking intro song.

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Don't watch wrestling anymore, but I really enjoyed listening to this. Please do more of them.

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This was totally great, except the part where you guys made me want to watch wrestling again for the first time in years. Damn you all, and also thanks! Gonna have to try this NXT thing now.

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I can't watch cause the page keeps on loading...

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to the guy that watches on hulu you can stream the whole thing live on this site I do it every week http://www.wrestlehd.com/

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This was a great podcast and I'm someone who fell out of wrestling after the end of the Attitude era. I've only gone back in short spurts several times in the years since.

The only complaint I have is that you guys didn't make good on your promise to only talk about Michael Cole for an hour.

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This was great. This. was. great.

I'm looking forward to next month's episode, because I really like it when people on the internet say good things about things I like.

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Finally, a wrestling podcast I actually want to listen to! (sorry Colt Cabana)

It's true! I used to really like The Art of Wrestling, but it's gotten a bit boring for the past year for me.

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Keep this one going for sure!

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If the picture is any indication, this is going to be amazing.

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I am so happy you guys are doing this. As long as you guys keep doing a wrestling podcast every month I will always be a subscriber. My favorite part of the E3 podcasts from this year is when you guys just randomly talked wrestling for like 10 minutes.

Also, I love Christian. I think he is very talented and his heel title reign a couple of years back was really compelling. He actually dragged a decent couple of matches out of Randy Orton. The reason he isn't entertaining right now is because they aren't really letting him be a character. Essentially, his gimmick is wrestling a good match. He was superb as the ECW champion, he was superb as the World Champion and should they choose to focus on him again I believe he would again be superb.

I'm not even usually a fan of Alex, but he did a really good job of being the host of this thing. Great work all around.

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I don't watch wrestling. I love this podcast. (I was way into wrestling when I was a kid which was hilariously during the In Your House era. I don't know any better!)

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-Awesome start talking about DDT to just blow the minds of people who aren't familiar with the ridiculousness that goes on there. I also loved the Kenny Omega vs. Kota Ibushi matches they did.

-I'm going to disagree about Christian/RVD/Y2J, it seems like those 3 guys have it made lately. They're not involved in any dumb storylines and they get enough time to just go out there and put on good solid matches on a regular basis. Yes they're not as good as they once were obviously, but I think they're still better than most of the current roster and are part of a core group there that are bringing in the actual wrestling. Also while they might not seem like they have a "role" in terms of storylines, I'm sure the young guys in the locker room learn a ton from them, it's important to have the older guys around.

-The cool thing about following CM Punk since his indy days is watching him do all this stuff that he did years ago that worked so well in the indies and is having the same results in WWE. In ROH after he won the title, he did the same thing where he kept threatening to leave the company with the belt, he even signed his WWE contract on the ROH title in the middle of the ring. He was the biggest heal they ever had. Also remember when he came out to Jeff Hardy's music and dressed like Hardy, then the crowd realized it was Punk and kids in the crowd were crying? He did that same thing in ROH to his biggest rival at the time and it was just as good. It's cool to see him do this stuff again and have it work just as well, but to a much larger audience.

-Randy Orton can pull some crazy tricks out of his bag, like that powerslam out of the Rolling Thunder that was mentioned. This was probably his best RKO ever.

-Seth Rollins(as Tyler Black) had some amazing matches with Daniel Bryan in ROH not long before Bryan got signed by WWE. He's real good.

-El Generico vs. Antonio Cesaro love, those two had amazing matches in the indies as well. Also the Cesaro vs. Evan Bourne(where's he been?) matches in the indies pulled out some of the most ridiculous stuff. It was like the dream match of a high flyer who has a really strong base to work with. I had no idea NXT was doing stuff like this, might have to check this out.

-I think I'm with the idea of Mike Tenay coming to WWE. I haven't watched TNA in a long time, but for years in TNA he was one of the best parts of that show, a wrestler would come in for only one match and Tenay would make sure he knew what all his moves were called and also the guy's history, even if he wasn't coming back for awhile. You could tell he cared, and he carried that commentary team from the start until Taz came in.

Anyways this was a great show guys, excited for more! :D

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@milkman said:

Haven't listened yet but just want to give my approval for the picture used for this podcast.

You mean the unjust firing of Daniel Bryan?

And yet just think, without that moment Bryan would have been just another member of Nexus under Wade Barrett and wouldn't have come back as a surprise against Nexus at Summerslam. Which means his chances of winning Money in the Bank in 2011 would have been diminished, which means there could have been no World Title win, no "Yes", no Kane, and ultimately he wouldn't be in the main event of Summerslam this Sunday challenging Cena for the WWE title.

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I have never seen one episode of any type of professional wrestling.

This was great, looking forward to more.

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I absolutely lost it several times over especially when @alex compared Curtis Axel to Rocksteady from TMNT because my god that whole TMNT Paul Heyman analogy was so spot on that it made it even funnier.

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I don't even like wrestling but this was hilarious. I'm pretty sure VGCW is the only thing that has ever made watching wrestling seem interesting, but all the behind the scenes stuff and absolutely batshit insanity intrigues me.

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I don't even like wrestling but this was hilarious. I'm pretty sure VGCW is the only thing that has ever made watching wrestling seem interesting, but all the behind the scenes stuff and absolutely batshit insanity intrigues me.

The insanity behind the scenes is DEFINITELY one of the more intriguing things to witness/hear about. I recommend "Death of WCW" for some of THE BEST examples of that.