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Posted by Dewar

Somehow I missed these until now. Looking forward to catching up from the start.

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Love these podcasts.....would be great to have a proper title .

Posted by jarowdowsky

@rorie: Oh yeah man, sure when you find something great that'll shine through - just thinking it's always nice to get a sense of what a person likes outside of the immediate :)

Posted by DeckardsRevolver

'Spoiler Alert' Did anyone else think it was real stupid when Superman and Zod fell out of the sky with the debris of the satallite and crashed back into the city in the final fight. How the fuck did lois manage to get to the other side of the city in the 2 minutes man. She runs in just in time to give him a hug. Can she fly too? lol

Posted by LarryDavis

@katygaga said:

I accidentally understood this to be the Untitled Giant Bomb Movie. I imagine if such a thing existed, it would be rated R for Strong Sexual Content and Language.

Intense sequences of pie flushing and BLAT BLATs.

Posted by aroundthefur922

I love Giant Bomb with an unhealthy passion but the idea of hiding a podcast behind a pay-wall makes me nauseas.

Posted by Undeadpool

I love Giant Bomb with an unhealthy passion but the idea of hiding a podcast behind a pay-wall makes me nauseas.

Not their first. Seems fine to me, it's not even videogame-related.

I feel it's "extra" enough to warrant payment.

Posted by Toug

Lots of British actors in "The King's Speech".

Posted by TheManWithNoPlan

As long as the new superman movie is successful, I don't mind if the movie's not amazing. I just want my Justice League movie.

Another great podcast guys!

Posted by Shaanyboi

It's a superhero movie. On top of that, it's a superhero movie about interstellar humanoids with superpowers. I think you inherently have to let that stuff kinda slide....
Posted by ink

@rorie: yep, you can paste the RSS url into iTunes -- comes up as "Premium Podcasts" (no Giant Bomb)

Edited by Rorie

@rorie: Let's be serious though Rorie... Fast and the Furious doesn't count when it comes to Alex. His love for that series is beyond logic.

Also, have guys read about Cavill's workout for this movie? It was ridiculous. He had a 5000 calorie a day diet, which when you are only eating lean meats and vegetables, is a ton of food... Plus his workout was ridiculous. It's kinda sad when people see someone big and automatically assume it has to be steroids, belittling the ridiculous amount of work he did to become Superman.

Yep, I was reading about that. He doesn't look rubbery or weird the way I would normally associate with roids and such. I'm betting he did it honestly. Impressive.

Posted by Rorie

I love Giant Bomb with an unhealthy passion but the idea of hiding a podcast behind a pay-wall makes me nauseas.

The deal with premium has always been that current game coverage is free, but off-topic and older game coverage stuff (Random PC Game, Bioforge, etc.) is premium.

Edited by Rorie

@deckardsrevolver said:It's a superhero movie. On top of that, it's a superhero movie about interstellar humanoids with superpowers. I think you inherently have to let that stuff kinda slide....

I think he was talking more specifically about

Lois being able to effectively teleport. It made no sense for her to be on the military ship at the end of the film, and crossing the whole of Metropolis to give Superman a hug at the end made me almost laugh out loud.

Edited by John1912

I was pretty disappointed in the film, in just about every way. The only good parts were the flash backs on earth.

I know superman is a "alien", but space ships, alien guns, atmosphere masks were just fucking stupid. Russell crow flying a dragon was pretty sad too, I mean wtf? Just not the vibe I look for in Superman, esp a origin story. Superman 2 did it right with just stranding Zod on earth.

Posted by EL_WRAY80

Can't help but feel Rorie saw a different Man of Steel movie then I did. Still, nice to hear another opinion. great job guys! Love the podcast.

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Lois was part of the plan though.. Jor-El gave her the instructions or whatever. She probably felt "hey, I should probably be here."

As far as her showing up at the train station... yeah, that was weird.

Posted by doomocrat

Name suggestion: "The Sticky Floor"

Also, someone add Rorie to the Giant Bomb staff list on Twitter, that's how a lot of us follow!

