Differences between Black and White?

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Double post... and my text didn't even show up in the original post... weird. 
So, i'm trying to decide which version i should get, but don't know the differences between the two. 
Could any one help with this predicament? Like, what are the version exclusive pokemon, or any areas that are different?

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NOTE: You will not encounter any of the previous-gen Pokémon in your first playthrough.  
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@smudo: That is a sick graphic
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Hmm... I think i may be leaning towards getting White... It's a hard decision this time. They have alot of exclusive stuff this time

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Other than the Pokemon exclusive to one version or the other, can all the old Pokemon be caught in both versions?

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Also that's a really good picture. I'm glad I got White, Reshiram looks like arse. 
#7 Posted by ThaMilkMan (385 posts) -
@smudo: That graph would explain why I haven't had a single rotation battle and I've already been to white forest...I was thinking, "are they even in this game"
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@Chavtheworld: The gym leaders aren't really spoilers, you can see all of them on your trainer card. 
The differences aren't as extensive as they may seem either.  The two gym leaders use identical Pokemon and both play a part in the story regardless of version.  There are very few triple or rotation battles.  Pokemon missing from your version can be traded over the GTS.  And the Black City / White Forest take a lot of time to build up before they become useful and require linking with someone with the opposite version frequently to do this. 
Black is more useful, because you can battle trainers in the city, that really helps for leveling up, where as the wild Pokemon in White can be imported from the previous games or traded for..  but again, there's not much difference and I wouldn't worry about which version to get too much.
#9 Posted by Jasta (2232 posts) -

I picked up White, pretty sure I made the right choice.

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So with these versions do they include all Pokemon from the previous generations?

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Im going with white just for that end game pokemon. 
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I got both. I'm crazy.

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@Bucketdeth said:
" So with these versions do they include all Pokemon from the previous generations? "
Since no one answered, yes they do, but only after you beat the game do they open up. 
That is a pretty sick graphic.
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@Romination said:
" @Bucketdeth said:
" So with these versions do they include all Pokemon from the previous generations? "
Since no one answered, yes they do, but only after you beat the game do they open up.  That is a pretty sick graphic. "
Wow so that must be what, 500-650 Pokemon?
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One of them can't dunk and the other one runs really fast.

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This is going to get ugly...

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Oh man that is tough... I am surprised by all of the differences actually. Wouldnt you rather catch rare pokemon that arent fully evolved then to battle rare fully evolved pokemon?

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Excuse me sir, but I only see one color. I do not look at people as black and white.

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@Bucketdeth: close. 649. I'm sure they could have just come up with some bullshit Pokemon to make it a cool 650. Alas.
#20 Posted by CptChiken (2058 posts) -

Why are they making some of the original pokemon exclusive.... MADNESS!

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@smudo:  That is one way of explaining the differences.  Thanks.
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I went with black, but in retrospect I think white has the better pokemon in terms of power and looks. Just look at that awesome bird !

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Based on that picture, Black City looks way cooler.

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