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Posted by lilmoefow


Posted by ninkendo

I'm going to have to get some Pizza now before tonight's HHH/Rollins opening promo on Smackdown

Posted by battousai01

Hooray! rasslin'

Posted by Recyclable


Posted by MooseyMcMan

Wrestling is wrestling.

Posted by skynidas

i smell ryckert approaching

Posted by Roomrunner

WWE has indeed been almost entirely a bore since 'Mania.

Posted by RE_Player1

Thank you so much Alex.

Posted by Shinmaru007

RYCKERT CONFIRMED to keep appearing on the Powerbombcast

Posted by chilibean_3

DAN RYCKERT HAS JOINED the rest of the Powerbombcast gang to bring you another entertaining episode.

Edited by Hassun

Seeing this pop up while watching EDBW. Perfect.

Ravishing Rick Rude lives on in all of our tights.

Edited by LarryDavis

Why is the crowd on Daniel Bryan's side for keeping the title when he can't defend it? That seems like a really dick thing to do. I don't even follow the Dirt Sheets so I don't know if his injury is legit or not.

But I've also never been a Bryan fan anyway, so... At least Wade Barrett is back to wrasslin'.

Posted by rachelepithet

Iron Sheik runs D'Gournos' twitter. "Roman Reign and the Dean the Ambroses FACK"

Posted by Vuud

I am getting some good laughs out of this Dan Ryckert pussyfooting.

Posted by Sammo21

Jeff really hates libertarians. He makes the same lame joke every podcast.

I also see the humor in people making fun of a talking raccoon on a pro wrestling podcast.

Posted by cooljammer00

Jared Rea has turned his back on the Giant Bomb Universe.

But seriously, no Jared this week? His name isn't in the blurb, and I'm downloading the episode right now and expecting to be disappointed when that dude isn't on. Who else will talk so candidly about Chikara besides Alex?

He's Jared. The world needs him.

(And I think that's enough pseudo wrestling catch phrases to reappropriate into this conversation)

Posted by Castiel


Posted by Pomeroy

I demand these guys begin actively talking about TNA. It may be bad, but it's bad in the endearing way of wrestling. WWE is bad because it's predictable, boring, and condescending. Week to week every time the guys say "they" or "wrestling" it means WWE and WWE only. Yeah, wrestling definitely sucks...especially if the only option is PG.

Kurt Angle and the Dudleys are infinitely more interesting than 90% of the talent active on RAW.

Posted by JamieOD

@pomeroy: No, TNA is not bad in an endearing way. Maybe it was in 2009 but in 2014 it is incredibly depressing. With WWE they put out so much content you can find something to like but pretty much everything TNA puts out is depressingly bad.

Posted by csl316

Leading up to Wrestlemania, I was all set to get back into wrestling after a 10+ year hiatus. Then like a week or two afterwards, I decided to do something else instead.

Am I wrong for giving up so quick?

Posted by danryckert

@vuud: Pussyfooting? I'm merely expressing my excitement about being on future episodes of this quality wrestling podcast.

Posted by gaminghooligan
Posted by BaconGames

You know, I didn't like Bo Dallas much myself but Alex's explanation made perfect sense. I'm going to continue to root against him on principle of being dumb but I'm glad that's kinda the point. Also I'm glad they pointed out the wet hair because I was wondering if anyone else that was disconcerting.

VGCW continues to be great and I wish they'd talk more about it.

Posted by cb1115
Edited by Allison

VGCW continues to be great and I wish they'd talk more about it.

I stopped 'watching' it around season 3.. or so? Is it worth going back to watch any of that stuff? I mean, I went on their wikia and gawked at there being five sideshows now (which I feel like is worse than WWE Current?) but I don't know how any of that works either, haha.

Posted by Milkman

Just to give some people an idea of what you're missing in TNA.

Posted by Phatmac

Booo no Jared. :(

Edited by Chrisiscool

Wrestling owns right now. screw the haters.

Posted by BaconGames

@allison said:

@bacongames said:

VGCW continues to be great and I wish they'd talk more about it.

I stopped 'watching' it around season 3.. or so? Is it worth going back to watch any of that stuff? I mean, I went on their wikia and gawked at there being five sideshows now (which I feel like is worse than WWE Current?) but I don't know how any of that works either, haha.

I came in around season 6 or so and I've been watching every weekly VGCW and WGCW show. I rather keep the developmental league, EDBW, out of view just to keep things a surprise when they come onto the main roster.

I can't really speak for someone else but the plots through 6 and into 7 have been great from my view. Catching up is great if you bounce back and forth between this channel and this channel and use the wiki to follow the threads. For many of the characters I just read the stories going back through the seasons but for contenders I definitely went back and tracked them through most of their matches. From there I just rode with it and I haven't looked back since.