Edited by Devise22

@rorie Seems to me that the Nolan stuff of Man of Steel is good and what Snyder did with it was bad based on your guys thoughts of it. :P

Posted by WolfHazard

I'm scared they're going to rip on Man Of Steel. Oh man

Posted by Roy42

I saw Berberian Sound Studio at my town's film festival last year; I was enjoying it, right up until it didn't really end. It wanted me to feel like an idiot for not "getting" the ending, when there just wasn't anything of substance to it. A lot of genuinely enjoyable, tense build-up to nothing.

But if Alex is okay with seeing it purely on the basis of Toby Jones (and I thought I was as well), he might get more out of it; interested to hear his response to it.

Posted by ArchTeckGuru8

Woooo movies!

Posted by Bucketdeth

I haven't seen an answer to this, are there any spoilers?

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Now that I pretty much associate "hot scoops" with Patrick, you saying Lois Lane was traveling the world searching for hot scoops I immediately started picturing Patrick playing Lois Lane and now I can't shake that image out of my mind.

Posted by UltimAXE

@bucketdeth: I'm 35 minutes into the podcast and they stopped talking about Man of Steel like 10 minutes ago. There weren't any spoilers, so you'd be fine listening from the beginning.

Man, everyone seems to hate Man o'Steel and I don't quite understand why. I loved it. But, then, all I've ever really wanted out of a Superman movie is for him to fight someone that's on his level and create some amazing fight scenes. I don't need my comic book movies to change the way I feel about life and the universe; just show the characters that I love beating the shit out stuff and make it look good.

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@shaanyboi said:

@foxmulder said:

@retrovirus said:

I maintain that they should call the podcast "Box Office Bomb"

I second this motion.

Hell yes.


Great episode @rorie and @alex, I really dig the conversational nature of the show. Also as a long lapsed wrestling fan, a wrestling podcast would be amazing. Please call it "Power Bomb" also.

P.S. I heard a toddler crying at a theatrical screening of "The Raid" which was kind of disturbing on a number of levels.

Posted by Elwoodan

So I really, really hate superman. He is, by far, the worst superhero.

and Zach Snyder needs to stop breaking my heart, his style has so much potential and he just ruins it.

Posted by amlabella

There was like a five-year-old kid when I went to see Inglourious Basterds back in 2009, and he seemed to be enjoying the violent scenes. Pretty crazy...

Posted by MachoFantastico

Thanks Alex and Rorie.

Actually like the idea of calling it the TANG podcast.

Edited by Dallas_Raines

The editing and pacing of MoS was just so, so fucked. The whole thing felt like massive chunks of the story were either cut out or edited down. I also had a problem with Superman destroying a city for 40+ minutes. There's more creative things you can do with superpowers than just having people collide into buildings as shit explodes around them. Transformers has fucking ruined comic book films and third acts in general.

I will say Henry Cavill did well for what he had to work with, he deserves to star in a good Superman film.

Posted by AaronChance

I keep forgetting this podcast exists, so when it pops up on my feed it's like discovering a delicious half-eaten dessert that was hiding in the back of my fridge.

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Only God Forgives come out where you guys are?

Because I saw it a few days ago in Prague, and that was an amazing movie. Very pure, artistic, crime "thing" (hesitate to call it a drama or thriller, it's only really comparable to other Refn movies like Valhalla Rising) from the Ryan Gosling/Refn pair. Absolutely worth seeing on the big screen if you get the chance for the impeccable wallpaper-worthy cinematography, doom-laden synthy/oriental Cliff Martinez greatness (a hallway scene is straight up 70's sci-fi horror music), and getting to see all that glorious violence in gut-wrenching detail.

Some people might say it's style over substance but I got more out of it that would be spoiler-y to reveal. All I can say is it's about cutting the line of violence. More of a Greek tragedy feel.

Posted by iragequit

Almost missed this on the main feed.

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I fucking hated Greenburg and hearing Rorie's take on Frances Ha will probably infuriate me. But I did like Squid and the Whale, and Kicking and Screaming is great.

