Booted this up for the first time in a year...

#1 Edited by rachelepithet (1645 posts) -

And my Koffing's name was Ryan. :-(

Now I'm gonna EXP share him to the top of my lineup.

#2 Posted by BisonHero (8864 posts) -

That's a real bummer.

#3 Posted by PandaBear (1484 posts) -

Thanks for sharing :-|

#4 Posted by Mcfart (1887 posts) -

You nicknamed your Pokemon?

Ryan would be ashamed.

#5 Edited by Flappy (2410 posts) -

At least the music is really good..?

#6 Edited by Itwongo (1614 posts) -

Fuckin' train that shit up and put him on a ghostsplosion doubles team, or something equally wacky.

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