Posted by Moonshadow101

Sooo... They totally just announced one of the new hires, right? I mean, all of that "I'm 100% sure I'll be able to do the show" stuff?

Posted by Milkman

How did no one say Zodiac Motherfucker as the answer to that last question?

Posted by PurpleSpandex

@vuud: If I don't care about wrestling is it worth listening to just for that?

Posted by Vuud
Posted by RecSpec


Posted by Strife777

Sooo... They totally just announced one of the new hires, right? I mean, all of that "I'm 100% sure I'll be able to do the show" stuff?

It's either that or they are severely trolling us.

Edited by PurpleSpandex

@vuud: Oh its in like the first 5 minutes, idiots.

Posted by NathanXplosion

Wrestling owns right now. screw the haters.

I agree with this. Also Okada rules.

Posted by DrDarkStryfe

I am still thinking Dan is going to IGN and filling that vacant Executive Editor position that is opening up after E3.

The actual matches are pretty damn good, even though the stories that lead to said matches are pretty bad right now.

Posted by Sammo21

@milkman: nah...none of us are missing that.

How is TNA still active. I'm embarrassed that it exists.

Posted by MeatSim

No matter how bad wrestling gets pizza will be there to comfort you.

Edited by TournamentOfHate

I could watch Seth Rollins vs. Daniel Bryan all day.

Edit: Also I have the same feelings/experience as Jeff about Christian, and this pretending that Dan isn't coming to GB is hilarious.

Posted by amp_1986

I'm surprised they were so negative about Payback. Maybe it was due to lowered expectations but I really enjoyed almost all of it.

Posted by Fistfulofmetal

Let Sami wrestler in a mask again BUT keep the Sami character as well. They wrestler as different people and you never reference they're the same people/

Posted by hunterzolomon

less wwe talk more indy talk

Posted by Goomba_Stomper

I agree with Jeff. Bo Dallas is the absolute worst. He totally sounds like he is playing a character that he doesn't believe in and just doesn't have the talent to get the character over.

Posted by SpiderJerusalem


Oh wow...

This might very well be the worst thing ever. It just reaches unfathomable levels of awfulness.

Posted by ajroo

Is DAN RYCKERT joining the Giant Bomb staff? The way you were asking if he could stay on the bombcast was exactly how i would have asked if i knew the answer was sort of an inside joke. Why would it be an inside joke.....i dont know, maybe because ironically his new boss would obviously let him be on a podcast that was connected to his job.

I mean, with Vinnie heading east, there is some vacancy at Hotel Giantbomb.

Maybe im crazy but the whole conversation seemed to be hinting at something of the like.....

Edited by Phished0ne

They keep building Sami as a "legit, world traveled wrestler" and talking about his work ethic and all this stuff. Which is true he's more than payed his dues, traveled all over, held numerous belts in numerous indy's. But I just cant help but think they are wasting his talents in NXT. He's not exactly young, and if they dont start getting him on the main roster soon he may be blowing his knees out like Mysterio before they even get to debut him. But maybe im just a mark for El Generico.

I dont understand the idea that you cant bring him up because he wont do anything. He will put on good matches. We are watching wrestling, what happened to actually enjoying the wrestling? Maybe i sound a little like Jim Cornette here but fuck man, who cares about fucking storylines? if you go out and put on good matches, it doesn't matter. Sami's gimmick can be that he's a good wrestler. Hell, just put him under a mask again and have him be the even more generic luchador.

Everyone talks about the angles and all this periphery junk, but who cares about the angles if it just leads to "okay matches". Bring up Sami, hot shot him to a belt, and just have good midcard title matches every ppv. It allows the main event scene to have the storyline interest if the US title or the IC belt is held by someone who you know is going to always deliver, no matter who he is with.

Posted by Y2Ken

I went to UK RAW and it was a great time. The post-show was incredible as we got a good 20 minutes of Barrett talking mess, HHH coming out and making classic anti-English statements like "maybe you can't hear me because... you've got bad teeth!", and the show closing with Barrett laying Haitch on the mat with the bullhammer. Fun times - although I was sad that I missed Smackdown, as they had a Zayn - Neville preshow match (which footage appeared of later that was fully edited and suggests they are trying to work out good cuts and such for their entrances).

VCGW is top right now, I got into it about 2 months back and I'm actually loving it way more than I was expecting. Oh and NJPW is still incredible, so there's always that going. WWE has definitely been a little slow of late, but I wouldn't say I'm not enjoying it. It's a good time, just feels like D-Bry's injury has really put a dampener on proceedings in general.

Also I wonder if now I'll be able to say I watched one of the final singles matches Dave Batista ever wrestled?

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