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Posted by Samael2138

Sweet!!! More Wrasslin!!!

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Posted by Flappy

Nice title, folks.

Posted by DazzHardy

There's only one way to describe my excitement...

Posted by Milkman

That title...

You assholes.

Posted by agentmaine

First episode of the Power bombcast got me back in to wrasslin, so I was waiting for this. Thanks for doing this y'all.

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As promised in this episode, here is that collection of NXT Promotional Skills videos.

If you're watching NXT and enjoy the roster, definitely check these out. Bayley, Paige, Enzo and Tyler really knock these out of the park.

Posted by NegativeCero

That picture and title are both glorious.

Posted by Christoffer

I'm not even into wrestling but I will listen the shit out of this.

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Better than a Psycho Sid power bomb?

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My god, that title is too good.

Posted by Foil1212

More NXT talk! More Tyler Breeze love!

Posted by Deadlydog

Please get Emma Blackery on the show. I want it so bad.

Posted by LarryDavis

This and the Attitude Era Podcast are my main sources of info about hilarious wrasslin. And I love it.

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Rasslin' is back!

Posted by IrrelevantJohn

I kinda like that theme last episode.

Posted by Hassun

That .gif is so good. It should read something like "HE SAID YES!."

Posted by MeatSim

Wrestling is really about love.

Posted by FLStyle

By Gawd! I've been waiting for this!

Posted by bunkerbuster05

Haven't watched wrasslin' in 8 years. No reason I can't listen to this still!

Posted by Miketorreza


Posted by Rekt_Hed

ohhh god........this is making me want to start to watch wrestling again.....god damn you guys!

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please never stop doing this. i laughed so much

Posted by BilboBagDames

Funk's seal of approval.

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The "Cena coming back and saving the day" thing is really the depressing thing about the WWE's current situation. What they have going right now is really great but how does it end anyway other then Bryan taking a beating from The Shield for the 20th consecutive week when all of a sudden...BRRRR APPLE DOUGH!

Posted by FLStyle


A few minutes at the end is not an adequate amount of time for VGCW talk.

Posted by TyCobb

Anyone have a link to the 2K panel video? I didn't realize it was actually filmed.

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Can they just pay Goldberg a massive, lump sum to just make a cameo on RAW where he spears Ryback into the unemployment line? Also, he needs to give RVD his tights back.

Also, I thought around the early to 2000s that the WWE gave a damn about tag team matches. The stuff with Edge and Christian, The Hardy Boyz, and the Dudleyz was pretty great. I also like several of the tag teams that Kane has been a part of.

Posted by TheUnsavedHero

My work night is saved! Should be long enough so my Vita can get its' battery charged.

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New Powerbombcast perfect for my long commute tomorrow, excellent.

Posted by wumbo3000

There's a wrestler who plays Persona 4? That's hilariously awesome.

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Happy to finally get the rick flair bar story

Also that Flair panel speech sounds like the biggest crowd of the most uncomfortable people ever

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@milkman said:

The "Cena coming back and saving the day" thing is really the depressing thing about the WWE's current situation. What they have going right now is really great but how does it end anyway other then Bryan taking a beating from The Shield for the 20th consecutive week when all of a sudden...BRRRR APPLE DOUGH!

and then just as Cena starts getting overwhelmed.....ITS A SHAMEFUL THING LOBSTER HEAD!

Posted by AlwaysBeClothing

Alex and Jeff, talking about WRASSLARSSSSSSSSSS

Posted by MHumphreys89
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And that's the bottom line, because we've reached a consensus that it be so.

Posted by MAJID

Really, really enjoyed this podcast

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Jeff's talk of the Nitro Grill led me to finding these:

Posted by TournamentOfHate

About how WWE feels about their tag teams, back when Brian Kendrick(aka THE Brian Kendrick) and Paul London were in WWE as a tag team, they took a tour of the WWE headquarters building. Inside there was framed pictures of WWE wrestlers on the walls, past and present, but there was no tag teams. So Kendrick asked Shane McMahon "What does a tag team have to do to get a picture on the wall here?" To which Shane replied, "Well not since the Legion Of Doom have I cared about a single tag team." Kendrick: "Well fuck."

Agreed on Stephanie's performance as of late. I really don't like her whenever she's on, and it's at the point where I can't believe she's anything other than that character in real life. Nevermind if HHH is a better Vince, I think Stephanie is a better Vince.

I would love Daniel Bryan vs. Punk at Wrestlemania for the title. Punk is an awesome face(ESPECIALLY in Chicago), but he's so much better as a heel and always has been. Heel Punk vs. face Bryan would absolutely rule. Back in their indy days, Bryan was known as the "Best In The World" and Punk took that for himself once he got to the WWE first, so I could see that maybe being brought up in their feud.

Loved all the extra details about that Summerslam weekend. This episode was awesome, another job well done Alex!

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Oh I forgot about the D-Lo Brown stuff. I became a fan of his after his matches with A.J. Styles in TNA back in 2003. One of the biggest spots ever in TNA's early days was when he did the Lo Down off a ladder that was in the ring onto A.J. who was on a table outside the ring.

Posted by klinkcow

There's only one way to describe my excitement...


Posted by beard_of_zeus

@mrjared: Awesome, will definitely check these out. Thanks Jared!

Posted by SgtLonsdale

Sorry if it's just me - this podcast wasn't showing up in my iPhone podcast feed, so I removed the subscription and then clicked on the RSS link above. It tries to add it to the podcast app again, but then says that www.giantbomb.com/podcast-xml/premium is not a valid podcast...

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I don't like wrestling, but these podcasts are thoroughly enjoyable.

Posted by MaxMikado

Didn't agree with a lot of the opinions in the podcast, but glad that this exists and that it's not boring.

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His head is so tiny...

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That fucking title

Posted by Azurath

It is really weird (sort of shitty/cringey) listening to people who don't watch much wrestling talk about wrestling for an hour and a half.

I find myself disagreeing with basically all of their opinions, minus some of Alex's. Oh well, still funny at some parts.

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