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Posted by Hassun

This is the most exciting time of the year for wrasslin'.

Posted by Nightriff

I don't even like wrestling and I'm excited for this, YEAH!

Posted by Benmo316

Whatcha gonna do brother when the Powerbombcast runs wild on yooooou?!

Posted by SirThirdFilms

love it

Posted by screwball69

I hate you guys for getting me into wrestling again but I love the podcast.

Posted by Shinmaru007

Every Powerbombcast turns me into Mojo Rawley.

Posted by GuardianKnux


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Wrestling is pretty much over after Zayn/Cesaro IV but I GUESS I'll listen to this, anyway.

Posted by Winternet

yay a long one!

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You guys need to get Dave Rudden (@daverudden) and/or Henry Gilbert (@hEnereyG) on here.

They're games journalists with a wrestling podcast too!

Posted by CaLe

I don't even watch wrestling and I listen to this! LOOPY I KNOW!

Posted by Grimmy616

Better than Batista.

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Posted by Grimmy616

Better than Batista.

Posted by Mijati

As soon as this has a proper archive of all shows from around 98 onwards then I'll subscribe. Would love to rewatch that era.

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Posted by johncallahan

Let's do it!

Posted by Hockeymask27

omg free you can't beat free.

Posted by Hadoken101

Free!? This is the best thing I could have hoped for!

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Posted by csl316

Nice and hefty, hurrah.

Posted by tolecover

It's a Casimir Pulaski Day miracle!

Posted by ejiehi


Posted by HammondofTexas

I don't even watch wrestling but I enjoy hearing about it's wacky culture from these duders.

Posted by Brandino

God i wish this show was week-week or at least bi-monthly.

Posted by AlexanderSheen

Wrestling? Wrestling.

Posted by Scott757

How about Daniel Bryan finally winning the title at SummerSlam 2014 one year since this whole thing started?

Posted by nomtank

I was at SmackDown in Milwaukee on Tuesday. It was pretty fun, but I felt like we got blue-balled.

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Marked out for WCW vs NWO music

Posted by JDDrewes

I can't wait to hear them talk about NXT, that special was incredible!

Posted by MeatSim

Free power bombs for everyone!

Posted by ildon

FREEEEE! Thanks!

Posted by Terjay


Posted by alexthebehemoth

Immediately went to go check out Souled Out '97.

It is magc.

Posted by Milkman

I just want to point out that X-Pac/Syxx (I think that's him) in that picture looks just like Vinny.

Posted by Deadstar

Batista is awesome. That is all.

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its cool hearing about the first things people go and watch on the WWE Network. I wanted to see the first time the DDT was used. Man Jake the Snake did the best DDTs.

Then I watched Bret Hart matches from my childhood.

Posted by darkmagus517

Guys this really needs to be on Itunes so I can subscribe the hell out of it and hear about this ridiculous crap all day during work.

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"I hope I didn't spend 1800 dollars on an Orton/Batista main event." - Dan Ryckert, 2013

e: @milkman: New St Vincent album is soooooooooo goooooooood

Posted by kayeyeeff

A powerbombcast of the heart <3

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Holy shit, is the intro music from WCW vs NWO? It's probably been at least 15 years since I've heard that. God damn, that was a blast from my childhood.

Posted by WilliamHenry

Guys this really needs to be on Itunes so I can subscribe the hell out of it and hear about this ridiculous crap all day during work.

Can premium podcasts be on iTunes?

Posted by Shinmaru007

I really hope someone draws all those awful things Jeff and Jared requested.

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You know, as soon as I sign up for the network I'll probably just run through all of ECW. I used to watch it late at night while pretending I was sleeping, messing with antennas to get a barely watchable signal.

Compared to that, a bit of stuttering or buffering seems pretty ok!

Interesting when they call Triple H an old ass, when another 44 year old wrestler is doing this:

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