Pokemon GL no new registrations...

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Does this mean the game can no longer be played online for someone who has never logged in before? I understand new people can no longer register for their equivalent of COD Elite essentially, meaning no global leaderboards and other goodies. But can you still do basic PvP battles over the internet, or make trades with people with friend codes, and so on? Can you do any of that Entree, Dream World, C-Gear stuff now, or are they only online for people who registered before October 1st?

All I care is being able to get the special ones released at gamestop and as "mysterious gifts", would I likely find someone willing to trade them to me?

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@boocreepyfootdoctor: As far as I know, Pokemon-GL is just for Rating Battles and converting Pokemiles into items (at a lower price). Trading, battling, and mystery gifts aren't affected by registering.

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