Posted by YoThatLimp

" We'll stop talking about cocks" - @rorie

Love you dudes.

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I know that you probably won't change the name of the podcast (because that is the way of things at Giant Bomb, and it's probably for the best)...

But "And I Hit Record Again" would be a great name.

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wow third episode already?

I missed one :(

Posted by AssInAss

I know that you probably won't change the name of the podcast (because that is the way of things at Giant Bomb, and it's probably for the best)...

But "And I Hit Record Again" would be a great name.

This Ain't No Game (TANG) podcast!

Posted by teh_destroyer

I like listening to these on Friday mornings. Andrew Goodfield?

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Man of Steel, "The best Dragonball Z movie you'll ever see in your life." Yeah I was getting that feeling with the action too. And I really liked it.

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Untitled the Movie Podcast Project

Posted by myslead

I would listen the shit out of a weekly wrestling podcast!

and I don't even watch it.

Posted by atrox

Can someone help me out? Is there a way to add this podcast to the Podcast App on iOS? In the app, if you have the link to the podcast you can enter it into the search field and subscribe that way, but I am unsure of what the link to this podcast is. Thanks!

Edited by SamDrugbringer

I watched the red letter media review of Man of Steel today, which made me realize I didn't really like Man of Steel that much. I knew I hadn't when I walked out and the review put words for why that I couldn't voice. Sounds like Matt agrees; however, I didn't think Henry Cavill was great, but I also don't think that was his fault.

I would argue that if you had to watch a review to not like this movie, you didn't ACTUALLY Dislike it.

I went into this movie with trepidation. I wanted it to be great, but with the reviews so mixed I didn't know. I chose not to listen to them and just go and see it, and I ended up really loving it. Later I listened to the reviews, and they make some good points, but letting them take away the enjoyment I got when I watched the film seems crazy.

Edited by Boom_goes_the_dynamite

@samdrugbringer: Well it wasn't that the review made me dislike it, there were just things I couldn't quite place that I didn't like. At the time I thought it was simply the direction and the delivery of a lot of the lines, because no one in the movie are bad actors or actresses. For the record the only Zach Snyder movies I have liked a little bit were 300 and Dawn of the Dead. I don't think he is a very good director, he makes visually interesting things but the rest of his movies have huge flaws (in my opinion of course).

I saw Man of Steel with a friend of mine who really enjoyed it, and I got out of the movie thinking it was only Okay, and I was thinking to myself am I crazy did I not see the same movie. The review didn't make me not like the movie, but it made me more firm in my opinion for why I didn't like the movie. So I guess the review only pointed out faults that made me go ohhh yeah, that was kinda weird. For the record I still enjoyed the movie, but I think I'd only give it a rent.

Edited by huser

I think I gotta agree with the issue of MASSIVE collateral damage that was never even touched upon in Man of Steel. One defense is that this is early in Superman's career. That is fair. But one, this ain't historical footage, creatives made these scenes play out this way with the pieces they used, and two, you could have had him FAIL at trying to keep the fighting away from innocents or at dividing his attention from multiple military trained Kryptonians and the various crowds.

That said, I was way more intrigued by the fighting than Rorie. It being the best Dragonball fight ever is a compliment frankly. Faora just demolishing people faster than people can track is about on par with how it should be and something that until now hasn't really been a thing even in superhero films. Facing a Kryptonian shouldn't be scary because the dude just bent metal bars like nothing. It should be FUCKING terrifying because your friend just collapsed next to you as a pile of expertly filleted meat, and you didn't see it happen. I did find her posturing a little stupid given 99.99% of her experience is that dozens of guns should kill her, but still that Smallville fight was crazy other than the previous major issue.

Posted by civid

A friend of mine suggested Rose Mcgowan would be a good Wonderwoman.

Posted by RuN

Love these ! :)

Posted by TheHumanDove


Edited by Quarters

I liked the Krypton stuff at the beginning of Man of Steel, and I thought the movie was pretty good once Zod came to Earth. Everything in between that(and in other spots) was ROUGH. Really disappointed in it, and I don't even like Superman.

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