Genesect and the boosted EXP

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Last night, I downloaded the dual-type Bug/Steel type legendary Pokemon called Genesect for my copy of Pokemon White 2. It's a crazy looking robotic bug with a mounted cannon--and very powerful to boot, even at its base level of 15. Anyways, after every victory with it, a message says it gained "boosted" EXP, earning a little more than any other 'mon would. I'm not sure why this is happening, unless it has something to do with its nature. It also seems to vary drastically based on who it is fighting and for how long. Is this something I can teach other Pokemon in my team or is it just super special?

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I'll take a stab at this. The "Boosted EXP" thing normally comes from having a traded Pokemon. They get some percentage more than any normal battle with non-traded Pokemon. Now, I don't think the WiFi Event Pokemon do that, because I don't think they're counted as trades, but if you look at the Status, on that first page it will say "Apparently met at Lvl. x." If it doesn't say that, it might have the item Lucky Egg, which does the same percentage effect and text description as a traded pokemon would, but it's an item you can have anyone hold.

The only thing that may explain the drastic changes in gained Exp is the way it's calculated, which all based not only on the level of the opponent's pokemon and it's base exp, but your pokemon's level. Lower levels will get more from battling a higher level, higher levels less than the lower levels.

If that doesn't explain it, hopefully someone else can explain it better.

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I also found that Genesect kept falling asleep/ignoring my commands during the first gym battles. Seemed to be a way to keep people from just blowing through the first couple towns.

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I can answer this question!

The OT (original trainer) is "Plasma," which means that it counts as a traded Pokemon and gains XP faster like any traded Pokemon. That also means that it suffers from disobeying commands if you don't have the right number of gym badges.

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@JukeBoxJosh: Whew, okay, thanks. That's a lot to take in, but I think I get it. Traded Pokemon are special, and even though this critter came from a download WiFi Event, it's still considered "traded".

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@AndrewB: Ahh, okay. I have two badges under my belt--going for the third one real soon--so it's been responding to all my commands just fine. Good to know though!

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Genesect was apparently captured by Team Plasma, who altered it and put a cannon on its back, that's why it has a different trainer ID.

Any Pokemon you get that has a different trainer ID on the stat screen will count as "traded" even if you didn't actually trade to obtain it.

If you own Black and White 1 and used the memory link feature, you'll be able to randomly find N's Pokemon in the wild, who will also have his trainer ID when you capture them.
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I've been trading Pokemon I have on both games between games just to get that EXP boost.

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