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Alex and Brad. The dynamic duo.

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always be podcasting

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get in

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this recorder thing has some pretty good quality on it. this thing sounds like you could record foley on it.

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these are cool!

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They would be a great morning talk radio team.

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troy baker is always hot, alex

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"hes so hawt right now..."

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Alex's mic sounds low, are they sharing one mic? anyways awesome content!

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Those two titles were also without a doubt the two most interesting exclusives so great choice.

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loving these!!

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I really wish they would have went with a different character design.

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Nonono! Don't pan! Resist the urge!

Anyway, thanks :)

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nirvana is from washington state as well as the game and the developers sucker punch. i wouldnt read too much into it.

on the radio they have an obsessive compulsion to play pearl jam, mathews band as well.

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That thing about inFamous's more than just fire power is really interesting. Hope it's more impactful than the fire and ice powers from 2.

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so Infamous is just straight up ripping off Heroes at this point ?

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Brad in my right ear, Alex in my left. Despite the weird audio, I'm really enjoying this.

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TV Shows: Just people talking and doing stuff.

I'm liking these mini-updates.

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Big ups to Alex and Brad for doing these. Nice little updates make my day happy.

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Looks like this was a contingency to Monday's unfortunate events.

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You got TV in my video games!

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@ares42: Heroes was "ripping off" comic book tropes much like the original infamous. Honestly, i'm not much of a comic book guy but i'm guessing Syler isnt the first person to have those superpowers.

Looking forward to see what sucker punch can do with the hardware boost. The infamous games are still impressive in how they're able to look so good and play so fluidly with all the chaos that's going on.

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Great talk guys. Infamous: Second Son sounds and looks really fun. Even though I'll be getting a PS4 Quantum Break also looks great. I'm curious to see how the gameplay and show play out.

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The fact that the protagonist's power in Second Son is to siphon is a bizarre reveal. Not a bad thing by any means, but bizarre nonetheless. I'm predicting that there will be a sequence towards the end where you get electricity for "one final fight" that's ridiculously powerful. In any case, Second Son sounds like a hell of an exclusive.

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Alex to my left, Brad to my right

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Thanks for the mini-update, ya'll. I'm always up for more Infamous, what I've seen of Second Son looks neat.

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Quantum Break sounds really neat. They've taken something they're known for (the in-game TV stuff) and turned blown it up to a whole part of the package. Could be neat.

Glad to hear Second Son guy's power is to siphon. Give him a way to have multiple powers, but without the lame contrivance from inFAMOUS 2.

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beep beep beep

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Infamous looks great.

I really want to see some Quantum Break gameplay, out with it.

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ALAD are back.

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B-Rad + Alex = B-Rex

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Because one of my earphone outputs is broken, I just figured Alex's audio was shit. Turns out I just need new earphones. Glad I read the comments!