Anyone out there get the Pokemon Keldeo? HELP!

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Didn't see an official trading thread and all the other threads on this forum are dead. So just a few weeks ago I started playing Pokemon Black Version 2 again and I'm having fun with it. When I started playing though I found out that I missed out on Keldeo about a week after I started playing again and I can't get one now. So I thought I would try and reach out for some one here that is willing to help me out so I ask this question:

Is there anyone here willing to trade a Keldeo to me so I can get a Pokedex entry for it and I will trade it back to you? Wanted to get a PokeDex entry for it, then I was going to offer a trade on the GTS for one and offer my extra Zekrom I have so I can actually have one for keeps. If anyone wants to trade their Keldeo for my Zekrom for keeps that would be cool too.

Was going to have a friend of mine do this for me, but he has a DS Lite and can't connect to a router with WPA protection.


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Don't know if you're still interested, but I have a Keldeo that I'm happy to trade if you'll give it back. Also I'm in Sydney, Australia so organising a time might be tricky, PM me and we'll figure out the details.

My friend code is 4943 3308 8106

Also I got White 1 and Black 2 so I'm literally drowning in Zekroms, well I have two anyway. I really should get around to trading one for a Reshiram.

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