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Yay! Powerbombcast time!

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I do not want to be reminded of Bork vs Goldberg.

@alex Judging by the sound quality, the phone recording is what was used in the final product? Or was that one even worse?

@jeff's love for everything terrible never ceases to astound me. The Marine on blu-ray. God DAMN it Jeff!

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Before anyone asks, here's where this week's intro theme came from.

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RIP Giancarlo :(

Those Lincolns will get you

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My most anticipated content of the month is finally here!!

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20-seconds after hitting play: "Ooh! Jared's back! Huzzah!"

6-minutes into the podcast: "JARED'S SAYING THINGS! BOO!"

Jared Rea: Master of cheap heat.

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This is what I look most forward to when I get off work.

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Into my veins. MY VEINSSSSS!!!!

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Wrasslin time!

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Can somebody please call Mexico and tell them that Brad Maddox is stuck in one of their caves?!

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I love wrestling and this is still the only podcast about it that I enjoy besides Colt Cabana's.

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I like the intro music

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This is the soul reason why I switched to monthly sub after my yearly subscription ran out a few days ago. Ill get back on to yearly when I have the extra cash to spend at once but I couldn't give up to the power bombcast!!

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I'm so glad this is here but shouldn't they have waited a day and then done a post ppv wrap up sort of show? Well I'm gonna love it anyways.

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why did they change the intro music? the old version was so much better and bouncier. it was a work of post-rock genius.

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I'm so glad this is here but shouldn't they have waited a day and then done a post ppv wrap up sort of show? Well I'm gonna love it anyways.

They usually do them just before PPVs to predict stuff and talk about the lead up.

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I Bo-Lieved and now there's a podcast, it works. You just have to bo-lieve.

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Ohhh yeah!

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I haven't cared about wrestling since I was a kid. I know nothing about it these days, but damn it if this isn't entertaining to listen to. :) So dumb, so FUCKING dumb!

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...Jeff hates Bo Dallas?!

Love is over. OVER.

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@spiderjerusalem: That part made me cry a little. And he also hates Angle. What's wrong with him?!

On a side note, does Alex ever disagree with Jeff? Hell of a podcast, and I loved just about every second of it, but every time Jeff said he hated or liked something, Alex was right there to back him up. I guess they could just happen to have the exact same opinion about all things rasslin, but oof, that was kind of annoying.

Posted by FoxMulder

All of the Lesnar love from Dan makes no sense...

Posted by Alex

@guerrilla_mason: Uh, I very specifically said how much I like Bo Dallas and I mentioned how much I enjoyed the main event of WM 20, so...?

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Jeff's views on wrestling are akin to his views on videogames: he hates most things everyone loves with a passion, and the few things he likes are always coated in a bit of cynicism.

Jeff Gerstmann is the greatest heel of all time.

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@alex: About the Brad Maddox cave videos, turns out he just went mad from getting fired:

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@alex said:

@guerrilla_mason: Uh, I very specifically said how much I like Bo Dallas and I mentioned how much I enjoyed the main event of WM 20, so...?

Posted by Alex

@andorski: Sorry I'm not super fluent in gif. What is that reaction?

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@alex: Confusion of liking what I thought was the Goldberg/Lesnar match. I haven't watched WMXX in a while and thought that was the main event.

Posted by Alex

@andorski: OH GOODNESS NO. I was talking about the triple threat title match, which, despite Benoit-flavored discomfort, is pretty entertaining.

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Another fine episode of the PowerBombcast! I had to laugh when Dan suggested ECW December to Dismember 06 as the next HW assignment because man did that PPV sucked and felt that everyone who paid for it deserved a refund. First match was good but went on too long and the rest was an absolute mess.

Tweeted to them about it but there was a 2/3 falls match between Edge/Mysterio & Angle/Benoit on Smackdown a few weeks after No Mercy for the tag team titles. Thanks Jared for the reply and man do I love his laugh.

Jeff definitely doesn't have the Intelligence from the three Is seeing he is not a fan of Kurt Angle. But I do agree that WM XX was a crap show that had 3 good matches in my eyes and the rest was forgettable. XXX was a much better show when you go back and look at it. And it was 5 freaking hours too!

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I haven't listened yet, but the comments suggest Jeff doesn't like Bo?! I have no need to hear his rationale - if he offers one - I must kneejerk react!


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@alex Maybe I glossed over some stuff. Sorry about that. Like I said, great podcast, and I really enjoyed it, just those couple of things. Didn't mean to offend, though I came across kind of douchey now that I look back on it.

Edit: responded to the wrong person because I'm an idiot.

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I feel like this is all building towards Jeff vs Brock Lesnar in EDBW.

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Dan Ryckert you are a very very terrible person. That show will kill the Powerbombcast.

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I just want to go on record that I totally agree with Jeff. Cesaro could convincinly turn in a match where he beats down Brock Lesnar.

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@spiderjerusalem: But everyone loves him. So he's bad and a terrible person that gets cheered...is Jeff Stone Cold?

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I've come to terms with the fact that I love every wrestler or video game Jeff loves, but I also love every wrestler or video game Jeff hates. In between those two extremes, it's a crapshoot.

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@chrisiscool: Dean Ambrose is the only thing keeping me interested in WWE.

@alex I started watching Modern Rasslin late last year and there's something I don't get. What is Dolph Ziggler's character? At first I thought he was a porn star like Val Venis, since the name is so close to Dirk Diggler, but then thought maybe he's a Surfer Dude? I have no idea. Also is Rusev actually supposed to be Russian now, or just residing there or what?

Posted by MattClassic

I like everything about Bo Dallas except the part where he wrestles

Posted by hunterzolomon

for the record all chikara tag team el campione dey perejas title matches are 2 out of 3 falls.

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First of all: You guys REALLY need a weekly VGCW segment.

Jeff is literally the first person I've ever heard negatively critique WWE era Kurt Angle. At least I'll never be bored by this podcast. :D

I think everyone was being a little hard on WM 20, personally. The show was bloated and long, but Evolution vs Rock/Sock, Eddie vs Angle, and The main event were all outstanding matches/stories.

Great show this week!

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Get into New Japan, guys!!!!!! Even if you can't watch it live, you can avoid spoilers and watch it at a reasonable hour the next day (like I do).

Swagsuke will probably take the G1.

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Butterfly kissing.