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A new coat of Black and White paint 1

When it comes to iteration in gaming, Pokemon games are identical in an almost comforting way. While new mechanics and monsters may dot each individual entry into the franchise, each game revolves around the same ideals of catching, battling, and training Pokemon. With Black and White, the newest entries into the series' canon, developer Game Freak looks to shake things up for a change, claiming to have overhauled tired tropes to produce a truly innovative product. Could these monochromatic entr...

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New ideas and general upgrades improve the series once more. 0

You still start in a small town. As a whole, Nintendo’s beloved Pokemon franchise has been one of their most consistent. From Pokemon Red and Blue on the original Gameboy to the 4th generation titles on the Nintendo DS—Game Freak has never differed its successful formula significantly. With Pokemon Black and White Game Freak has rested on its laurels for the most part. Tweaks have been made here and there for a more streamlined experience. And though it’s not a total reboot of the franchise, the...

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A fitting swan song 0

Pokemon is one of the most successful franchises in gaming history, and Black/White is bigger and better than ever. Everything you know and love about Pokemon remains fully intact- this is still a fun, unique RPG that manages to strike a good balance between accessibility and depth. It may not drastically change or improve those very fundamentals we've known since 1998, but that doesn't stop Black/White from being a must buy for anyone who's ever liked anything about Pokemon.Pokemon games have a...

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Pokemon Black and White Review 0

For the first ever, a Nintendo handheld has gotten not one, but two core Pokémon games in its lifespan! Squeezing itself in at the tail end of the DS life-cycle, Pokémon Black and White breathes new life into a somewhat depleted franchise that I thought was beginning to run out of ideas. But boy was I wrong.The game brings not only brings the entire new Unova region for trainers to explore and battle in, but hundreds of brand spanking new Pokémon species that you’ve never seen before in past ga...

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Nintendon't Fix What Ain't Broken 0

I’ve been playing the Pokémon games since the Game Boy Color days. I didn’t know anything about it until my cousin was talking about it. It sounded stupid, yet interesting. Sure enough, I ended up wasting quite a few batteries playing this game. Pokémon is basically built for children. The game isn’t that difficult. There’s not a lot of moves. It’s turn-based. But it holds it’s charm and has such an addictive mechanism for children (and adults), that South Park did a great parody of it ...

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GameFreak steps a beloved franchise up a notch 1

I arguably grew up on Pokemon. It was the first RPG i beat, since final fantasy has always been a little complex for me. I have played every version, despite being 19 now, and i can say that i caught a missing no. so needless to say i am a regretful fan. so i have been honestly asking for a more 3D version of the game for a while now, and the past iterations just have not delivered. Pokemon White changes everything. This is the next generation of pokemon, even before the 3DS.   The story is not...

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Maybe it's not the best Pokemon game, but it's still solid. 0

Pokemon has reached its 5th generation of games. As a staunch fan of the series, I've accompanied it since its birth, and there's no new release which I don't go mad about the new games. When black/white were announced I couldn't help but feel it was a little bit too early, the DS's successor was just a matter of time and certainly the pictures showed a much more advanced game graphically. I thought these games would get postponed but they ended on the DS anyway, so let's get down to business.I ...

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It don't matter if you're Black or White 2

Over the years there have been several Pokemon games, Listing them can be an endless task. Pokemon is a part of a genre that hasn't changed much in the last 10 years. Random battles, turn based, monsters, spikey hair, and girly looking men are a near necessity when making this type of game. Pokemon Black doesn't change this. A Bad thing?  Not necessarily. There are redeeming qualities of Pokemon black that many will look over and just simply say "been there done that".  Pokemon battles are...

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