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Posted by AMyggen

@azurath: Doesn't all of them, except for Jeff, still watch a lot of wrestling?

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@azurath: Wrestling fans having different opinions is a constant thing, about wrestlers, storylines, whatever. Been like that for years on any messages boards I've been to. Like anything else really. Also even if Jeff watches hardly any of it, he's the smartest one on some of those topics, like if anybody thinks WWE management really doesn't like Daniel Bryan then why the fuck would they keep having him main event PPVs? Sometimes people think the kayfabe is more real than it is.

Edit: Plus there was a bunch of times where even these guys disagreed with each other. Which is good.

Posted by DM

Ah Hell Yeah!

Posted by Wikitoups

@sgtlonsdale: same here with pocketcast. Looks like this one and the ad free bombcast is not showing up

Posted by Phished0ne

@azurath said:

It is really weird (sort of shitty/cringey) listening to people who don't watch much wrestling talk about wrestling for an hour and a half.

I find myself disagreeing with basically all of their opinions, minus some of Alex's. Oh well, still funny at some parts.

they all pretty regularly watch wrestling except Jeff.

Posted by csl316

Haven't watched wrestling since WCW lost and I thought this was a dumb idea. But man, these have been so much fun to listen to.

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@csl316: Yeah, I'm with you. It's super interesting to hear people talk about a subject they're really into regardless of how much I might be into that subject. Hell, not having watched wrestling since the days of Sgt. Slaughter I find it actually more interesting because it's all new to me.

Posted by Undeadpool

This has caused me to cash in the free week of Hulu + (which...I'm potentially paying for ads, this is NOT good times) and give the 90 minute RAW a shot...so far I'm actually pretty entertained.

Posted by Fram

Jeff's talk of the Nitro Grill led me to finding these:

Oh man, those names are TERRIBLEGREAT. Was "Bone-Jarring Beer Cheese Soup" really the best they could come up with?

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Adam Jensen / Safety Valve are the best.

Jensen really needs an update/edit though.

Posted by buzz_clik

I'm a relative newcomer to the wrasslin' stuffs, but here's my feeling on Ryback that I've never been able to shake since I've been immersing myself in the scene: Ryback is the Rob Liefeld character of wrestling.

Posted by Darro

Dan Rykert got it wrong with the Hardcore title match. It was Al Snow & not D-Lo Brown! Surprised he stated he thought that WM XV PPV was great back in the day because I thought it was pretty lousy even back then. I liked 16/2000 mainly because of 3 matches but enjoyed it more than XV! Listening to this has got me considering going back and watching it. Sort of dropped out in the mid to late 2000s and watched Royal Rumble match and Wrestlemania every year (bar this year since tha card was crap). Knowing WWE they will probably go with Cena vs Punk at Wrestlemania and lord knows we haven't seem them fight about 20 times already!

Posted by kafu288

So you were talking about picking a guy who was younger than Orton for the top spot... Dolph Ziggler is the same age as Orton. Daniel Bryan is only a year younger. These guys are all 32/33.

Posted by Mezmero

I love this podcast even though I think all modern wrestling is awful. Jeff is a saint for watching as much as he does for this audio feature. It's a hell of a lot more than I'm watching. I use to love to watch wrestling but now I only keep up with Botchamania because, holy crap do those plot lines look bad. I may be down on the subject it but it's incredibly appealing to hear that grown men can still find at least some fleeting enjoyment out of this tired corporate machine. Jared, Dan, and Giancarlo are the perfect storm of guests. I don't envy Alex trying to control their combined nonsense over Skype. Thank you for doing this duders! Keep doing this great content!

Posted by Chris2KLee

I'm a Zack Ryder and Hornswoggle defender. Both those guys have taken what little the WWE gave them and ran with it. And Zack's tweets about catering backstage at RAW are solid stuff. He may never be a world champ, but he should at least be at the top of the midcard.

Posted by Willin

@fram: Being this era of WCW absolutely.

Posted by BBAlpert

I just watched that WWE '14 panel on Twitch (it starts at about 12 minutes, goes off the rails at about 50 minutes) and ho-lee SHIT they weren't kidding about that thing being a train wreck!

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I stopped watching wrestling when I was 12 and grew up. But I can listen to Jeff talk about anything really. shit I listened to him while he drove to E3 for crying out loud.

Posted by Vyper

I love this podcast. I regret nothing.

Posted by mattoncybertron

Posted by SpaceJamLunchbox

As someone who has absolutely no interest in wrasslin', I find this strangely fascinating. It's like being undercover in some weird secret cabal.

Edited by Y2Ken

I'm back in, thanks largely to the first episode of this. Since Summerslam I've watched everything WWE (aside Superstars) as well as Impact every week. Gonna start watching a little NJPW here and there too I think.

Hearing "triple threat between D'Lo Brown, Hardcore Holly, and Billy Gunn" brought so many childhood memories back for me. Thank you for that. Good ol' dumb wrestling.

I'm so glad to see Ryback with Heyman. I love that he has something to do now that isn't just fucking with the guys in the back room. Although it's bizarre that Axel is now relegated to just the guy pushing the wheelchair, if only because that man is the Intercontinental champion.

I feel like Dusty's most important purpose (the day after the Punk-Heyman match felt less "brutal" than it they were making it out to be because things are PG these days) was to help remind people with the help of his ruined forehead just why those kind of hardcore antics are kept to a bare minimum these days.

To me the RKO and Knee That Took Out Cena feel like direct modern equivalents to the Stunner and the Sweet Chin Music. Bryan even has his own version of "tuning up the band" when they want to do it longer. I love Orton's setup for the RKO when he falls on the floor, but at late not only does it feel like they rush it, but it seems as though he's countered every single time he does it that way.

Glad to hear Alexander Rusev get a shout-out. In my first couple of months watching NXT he's been one of the more entertaining (outside of the crazy stuff Zayn's been doing). Unique stance, big guy but he can definitely move.

Finally, not enough love for Cesaro's pick-up of the Big Swing.

Posted by darksagus

I stopped watching wrestling around 2003 or so, but this podcast has made me go and check out some recent shows. I realize I don't know who any of these guys are, and Daniel Bryan has a big beard. AJ Lee seems cool.

Edited by Undeadpool

It's funny that Alex mentions having been worried about the Shield because my friend's girlfriend thinks the Shield/Wyatt Family would make an amazing feud, basically framing it as "justice VS fear."

Posted by elpurplemonkey

I love this way too fucking much.

Posted by bkbroiler

@spacejamlunchbox said:

As someone who has absolutely no interest in wrasslin', I find this strangely fascinating. It's like being undercover in some weird secret cabal.

Yeah, the moment where Ryker lists the undercard of some old WWE 15 event and everyone laughs uproariously is hilarious because I have no context to the names. Apparently that was a really stupid combination of people to get to fight each other, but I have no idea why! S interesting to listen to.

Posted by Splid
Posted by triviaman09

I've never watched wrestling, but this podcast is weirdly fascinating. That Rick Flair story was pretty great.

Posted by Shinmaru007

I just listened to this again and giggled at the food section ("This is the greatest meal in the history of dinner!") and now I feel like a huge dork.

Posted by samcotts

Super late, but the Paige's birthday story is awesome! Dan's ability to be in the right place at the right time is insane.

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