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Who was on your team the first time you beat the Champion and beat the game in Pokemon White/Black?


Emboar - Lv.57



Seismitoad - Lv.53


Cinccino - Lv.50


Beartic - Lv.50


Zekrom - Lv.52 (I didn't want him in my team and is now in my PC)


Aside from the legendary I am very happy with my team, go Cinccino!

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Mine was Chandelure, exadrill, archeops, infernape

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Thats impossible, you can't get Inferenape on your first playthrough
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Umm i kinda played it on emulator. No$gba

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Emboar,  Simisage,  Musharna, Unfezant, Carracosta and Krookodile.

Can't remember the exact levels, they were all around 55-60.
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I could not have any of those elemental monkeys
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Charizard, Blastoise, Venasaur, Pikachu, Bravairy and Zoroark. No emulators either. 

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Samurott, Carracosta (aka 'Mr Cuddles'), Eelektross, Braviary, the evolution before Hydreigon and Terrakion.

Not a clue what the levels were though (Hydreigon hadn't evolved yet if thats any indication).

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@Hizang: Nope, I know some people that hooked me up with all the Kanto starters and just trained them up. They had already beaten the game so I got my Charmander, Squirtle and Bulbasaur at level one. Trades man. 
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Fair do's

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@Hizang said:
" @Starfishhunter9: Thats impossible, you can't get Inferenape on your first playthrough "
You can't get your own Infernape on first playthrough, but for some reason you can trade pre-Gen V Pokemon over with a friend. I gave a buddy a Ditto this way.
Unless that only works for Ditto, but that's an odd distinction to make.
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I went through super underleveled.

Level 44 Seismitoad
Level 47 Petilil
Level 47 Unfezant
Level 50 Emboar
Level 51 Krookodile
Level 52 Reshiram (replaced Level 43 Zebstrika in final fight)

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Serperior - Lv. 59
Emboar - Lv. 47
Zoroark - Lv. 44
Victini - Lv. 45
Samurott - Lv. 46
Zekrom - Lv. 50

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I expected the final fight to be difficult. I was wrong.
Zekrom- Lv. 50
Haxorus- Lv.52

Zebstrika- Lv. 51     
Bisharp- Lv. 52

Leavanny- Lv. 51  
Emboar- Lv. 51
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My team was: 

Samurott @ Lv. 49  
Archeops @ Lv. 49
Lilligant @ Lv. 53 (my MVP)
Darmanitan @ Lv. 48
Excadrill @ Lv. 49
Galvantula @ Lv. 49
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I pretty much beat the game with Cawk (lol) and Cheeeenooooo (I dunno its name, but it looks like my friends yorkie, Cheeno.)

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I always roll with 6 level 100 Charizards.

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6 Pikachu's. 

Ash would be proud ;_;
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" 6 Pikachu's. 

Ash would be proud ;_;
I love you.
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Six Geodudes

All of them named Charlie Sheen

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I'm gunna use spoiler tags just in case anyone is reading this thread without beating the game yet, but are we...

@Shadow said:
" Six Geodudes
All of them named Charlie Sheen "
That is good, very good, hahhahahaa

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